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It was a rainy day in Nerima Ward, Tokyo. It was a typical weather that damper most
people mood. However to Tendo Soun the sound of raindrops beating against the roof
was like a melody. As his day couldn't be brighter anywhere as he read the fateful letter
he had expected from the day his best friend son was born.

Ten years, ten years since that fateful day his middle daughter had run away from home
leaving behind a total wreck Kasumi, Akane and himself. Like a madman, he looked for
her second child everywhere, calling in favor to find her but still none of his source could
find her second child as if she had vanish from the surface of earth. Before he could
seattle down the chaos due to his missing second child, he received notice that Kasumi
and Akane collapse due to lack of nutritious.

It was that very incident open Soun's eyes as it shown the Tendo Anything Goes Master
how much a failure he was as a father. From that day onward like any normal people
Soun force himself to forget, to be strong for his daughters, and also vow never to shed
tears for sorrow. As result now of days he could finally look back into those bitter
memory and smile. Knowing that regardless how many pain and lost there are still fond
memory he share with his wife and second child.

However just for today, he allow himself to shed a few drops of tear of joy as he finally
received news from his friend, the only source of hope he left to clinch on. Taking a deep
breathe Soun wipe away his tears and tidy himself, after all he doesn't want to worried
his children. He walks into the house and straight into the dojo which his daughters are
helping him to teach some female student.

As soon as he stepped into the dojo, he could proudly see his eldest daughter Kasumi
teaching the black belt student some advance kata while Akane was sparing with her
student. The Tendo anything goes master call out his daughters in his usual clam and
gentle tone. "Kasumi, Akane after you dismiss the class please come to the dinning room,
I have something important to announcer."

Moments later, the two Tendo's daughters were sitting opposite him on the dinner table.
Kasumi and Akane were still wearing their gi since they had just come out from the dojo
after they dismiss the female students class.

"The son of a very good friend of mine would be arriving soon. His name is Saotome
Ranma. If one of you two girls were to marry him and carry on this training hall, then our
family legacy would be secure." Soun announced and wait for his daughter responds.

As he expected his youngest daughter Akane jump up and object "Daddy!! How could
you make such decision! What about out feelings?"

Nodding with Akane, Kasumi put a hand to her cheek as she too isn't too comfortable in
this whole engagement announcement. "Father, is this a good idea?"

"Kasumi, Akane this is not something you two could reject. It is a matter of family honor,
as the head of the clan I did give my word." Soun told them solemnly, "Beside he's the
son of my best friend, Saotome. We trained together under the same master for many

"B-but do daddy knows what kind of boy he is?" Akane asked worriedly since it involves
their family honor.

"Indeed…I too was curious what kind of man we are going to get ourselves engage to?"
Kasumi say.

Drawing himself up further, Soun opened his mouth, closed it, and finished it lamely, "I
don't know." All a sudden the master of Tendo school anything goes feel his daughters
seems to be really intimidate, while the buring red flame being both of them isn't
encouraging him either.

"You don't know," Kasumi repeated flatly in a disbelieve tone.

"What if he is a pervert?" Akane added

This additional quote causes Kasumi to roll her eyes in disbelieve, as she still could not
figure why Akane keep insisting that all boy are pervert while she was madly in love with
the silly Doctor Tofu?

"All I know is Ranma and his father has just finished off a ten-year training trip and are
returning from China now," Soun say as he took out the postcard he received, and pass it
to his daughters.

"Ten years . . . it was exactly the same time she left." Kasumi add sadly much to Akane
confused. However that little comment spark a wound in both elder Tendo heart as they
falls into depression, just before the two elder Tendo could drown in depressions, sounds
door bell draw those two back to reality.

Like miracle the patriarch of Tendo clan mood light up, "That must be the Saotome!
Kasumi, Akane I want you two to go up and dress up nicely while I go and welcome

As he finished he walks out to greet his guest, while Kasumi and Akane obey their father
wish and went upstairs to change.

Suddenly a woman scream was heard. Causes Kasumi and Akane who is still halfway
deciding which dress to wear was appropriate quickly put on a simple clean dress and
rush downstairs.

Much to their surprised when they saw who was in the door, it was a handsome raven
pigtail hair boy with a bald man with a white kerchief on his head to hide his bald. But
they froze when they saw their father currently squeezing the life out a brown hair girl
with a yard long braid. Without a doubt both sister could presume the scream comes from
the young lady.

Looking at the girl, Kasumi find the girl to be rather interesting. Firstly judging from her
physical build, Kasumi presume the girl was a very dedicated martial artist who trains
intensively. Secondly she looks relatively young, if Kasumi didn't guess wrongly. The
girl before her was only roughly around Akane's age. Lastly it was her look, it remind
Kasumi someone…someone that she haven't seen for a long time…

Kasumi blush slightly when she finally came out from her day dream and noticed the girl
seems to be pleading her for help.

With a weak smile Kasumi decides to step in before her father commit murder in front of
their door step. "Daddy I think you should let go of that poor girl."

Taking a few deep breath after she break free from Soun bear hug to recover from the
choking experience, the girl look up with her large brown eyes show Kasumi a pleasant
smile, "Well, that was nothing. So don't worry Oneechan."

"Oneechan? Masaka…" almost like a spark, Kasumi suddenly realized why the girl look
so familiar. Uncontrollable, tears stat to gather in Kasumi's eyes as she claps her hand on
her mouth.

The girl took a deep breathe as she continue with a smile that all Tendo girls seems to
blessed with. "I am home…"

"Kasumi-neechan…who is this girl calling you big sis?" Akane asked in confused.

However Kasumi didn't answer Akane her question instate, the eldest Tendo girls put up
a weak smile as she say, "Welcome home Nabiki…" Than the eldest Tendo sisters hug
her long lost sister and thank god she return.


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