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This is a prequel thingy for my story Rose's Garden. Be warned I think it's gonna be sad.

So as we know in Rose's Garden, Rose basically died (Taylor I am sorry for that), but we only get a little bit of what happened when the Doctor was telling Amy. So, I thought why not do a story that is set before Amy is on board the TARDIS and before the Doctor talks about Rose's death for the first time, (well he probably talked to the TARDIS, but...)


So this is what happened after the Doctor and Rose got back from that adventure that in a way cost Rose her life.

Warning: Death fic (not my usual I know)

Also I own nothing it all belongs to the BBC. The only thing I own really is the idea and me little friends Bob, Steve and Dave (no they don't appear in the story. No they are not going to, so you can stop looking at me like that! They appear in the A/N at the bottom though).

19th April 2008:

"So Rose, what did you think of that adventure?" The Doctor asked as he and Rose made their way back into the TARDIS.

"Well let's see, we had to run away from a bunch of man-eating aliens, then we got imprisoned and then the man-eating aliens nicked the TARDIS and we spent like 2 hours trying to get her back." Rose said hands on her hips.

The Doctor smiled, he lo...liked it when Rose called the TARDIS 'she' and not 'it'. He had had so many companions that never got used to calling the TARDIS a 'she', but Rose, Rose was different and the Doctor lo...liked that about her.

"So I'm guessing you pretty mad at me for taking us there then?" The Doctor asked a little hurt- well he tried to look it, but he wasn't sure if it was working or not.

"I'm not mad at you, I'm mad at the man-eating aliens. They nearly ate you several times." Rose told him. The Doctor smiled. "What are they called anyway?"

"Y'know I think they're just called man-eating aliens. They must call themselves something else, but other species just call them 'man-eating aliens'- easy to remember." He told her. "Anyway what d'you wanna do now?"

"Go to bed I'm feeling really tired all of a sudden." Rose yawned and went over to hug the Doctor goodnight.

The Doctor wrapped his arms around her and held her close, breathing in her sent. He then placed a friendly kiss to her hair and let her go. "Go on, you go to bed, I'll see you in the morning."

"OK, night Doctor." She had almost said 'I love you' after, but then she always nearly said that. She loved him a lot, but she didn't know if he returned her feelings or not. So she kept quiet.

"Night Rose."

Rose walked away; but as she did, she began to feel dizzy and she felt like she couldn't breathe very well. Suddenly her legs gave way and she feel to the floor with a thud. The Doctor turned around immediately and rushed over to her. He could tell by the way her chest was moving that her breathing was irregular and that she was struggling to breathe. He quickly checked her pulse. It was getting weaker and weaker as the seconds went by. The Doctor began to really worry about her now, so he picked her up and carried her down the corridor towards the med-bay as quick as he possibly could. He just prayed to god that whatever had happened to Rose was not life threatening.

As soon as he reached the med-bay he gently placed Rose on one of the beds and put on an oxygen mask so he could level her breathing; hopefully. He then began to get different pieces of equipment and began to wire Rose up to one of the scanners.

The Doctor pressed the 'on' button and a blue light scanned Rose from head to toe. The Doctor hoped that it would find out what was wrong with Rose so he could treat her ASAP.

While the results were processing, the Doctor sat down by Rose's unconscious form. He took her hand and began to talk to her.

"Please wake up Rose, I hate seeing you like this. I promise, I'm gonna find out what's wrong with you, so we can get it sorted and then you'll be as good as new. Please Rose wake up for me." the Doctor rubbed the back of her hand with the pad of his thumb.

Suddenly there was a bleep from the scanning machine. Finally the results had come back. The Doctor stood up and went over to it and picked up the piece of paper that had the results on written in Gallifreyan. The Doctor took one look at the results and his eyes widened in shock, fear and sadness.

'No, please. Please this can't be right! There is no possible way!' The Doctor thought as he read the results. He read them over and over again, until he knew that, no matter how much he read them and wanted them to change, they weren't. He began to think that the scanner was wrong, but he knew that what was on this piece of paper was in fact the truth. Rose had caught an alien illness that the TARDIS didn't recognise and she only had a maximum of two moths left before she...

The Doctor knew there was nothing he could do for the young girl. She wasn't even 21 yet, by the time she...by the time she was gone she would be.

And now he had to wait for her to wake up and then he had to tell her.

The Doctor's worst nightmare had become a reality, and he was terrified.

To be continued...

Right OK, like I said this is a little different than my usual work, but I thought it would be a good idea even if it is a little sad. It is going to be multi-chapter and I do know where it's gonna end (roughly).

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