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A Ranma/Shadow Skill crossover.
Nabiki's legend

The seven years old Nabiki was wondering aimlessly for three days
throughout the wood, her food was depleting but she refused to turn
back as she promised her mother to be strong. However she frown as
the question how never seems to cross her mind until now, having
nothing else to do the brown hair girl sat down tiredly after she
down her large backpack as she recall the reason she start her

Flash Back

The sick Tendo matriarch feel proud as she see out of her three
daughter only Nabiki could performed the kata she instructed with
words only without flaws with one try. The second one who could
perfect the kata was her eldest daughter Kasumi after few tries and
some advice from Nabiki. However she shook her head as she saw how
clumsy her youngest daughter was doing as she keep getting anger
whenever her sisters tries to correct her, the only strong point
about her is she is very stubborn and refused to give up. Kumiko let

out a small sighed as she know somehow or rather Akane temper and
refused to received help from others would get in her way to achieve

her full potential.

As Nabiki finished demonstrate the kata again for Akane Kumiko claps

her hand causing Nabiki blush in embarrass as she couldn't help but
protested, "MOM!"

"Now, now Nabiki-chan, I must say this is very impressive! You
perform the kata flawlessly even I only describe the kata for you
girls." This commend however causes Akane to angry, the youngest
Tendo protest, "Mom! I also managed to finish that Kata too!"

"Yes, Akane-chan you are also progressing nicely…" Kumiko say in a
motherly tone as she gave the little princess of her heart a gentle
hug, "Now, Akane dear would you go with Kasumi-chan and take a
Akane give her mother a firm nod as she walk out the dojo with her
big sister.

After the two left Kumiko continue to instruct Nabiki various kata
she know, the Tendo matriarch couldn't help but beam with pride as
she saw her second child managed to perform every single kata she
describe to her without flaw with one or two try. Suddenly a
pain strikes as she crunch her head in pain, nevertheless stubbornly

she keep herself from screaming. Nabiki who was just beside her
immediately notice her mother painful expression as she stops her

"Mom! Is it the headache again? Please hold on! I-I will go get the
medicine!" However before she could turn, the Tendo matriarch stop

"It is not necessary Nabiki-chan, it is over for now…" She pulled
Nabiki into embrace. Nabiki know that this might be her only chance
to asked her mother the question that had been bugging her for quite

sometimes, she asked, "Mom, are you going to die?"

Kumiko was startled by the girl in her embrace question, but she
regain claim quickly as she used a playful tone to reply her
daughter, "Oro? Where did you get such idea from Nabiki-chan?"

"Well, that day after you go for the your usual medicine checkup, I
heard the doctor and daddy say you can't live longer than this year!

Mom, what is the meaning of die?"

Kumiko pause for a moment then she answer Nabiki's question, "Well
the meaning of die is that someone would go to a place far away
beyond our reach!"

Nabiki frown, "Then I won't let you die! Because I want to be with
you always!" after her proclaim Nabiki hugged the Tendo matriarch
fiercely and refused to let go.

"Now, now Nabiki-chan don't need to jump into conclusion, you see
even if I `die', I will never leave you girls!"

"Huh? But you say…" Kumiko put a finger on Nabiki's lips, "My
Nabiki, remember this always, I will never leave you girls as long
deep inside you girls heart, there is still an image of me then I
will be with you forever!"

"Really? Is that a promise?"

"It's a promised! I swear upon my honor! But…in exchange I want you
to promised me something!"

"Hey! That is not fair!"

"Well, it seem to me that it is fair since you get a promise I must
also get a promised from you too!"

"Well…Ok what is it you want me to promised?"

"hmmm…let see, should I make you promised you will always brush your

teeth or should I make you promised you should stop eating so much
junk food?"


"I know! Now I want you to promised me that you will be strong not
only your sisters but also for me! So what do you think about this

A few months later Kumiko Tendo finally passed away after years of
struggling with the brain cancer. The Tendo's patriarch Soun Tendo
and Akane took the news badly as they basically would flood the
with tears if not for the fact they ware crying outside of the
As the eldest, Kasumi managed to hold back most of her tears but
still,. she couldn't help but shed a few drop of tears. However
the Tendo's matriarch favorite child - Nabiki don't seems to shed a
single tears, in fact she look almost emotionless as she coldly look

at her mother slowly lower down toward the soil. *Mother, I swear
upon you grave, I will be strong until than I will not return. *
that silent oath she walks away from her mother funeral not even
bother to finished watching the ceremony as she leave for her
to became strong.

End Flash Back

So here she is sitting in the middle of nowhere and pondering her
future, she let out a small sighed as she felt she had rest enough
continue her journey, but she wasn't watching where she was going
and fell through a strange portal that appear out of nowhere.


Japanese word:

Chan – I think it was a way to address people that are close to you,

normally for girls but sometimes I seem to see that some author used

it to address younger people.
Oro – I think it means what? I get this word from the Ruroni

Author note:
There will be a few changes in the story as since Nabiki present was

not there, Akane slowly must learn to manage the money instate of
Nabiki who the normal timeline will do this means Akane will became
the Ice Queen and not Nabiki. Kasumi will basically be the same but
she still practice the act since Akane stink in that department,
have causes her to develop a little temper which is different from
her sage like behavior in the normal timelines. Then Kuno instate of

chasing after Akane, he will start chasing after Kasumi who is his
fierce tigress ^_^;;

Ranma would be engage to both of the Tendo's girl since both of them

tries to push the engagement away toward each other unlike the
timeline where Nabiki and Kasumi can pushed the engagement toward
Akane. Other incident would be basically the same but at the end of
the series where Saffron kidnap Akane would change into kidnaps both

Kasumi and Akane. Instate of the failed wedding it will change into
failed officer engagement party, it failed due to the fact Akane
sabotage the party to make a few quick yen. The story will take
after where the super powerful Nabiki return from her ten years
training trip.

Lastly I need reviews so I will be motivated to continue!