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AUTHOR'S NOTES: Here is my submission for mandygirl78's LiveJournal writing challenge. Since this was a challenge from mandygirl78, I just had to include one of her favorite rare pairings. Last, but not least, all my love and gratitude to my girlfriend, E.M. Praetorian, for her encouragement to finish the more complex of the two challenge options, each time I thought of giving up.

Going to the Chapel?

Wonderfully Shocking News

Blair Warner sat in the home office she shared with her partner, incredulously staring at her laptop computer. For the last hour, she had read and re-read the news article, but the gravity of the contents had not completely sunk in.

"Blair?" Jo asked as she popped her head inside the doorway of the home office.

When Jo saw her partner just staring at her laptop computer, the brunette smartass could not pass up the opportunity.

"Another blonde moment?" Jo teased as she approached Blair's desk.

When this did not elicit any reaction from Blair, Jo tried again, "It's a laptop computer."

Blair raised her eyes and glared at Jo, but remained silent.

"Good, you're back. At least it wasn't a full blonde moment," Jo laughed.

Thoroughly not amused, Blair shot Jo her best 'You are so not funny' look, to which Jo just shrugged and entered their home office.

As Jo approached her partner, she said, "Okay Princess, what's up?"

Blair waited for Jo to join her and once she did, Blair showed her what the blonde heiress had been staring at for the last several minutes. Jo quickly glanced at the wall calendar to confirm it was not the first day of April. It was June twenty-four, two thousand eleven, but to Jo, it did not feel real.

"Oh sweetie, do you know what this means?" Blair exclaimed.

"Now gays and lesbians can make divorce lawyers rich too?" Jo snarkily responded.

"No…," Blair glared at her partner, "It means we can finally get legally married."

A look of sheer terror crossed Jo's face, "Who said I wanna get hitched? Maybe I like living in sin?"

Jo knew the exact moment Blair heard her words. The silent tears were nothing compared to the palatable heartbreak. At that moment, Jo wished she could take back what she said, because she always hated seeing Blair this sad. The last time she saw her partner this sad was when Blair received the telephone call notifying her of her father's premature passing, several years ago. Rather than argue with Jo, as she usually did when they did not agree, Blair merely stood, cupped Jo's cheek, and walked out of their home office. She headed directly to their bedroom and shut the door behind her. Jo stood staring at the doorway of their home office for several minutes. She was shocked Blair did not argue with her. In all their years together, this never happened. Jo knew she hurt Blair, but she did not realize to what extent, until she slowly opened their bedroom door and peered inside. She felt all the blood in her body drain down to her toes and she started to tremble. Blair was packing a suitcase. It took every ounce of Jo's resolve to shake off her shock long enough to start her brain working again. She walked up to Blair and touched her partner's hand. Blair stopped packing and looked into Jo's eyes.

"Blair, I'm sorry. It was just the shock, that's all. You know I love you, right?" Jo asked as she searched the brown eyes staring into hers.

"Yes Jo," Blair flatly stated.

The lack of emotion in Blair's voice instantly told Jo how deeply she hurt her partner and the flummoxed detective quickly went into damage control.

"Blair, I do want to marry you…really I do," Jo exclaimed.

"That's alright Jo. I would never force you into something you do not really want," Blair said with cool formality.

As soon as Jo heard the formality in Blair's voice, she finally understood how much her words devastated the blonde heiress. Jo hung her head in shame and sadness. As she stared at the floor, her shoulders began to shudder and tears dripped onto her shoes. When Blair saw the sad mess silently sobbing before her, her anger immediately dissipated. Blair reached down, cupped Jo's chin, and brought the brunette's face up, so she could look into the green eyes she loved so dearly.

"Jo, sweetie, please don't cry," Blair kissed Jo's forehead.

"B...B…Blair…I…I…I…do love you," Jo blubbered.

Blair wrapped her arms around her sobbing partner and cooed, "I know, I know."

"Can ya forgive me?" Jo murmured into Blair's neck.

"Sweetie, you know I always forgive you for your barbaric behavior," Blair giggled.

The sound of Blair's giggle instantly made everything in Jo's world right again. Jo leaned away from Blair, so she could look her partner in the face.

"Blair, I promise to make an honest woman of ya," Jo grinned.

Blair sighed, but could not help smiling, seeing the effulgent joy emanating from the ecstatic detective's entire being. Jo immediately dumped everything out of Blair's suitcase onto the bed and started towards the closet to put it away.

"Sweetie?" Blair asked.

Jo stopped and turned around, "Yeah?"

"Why did you empty my suitcase?" Blair asked.

"Cause we're good," Jo paused, suddenly panicked, "R…r…right?"

Blair walked over to Jo, took the suitcase from her hand, walked back to the bed, and started packing everything on the bed, back into the suitcase.

"B…B…Blair? I thought we were okay?" Jo sheepishly asked.

Blair stopped packing, "We are," she kissed Jo's cheek, "But I need clothes for my week in Albany…unless you prefer I show up in court au naturel?"

It took Jo a few seconds to come to her senses, but she bounced back quickly.

"Naw…don't wanna cause any premature deaths," Jo grinned and began to laugh.

Blair stopped packing and silently watched Jo, who was now flopped in a chair, thoroughly enjoying her own joke. The shrewd lawyer slowly walked towards Jo, removing her clothes as she approached.

"Jo?" Blair purred.

Jo stopped laughing and opened her eyes. Standing in front of her was Blair, in all her naked glory. Jo opened her mouth, but nothing came out.

"Hmmm," Blair smiled; "I guess when you're right, you're right," Blair turned and sashayed back towards the bed.

This time, it took more than a few seconds for Jo to come to her senses.

When she finally did, several minutes later, "HEY! Ya don't play fair!"

"I'm a lawyer. I don't have to," Blair stuck her tongue out.

"Real mature Warner, but I can think of much better uses for that," Jo was out of her chair in the flash and tackled Blair onto their bed.