So, I'm gonna take another crack at this whole 'Writing' thing. This is my seocnd attempt at posting a story online and prolly my fiftieth at writing any in general, most of which get abandoned half way through, whether that's one thousand or ten thousand words doesn't matter.

This story is form Yoh's point of view, or at least the first two chapters are, and I hope that any of the seven people who make up the DW fanbase who read this get at least a little bit of enjoyment out of it.

Well, here we go.

The barrier is dropped and I stumble into the arena when the guards throw me in. I immediately see the change in my sister's demeanor, I don't think that she knew I was watching her just moments before as she threw you to the ground and laughed at your pain.

She runs towards me and pretends like she wasn't just screaming about how my suffering aroused her, like she hadn't just tried to kill you.

"Yoh-kun! I was so scared! I'm so glad you're here!" I almost cringe at how convincing her voice sounds.

She tries to be discreet as she sends out another whip to trip you, and though I cant see it connect with your legs, I can see how her body tenses in anticipation, ready to run to your 'aid'.

She runs to you, and I can see Minatsuki force you to be quite before running back to me so that she can get more enjoyment out of her trick. I see the rage on your face as you realized that she had been tricking you the whole time. Like brother like sister, I guess. I still wonder how after being thrown in DW for a crime you obviously didn't commit (you're much too naive) you can still think that everyone is so naturally good. You raise your arm to attack my sister and I instinctively hold my arm out to block you. After all the time I've spent searching for her I can't lose her now.

I'm sure that she thinks this is hilarious, I'm sure that she's plotting out how she could possibly hurt either of us more than she already has when I ask her, "Is this how you killed dad, as well?".

I think that she stiffened in genuine shock at my words, but it's almost impossible to tell with her. She tries to deny it, but I know that it's true. She convinced me that I killed my own father to save her from a threat that was never even real.

I try to tell her that everything will be okay, that I have forgiven her as well as I can, that we can escape together. And as much as I know I shouldn't be, I'm still shocked when she screams and claws at her head because I'm not miserable enough. And before I really know what's happening, she has me wrapped up in her 'branch of sin', and I try to struggle free, even though I know I won't be able to.

I gasp in pain as the first of her whips slams into me, and then all that follow almost meld into one continuous pain. She slams me into the ground, and I'm sure that I feel my ribs cracking. I'm resigned to that fact that I'm going to die when I hear you, Ganta, exclaim,"Enough!".

I look at you as best as I an with my restraints, and you're quivering with rage and pain and sadness. You can't believe that anyone could ever cause so much pain to another person, let alone their own sibling. Minatsuki laughs more at your ignorance.

I listen as she explains to you why your candy went missing that first day, and how I how I have so many cast points. She tells you I'm not really "the friend making type".

My eyes widen in shock when I see the earnest look in your eyes.

"So what? Yoh-kun did it all for you...he wanted to free you! And Yoh-kun saved my life!"

I'm shocked, I really just can't believe that anyone could forgive so easily. How could you say that? After all of this time, all of my using you, how could you not care? How could you possibly say that honestly? I want to scream at you, to tell you that you're wrong, that I really am what my sister says, but it's too late now. She has me caught again now, wrapped up her own blood, in the terrible power of the deadmen. My own sister has me caught and is using me as a shield so that she might escape unscathed. Damn it! After all these years of looking for her, this is the first thing she does when we meet.

But so be it, if this is the only way I'll be of use to her, I guess that's the way it'll be.

I finally regain enough of my senses to be able to look around. I meet your eyes and see your feelings in them. You always were so easy to read, Ganta. You're shocked terrified, confused...but the emotion that stands out the most is the sadness. You can't believe that my own sister has me wound up so tight I can't move, you can't believe that that innocent, sweet little girl could have lied to you so much. I guess that deception runs in the family.

Jerked out of my revere I am whipped through the air to absorb one of your half-hearted attacks. Why Ganta? Why after all of her deception do you still refuse to fight her? I can see how shocked you are when that first blow connects, and even though it was weak the breath is still knocked out of me. After all, I'm not a deadman. The horror in your expression borders on amusing, so my sister must think it's delicious. We can both see when you suddenly realized what was happening. The little, defenseless girl in the pink and white dress is using her brother as a human shield.

Minatsuki sees your distress as an opening for attack. She strikes you with one of her whip-like bloofy locks of hair, it connects with the side of your face, drawing blood, lessening the chance you have of surviving until tomorrow. But that's all anyone has here at DW, especially those of us on death row. You have to live on the day-by-day , or else when to candy or the points run out, you won't know what to do.

I watch as you stagger because of the force of the blow, and I want to call out to you. To you who is much too foolish and too gentle to fight back even now. Actually, you've pretty much stopped trying altogether now. I can see your eyes flick back and forth from me to Minatsuki and I know what you're thinking. You are wondering how to avoid hitting me, how to prevent yourself or Minatsuki from inuring the fragile me.

How ironic, and here I thought you were the fragile one.

Minatsuki shrieks out a laugh and I want to be disgusted, but I can't. Even as she grabs her breasts and howls in delight at the pain on our faces, seeing it as a way to get off. She's all that I have left of the time before the hole opened in the middle of Tokyo, a time when it wasn't okay to have prisoners kill one another for the entertainment of the public.

She doesn't even care that you've stopped fighting back, and she won't finish this fight quickly, she enjoys it too much. We can both see the orgasmic look on her face as she attacks you, slicing you bit by bit with her whips. When you stumble again, I want to call out to you, want to apologize, to tell you to forget about me and fight for yourself, But I can barely even breath. The pain is so intense that I almost black out, but if I pass out now we both know that my sister will kill me.

You move to attack once again, but I see it dissipate back into a puddle of blood when you see just how easy is would be for Mitsuki to have me get hurt instead of her. She laughs again, and before I can even understand what's just happened you send a bullet of blood through the air, and I'm sure that it's missed when suddenly, I'm on the floor gasping for breath.

I look at Minatsuki and realize what you've done. You cut her hair, the source of her power, and now she only has half as much to use as a weapon.

Despite her handicap, she manages to trap your arms behind your back. You don't seem at all concerned at all as you walk towards her an say that she is the naive one. And then, of all of the things you could have done, you headbutt her.

My vision begin to turn fuzzy as I hear the spectators screaming for you to kill my sister. The last thing I hear before I pass out is "Shut the hell up, you shits!".

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