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While I'm waiting for Minatsuki to wake up, Ganta comes in to see if we're both doing okay. I answer as honestly as I can, for once, and ask if he's doing okay. I'm honestly surprised that I asked. I really shouldn't care, despite the fact that I'm sure a normal person would. But that's the thing, I've never been normal, not since the earthquake destroyed my life, and almost everyone else's in Tokyo.

We are both just standing there quietly when the room begins to shake. It's nothing compared to the quake all those years ago, but it still manages to topple almost everything in the room. I lunge to make sure that a shelf doesn't crash into my defenseless sister, and barely even notice as shattered glass pierces the skin of my arm.

As soon as the quake started, it ends. Leaving us shaken, but not particularly harmed. Ganta rushes over to me and asks if I'm okay. Despite the pain, I'm ecstatic that someone cares about me again. I haven't exactly had anyone to look out for me since my parents died.

I put on a brave face, and tell him it's nothing. I see the concern that lingers in his eyes, and the happy feeling I have grows.

Minatsuki was startled awake by the quake, and she comes over from the side of the room to tend my arm.

"Liar.", She says, and I want to disagree, but I can't because I have to grit my teeth as she pulls the first piece of glass out of my arm.

I hear Ganta get up from your crouching position and leave the room to give us some privacy, and I almost wish that he didn't. After what happened yesterday, I'm not quite sure that I can face my sister.

"You're a fucker, you know that?" I glance up from staring at the debris on the floor to look at Minatsuki's face.

"What?" I ask, somewhat dumbly, and then wince as she digs around in my arm for a deeply-embedded shard.

"I'm locked up in the deepest portion of this prison, and you're out making friends?" I can hear the sneer in her voice, as though the very idea of friendship was amusing in an offensive way.

"He's not my..." I pause, letting the words die on my lips. What was Ganta to me? I'd been manipulating him since I met him, before I'd even known his name I'd stolen the medication that was his only chance of lasting any more than three days in DW. But he had survived, no thanks to me, and we had been working 'together' for some time now (together for him, I had always had ulterior motives...) and after the way he saved me yesterday, and talked to me today, I don't think that I could possibly say I was just using him any longer.

"It just happened." I watch as her mouth curls up into a sneer again.

"You're getting soft, nii-chan" She stresses the last two syllables as she fishes out the last chunk of glass and throws it uncaring across the room.

"I see you aren't" I say and Minatsuki turns and gives me an appraising look.

"They always stab you in the back" With this she shakes a drop of blood off of her hand and stands, before walking out the door.

I contemplate this for a bit before I stand to seek out Ganta.

"Yoh-kun!" He exlaims as I enter his room. He was sitting on the bed in the undecorated room, staring off into space. "How are you? Is Minatsuki alright? And your arm?"

He's almost comical in the way he fires off one question after another. I think it must be hard to be concerned about everything, all at once.

"We're fine, It's fine." I hold up my now glass-free arm to show it to Ganta, and he purses his lips in concern.

"I have a first aid kit for after my battles." He tells me and walks to the dresser that is the only piece of furniture in the room besides the bed and small bedside table.

Ganta opened the first drawer to the top and pully out a small white box with a grey handle. He sets it on the small bedside table, sits, and motions for me to do the same.

"I can do it myself." I tell him, despite the fact that I'm already walking my way over to the bed.

"I know," He says, and opens the kit to retrieve a roll of white bandages, "but I want to.".

I have no other arguments so I sit next to him on the bed and roll up my shirt sleeve. It had stuck to my arm with dried and wet blood, and I cringed when I had to pull it free in places.

Ganta set the roll of bandages aside and grabbed a white cotton ball and the small bottle of alcohol contained in the kit. "This will probably hurt." He warned.

I snorted in derision, "I'm not a child."

"Sorry." He mumbles, and flips the bottle upside down, using the cotton ball as a cork to soak it. He removes it and set the bottle on the table and carefully begins to clean my wounds.

It does sting quite a bit, but after my earlier comment, I do my best not to let it show, and for the most part it doesn't. Satisfied, that the gashes are clean, Ganta takes the roll of bandages and asks me to hold an end down as he begins to wrap my arm. Once a few layers are done, I remove my hand and simply watch him work.

His hands are careful as he covers the injuries in the gauzy material. They are slow and methodical, always mindful of how much pressure and speed to use. They aren't a fighter's hands. They are the hands of someone who has no reason to be in the world of DW at all, my world.

"Ganta...?" I ask quietly as he continues working on my arm, "Why are you in DW?"

His hands slow, and a pained look crosses his face. "I don't know."

Ganta resumes his work and quickly finishes wrapping my arm. He asks me to move my arm, to see if I can still bend it and use it with the wrap on. I have almost full range of motion, so, satisfied with his job, Ganta packs up his first aid kit and places it on the bedside table.

I notice that the pained look still lingers in his eyes.

I notice ,with much more concern, that I care.

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