22nd June 2008 (Rose's funeral):

It was the day of Rose's funeral; the Doctor had decided to bury her in the TARDIS' Garden, her favourite place. The Doctor still refused that this was real and that this a terrible nightmare and he would wake up any minute and find Rose asleep in her bed. But he knew deep down that that was never going to happen. This was real and she was gone.

The Doctor had called Jack a little after it happened. The Doctor words hadn't sunk in to Jack until he came on the TARDIS and saw Rose. It was then the realisation kicked in. It was hard for both men. Jack had lost a sister to some extent. Even though they weren't brother and sister by blood, Jack felt he had had that kind of connection with Rose, and he was sure that she had felt the same way.

The Doctor had lost...well his everything. Rose had meant the world to him and now she was gone the Doctor felt like he had no reason to live. He had told Jack that he was thinking about giving up after this regeneration died. Jack had told him that that was not what Rose would want. He told the Time Lord that Rose would want him to fight and continue to do what he did. The Doctor had agreed, but he knew it would be hard trying not to give up.

So here the two men were, in the Garden. Rose's coffin was in the hole the Doctor had made by a grave stone that the two men had made together. Both of them were trying so hard not to cry, but it was proving difficult. These were two men that were strong and cried at hardly anything. But when it came to Rose, both men were helpless with their emotions.

Jack slowly moved towards the hole and placed a Rose onto the coffin and bent down next to it.

"I'm gonna miss you Rose, so very much. We both will. I'm not going to see you again cos with me being immortal. Did the Doctor ever tell you what happened that day? That day on Satellite 5? You made me immortal, I don't know the whole story, but apparently you took the Time Vortex into your head and destroyed the Daleks and in doing so you brought me back to life with the power. Maybe if I'm lucky I'll see you again. Rest in peace, Rose. I love you." Jack said, tears were running down is face, but he didn't care. He looked at the Doctor; he didn't look like he could hold up any longer. Jack gave the Doctor a sympathetic look before standing back up and walking back to his original position.

It was then the Doctor's turn to go up to the coffin. He didn't know if he could sit there and say what he wanted to say, but he knew it was his last chance. So the Doctor slowly walked up to the hole and placed a rose and a picture on top of the coffin.

He couldn't believe this had happened. No matter how many times Rose had told him over the last two months that it was none of his fault, the Doctor still couldn't accept that and continued to blame himself.

The Doctor sat down by the edge of the hole a looked down. "I'm gonna miss you Rose, more than anything. You meant the world to me and you always will. I don't know how I'm gonna live without, I'll try my hardest to move on- just like you said I should, it's going to be hard, but I'll get there, I promise.

"You remember all the good times we had, don't you? Like the time we had that bet when we went to Scotland 2 years ago. We've had our good times and we've had our bad. Like the time we were separated. But we found each other again, didn't we? Just think Rose, you'll be able to see your father again now. Don't forget us though, cos you can be certain that we won't forget you. How could we?" The Doctor took a deep breath and swallowed the tears that were trying to make their way out of his eyes, before continuing. "You rest now though, Rose. You're safe, from all things bad. I promise, I'll fight in your name, the whole universe will know of you, by the time I've finished.

"Goodbye Rose, I miss you, I love you." The Doctor couldn't hold back his tears anymore, hot tears ran down his face and sobs took hold of his body. Jack run up to the Doctor, he too was crying. Jack put his arm around the Time Lord and brought him into a hug. Together they cried for the loss of a sister, a friend, a defender of the universe and a love.

Finally they let go and walked out of the TARDIS garden, tears still streaming down both of the men's faces. Once they were out of the room, the Doctor took out a plaque that he had made in honour of Rose and put it on the now decorated door. The plaque read:

'In loving memory of Rose Tyler.

Loving friend, defender of the universe

Here she will forever rest in peace'

After the two of them read the plaque again, they walked away, knowing that they were going to have to, somehow move on. They would both fight in the name of Rose Tyler. Jack with TORCHWOOD and the Doctor with the universe.

The two of them continued to walk; the Doctor took one more glance at the plaque before catching back up with Jack. The garden was no longer going to known as 'the TARDIS Garden', but 'Rose's Garden'. It was her special place after all, it was the place where she had liked to chill out and relax, so it was only fitting that the Doctor should name it after her.

Like the Doctor had said; things were going to be hard, but they would get easier, it was just going to take a long time. The Doctor knew he would never break his promise to Rose. He would find someone else, and they would know all about Rose Tyler, even if it takes a while for the Doctor to talk about her, they will know.

Rose Tyler will never be forgotten. Not while the Doctor was around and he would see her again, even if he had to wait a few hundred years, he would see her again.

The End

Thank you so much for reading a reviewing this story, it means a lot to me. Even if you thought I was evil writing this (Taylor, I'm looking at you). If you've read Rose's Garden then you will know that the Doctor does find someone else and he does tell them about her. And if you haven't read it, go and have a look!

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PS: I'm sorry if I made you cry, writing these last two chapters made me cry and they were pretty hard to write.

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