10 Dependent Trap: Elizaveta

Groaning as I woke up, I couldn't believe the crick I had in my neck, lifting my head, I was shocked that I wasn't in my house anymore. Looking up, not only did my neck thankfully pop, but I found that my arms where chained up, instantly my attention when to the floor, where my feet where strapped to the floor as well. What is going on here? Looking up when a TV turned on, I was horrified to see it was a video, and it was Romano climbing up a ladder made of blades, then it switched to Italy and Germany. There was a mask around Germany's neck that had spikes pointing toward his head, then the mask closed, and the video paused as he hit the ground. A young girls voice came through the speakers of the TV.

"Hello Elizaveta. I want to play a 're a voyeur, a pervert, a stalker. You think it's fun to tape, photograph, and watch your friends with their lovers. So here's your chance to watch them. Watch them fight for their lives, but if ten or more of them die, so do you." As soon as the voice stopped, the video started again, but now it when to Greece, there was a gash in his stomach, and he was thrashing around with a glass cube filled with water around his head. It switched to Spain, with his back against one wall and his feet against another, and he was using them to climb up, almost getting crushed, he swung up just in time. Wait, how many had died so far? Two? Yeah, Germany and Greece... America came up on the screen, tearing chains out of the palms of his hands, it skipped a bit, showing him tearing the door off its hinges, and going out into the hall. Now all I could see is a flashlight behind held on Japan, who seemed to be in only boxers, with glass around him, a kimono was handed to him before the screen changed, Prussia was kneeling next to a body, obviously Germany's, and a trap around his head went off, tearing his lower jaw almost completely off. Next it showed Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, standing around with collars at their feet, as Iceland got pulled into blades, getting his head cut off. Four now? Next was England on the ground with a almost torn off leg, next Italy, and America, who now seemed dead... Five. I gasped as Roderich came on the screen, his clothes were catching fire and he was fighting to get it out, then his kicked open the door of something, and the fire flared. Six. The chains holding my wrists raised a bit, looking up, fear settled in the pit of my stomach, that was never a good sign... Russia was next, curled up in was seemed to be a giant freezer, a layer of ice was quickly consuming him. Seven. The chains raised again, hurting my stomach as I was stretched. It showed Japan again, in the same room as Greece, he opened a drawer and pressed a button, the floor collapsed underneath him. Closing my eyes, tears streamed down my face, my friends... So many of my friends are dead. Eight. The chains tightened again, and I understood now what would happen when it reached ten. Francis was strapped in a chair, he had cuts on his face, and a young girl shoved his wrists down on shards of glass. Nine... The chains tightened again, making me yelp, and more tears ran down my cheeks. The next video showed England in the hallway, he dropped a phone then backed up, three ceiling to floor razors came from the wall, and ran through him without any trouble. Dropping my head to my chest, the tears ceased.

"...Ten..." The chains raised quickly, I felt a tearing in my stomach, and I screamed as my middle was torn in half.


All the nations who died in the traps, came back within a month, they didn't remember their families, their friends, or lovers if they had one. They held no scars, except for each of them had a dent in their right shoulders shaped like a puzzle piece. Only one was different, France had two puzzle pieces on his right shoulder.

((So that's my first Saw story. I think Hungary's was a little lazy thought. So tell me what you thought, and I still need some more character for the Sequel. Saw: Hetalia Victims Ototo's Turn. Thanks!))