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Free Willy - Ska'ana Tales

Chapter 2 – Truth Talker

Jesse had gotten settled as comfortably as he could in the small fort, built originally for two twelve year old boys. With the twins on either side eagerly waiting for him to tell more of his adventures with his best friend and equally adventurous orca, Willy.

"It wasn't long after that I got to see my best friend again," Jesse began as he flipped the page of the album to one that held pictures of him and his foster parents standing in front of their new home. "Your grandparents and I moved to the San Juan Islands soon after and lived in a large cottage home that Glen had gotten from a relative."

"How soon after did you see him again?" Asked Taylor.

"Almost immediately," Jesse answered with a smile, "Our home was right on the shore of Misty Island. One day I was helping Glen fix up the boat house for his business, we were taking a break for lunch and sitting on the dock. I played the harmonica a lot as a kid and one song I played while I was working at the theme park."

Tyler with wide eyes said, "So Willy heard the song and came!"

Jesse laughed, "Pretty much, it was a surprise like no other to go from eating lunch to practically having an orca in your lap. We spent everyday after that together, when I went to school Willy would go out to sea to find food or visit his friends."

"So cool" the twins whispered to each other.

"A couple years after moving there, Randolph had gotten me a job at the Misty Island Institute for Oceanic Research," The forty-seven year old thought back to that day, remembering some moments as if it were happening right that moment, "Though my first day impression didn't start off to well."

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It was afternoon on Misty Island when Jesse rushed home from school, it was close to summer and school was almost finished. That was far from young Jesse's mind at the moment, there was only one thing that took precedence over everything.

Dropping his bicycle next to the front deck off the house, the young blonde boy ran across the yard, removing his jacket, bag, shoes and socks along the way. Turning the corner of the boat house, he had removed the jeans he was wearing revealing that he wore his swimming truck underneath. Leaving his t-shirt on, Jesse continued his mad dash to the dock, grabbing his mask and snorkel along the way. Running to the end of the dock Jesse jump high and far out to the water.

He never touched the water as a massive Orca jumped from beneath the waves and caught the young boy on his back before diving below. Jesse held on as Willy jumped in and out of the water just enjoying themselves. With a final leap the two friends dove below, under the sea to swim among the coral and rocks. Jesse changed position from riding on Willy's back to holding onto his dorsal as the young orca swam in and around the kelp.

Jesse loved to swim with his best friend. Willy once more leaped from the water and diving once more as his friend held on tightly to his dorsal fin. Jesse released his grip of the orca's bent fin, watching as the whale continued to swim in around the rocks eventually losing sight on where Willy had gone. Looking from where he float, Jesse couldn't see any sign of the black and white whale as he waited for his return. His focus ahead of him Jesse never saw the object behind him until the last minute.

The boy turned sharply as the sound of a orca squeal right next to him. Startled, Jesse's vision was filled with the massive black form of Willy. The blond boy quickly calmed down and swam up to sit just in front of the orca's dorsal. With a happy squeal as if laughing at his own prank, Willy began to swim off towards the surface with the human.

Fwoosh. Willy expelled air from his blowhole as he broke the surface taking a new fresh breath of air. He remained at the surface just casually drifting along with the current.

Removing his mask, Jesse too inhaled a fresh breath of air, "ah, this is just the way we like it huh, Willy?" Jesse asked his friend, leaning back against the bent dorsal. "I'm glad Annie and Glen decided to move near the ocean. Glen loves working on boats and Annie is so busy at the newspaper. It leaves plenty of time for us to have fun."

Willy splashed his tail on the surface and squeaked with delight, as though he understood everything Jesse had said.

"Out here we're completely free, with the whole ocean to ourselves. Nothing to do but-" The sound of a watch beeping interrupts what Jesse had wanted to say. "uh-oh! I'm late for my new job!"

Leaning over to look his large friend in the eye, Jesse pointed his finger in the direction he wanted to go and shouted with urgency in his voice."Yo, Willy, let's go!"

Unsure what was so urgent, Willy wasted no time to swim off. With a strong sweep of his tail the orca rocketed forward almost causing the boy on his back to fall off. But Jesse was no novice and quickly regained his position and held on as the orca rushed off.

OoOOOooOOoSka'ana TalesoOOooOOOoo

"Ahem, 70% of the Earth is ocean, so we have a big job here at the Misty Island Institute," said Mr. Naugle, the director of the institute as he spoke to a group of potential investors, clearing his throat he continued his speech as a video of the local sea life played on the projector, "We study all the animals that live in the sea and in the forest along the shore. It's all part of the Misty Island oceanic part."

Turning off the projector and switching on the light the director again cleared his throat and addressed the group, "Now then lets walk out to the healing pond, where sick animals get expert care." Leading the group from the room the grey haired man checked his watch for the time, "oh, I see it's feeding time."

The healing pond was alive with activity as various creatures wandered around the decks and in the small lagoon. A small group of ducks waddled and quacked across the dock as one flapped its wings as if it were in an animated conversation with his fellow ducks. The noisy fowl waddled past one of the institute's marine specialists, Marlene as she carried a small box of medical supplies.

Having placed the new box onto a table, Marlene went about her duty of feeding the animals staying in the pond. Coming across a small sea turtle with a bandaged flipper she paused to pick it up, " Not so fast, Speedy" Marlene said as she placed the runaway turtle into a nest box, "That leg won't be better for another week or two"

Marlene's feeding duties was again interrupted as the resident sea lion returned from a swim and began barking to get attention as she slowly dragged herself onto the dock. "The old injured sea lion trick, huh?" Marlene said not falling for yet another attempt at getting a free meal. "Sorry, Lucille, only sick animals get fed. Mr. Naugle's orders." Moving the feed bucket out of the sea lion's reach.

Lucille, was a sea lion that lived at the institute. She was very curious and always getting into mischief. Begging for food was a daily routine of hers. She barked at Marlene as if to continue her "injured" routine, holding up a flipper as if to show where she was hurt.

Marlene chuckled at the attempt, "I know, Lucille has a boo-boo."

Lucille groaned in reply adding to her ploy.

"Well, okay, just one," Marlene said giving in and pulled out a small fish from the bucket and tossed it to a suddenly recovered Lucille.

Lucille quickly swallowed the treat happily.

"Well, this is the healing pond." Came the voice of Mr. Naugle as he lead the tour from the main building. "paid for by your very charitable donations. It's filled with little animals that need that need your help. When they are better they simply swim out to sea."

At that moment Willy, with Jesse on his back, jumped out of the water. The small group of people shouted in surprise and terror as they were splashed.

"Oops, sorry, excuse the whale," Jesse called out as waved to the group.

"That's not just a whale, that's a killer whale,"Marlene accused pointing a fish at the blond boy as Willy swam up to the dock far more calmly than his entrance.

"It's all right. Everything is under control." Mr. Naugle assured the people as he ushered them back into the building. Many of them sighed with relief. Mr. Naugle glared at Jesse and Willy before joining the group inside.

"What's everybody afraid of?" Jesse asked Marlene, not seeing what the big deal was. "It's only Willy."

Willy happily squeaked at the sound of his name.

"Willy?" Marlene replied, not at all liking the young boy's carefree attitude.

"Yeah, he's my best bud." Jesse answered, patting the orca, who squeaked.

"Well, I don't mean to be rude, but you'll have to get your "bud" away from the healing pond. Animals come here to get help, not to be a killer whale's lunch!" Marlene snapped angrily as she tossed a pelican the fish she was holding.

Lucille watched pitifully as other animals were getting fish and she wasn't. Apparently not caring that there was an orca close by as she tried to steal the remaining fish Marlene had, forcing the dark skinned woman to hold it up out of the thieving sea lion's reach.

"Aw, Willy wouldn't hurt a fly," Jesse argued. "He's just a big pussycat, aren't you, Willy?"

Willy "smiled," showing his big razor-sharp teeth.

Lucille wasn't amused as she barked loudly at the orca. The sea lion then slapped the orca hard on his nose leaving Willy bewildered by the sea lion.

"Oh, Lucille, watch out!" Marlene shouted worried for the sea lion, who walked over to her and continued barking from behind Marlene's legs.

Jesse laughed, "Willy's just teasing." The blond continued lounging on Willy's back, truly not seeing any issue, Willy squealed in response. "She'll have to get use to your dry sense of humour, huh Willy?"

Lucille merely glared at the orca.

"Say, you're not the new kid that Randolph hired?" Marlene said eyeing the boy.

Just then, Randolph, the Manager of the institute, walked over. "Ah, Marlene, I see you've met Jesse. He's going to help us take care of the animals here."

"Hi Randolph, sorry we're late," Jesse greeted his friend finally joining the adults on the dock. "But Willy and I will be on time tomorrow and everyday for the rest of the summer, right bud?" Jesse winked to the whale, who squeak and squealed as he nodded.

"Jesse will be a big help to us around here, Marlene" Randolph explained as he gave an eagerly waiting Lucille a treat.

"We need all the help we can get, that's for sure. But he has to keep that killer whale away from my babies," Marlene said, pointing to the sick animals.

"Yeah, yeah," Jesse replied.

"Everything will be okay, right Jesse?" Randolph asked pointedly, knowing full well of the boy's attitude towards authority.

"I just said 'yeah, yeah'" the boy responded not liking how everyone was thinking Willy was going to hurt the other animals.

The sound of a truck horn caught Randolph's attention away from Jesse. "Come on, Marlene. We have to unload the supply truck." the older man said, "Jesse, you can start by feeding these fish to the animals."

Marlene and Randolph headed over to a truck to unload, leaving Jesse to his job.

"She doesn't like us, does she?" Jesse said as he grabbed some fish and turned to feed the animals. Grabbing a couple more fish he gave them to Willy, "Ah, who cares, right Willy?"

ooOOOooOOoSka'ana TalesoOOooOOOoo

Meanwhile, out deep beneath the waves, fish scattered in terror as a large silhouette appeared from the dark depths. Made of metal, propelled by engines, it was no natural creature of the sea, it was a submarine, near silent as it glided through the water. Large menacing fins protruding along the bow of the craft that stretched from the nose to partly along the sides, cutting through the water like a knife.

Within the craft, on the bridge, sat a lone figure. Staring out through the large glass windows of the submarine, fist clenching. "Is my mining robot ready?"

"Yessss, ssir," replied a gelatinous creature as it handed the man a canister.

Taking the canister, the man pressed the nozzle on top and sprayed the contents into the joint of his right arm. Mechanisms shifted and moved as the man flexed his mechanical arm. "Here's where we dig: The Misty Island Oceanic park," The man explained pressing a button on the console in front of him, turning on one of the many monitors, "Three hundred thousand square miles of government-protected seabed. Untouched since time began."

On the screen was the aerial view of the Misty Island Institute. A targeting cross-hair was smack dab in the middle of the healing pond. The screen then switched to a schematic of a unfriendly looking machine.

"My cyberbot mining machine can process two tons of gold baring ore every minute. It'll be like ripping money right out of the earth," the man eagerly explained his plan, "and if that rotten whale shows up, I'll take care of him too." Pressing a button the screen switched to the design schematics of an advance torpedo, modified to chase after a specific target. " A whale seeking torpedo!" He clenched his mechanical fist tightly in restrained anger. "I owe that bucket of blubber for what he did to me."

The submarine continued on through the water, passing the tranquil coral scenery. Seaweed and anemone rocked in the current as small fish flitted in and around. "Prepare the mining bot." The Machine ordered. Large hull doors on the belly of the submersible shifted and opened revealing a smaller mechanical craft. Mechanisms hummed as the mining bot lowered from the sub interior.

As the mining bot separated from the hatch the headlights switched on, illuminating the seafloor ahead. Engines whirred to life pushing the vehicle further into deeper water. The man pressed a button on the console initiating the mining program, the cyberbot began lowering toward the sea bed. Four struts extended from the belly of the mining bot supporting the craft as it settled. Sand and sediment billowed in a cloud from the impact of the landing. Fish swam around unaware of the machines presence as two claw-like arms stretched from either side of the cockpit.

The arms began digging and scraping through the soil scattering the schools of fish. The digging increased causing the cloud of debris to grow larger and larger, killing any fish caught within it. The serene background became a suffocating prison with the wildlife caught in the middle of it.

ooOOOooOOoSka'ana TalesoOOooOOOoo

The Healing Pond was quiet this time in the afternoon. Jesse was finishing feeding the injured animals that currently called the pond home. As he worked, his best bud, Willy was taking lazy laps around the small cove. Amusing himself while Jesse worked.

Lucille investigated the various barrels and buckets looking for fish. Hoping to trick Jesse into giving her food. Seeing only one fish left in the bucket, Lucille thought it was her lucky break. That is until Jesse gave the fish to Willy.

"Uh oh. You ate all the fish, Willy," Jesse said as the orca quickly swallowed the snack.

Lucille wasn't having any of it. Barking loudly the sea lion confronted the orca. Angry that the killer whale got to eat the fish and not her, Lucille dove into the water heading out to sea.

Both human and orca were surprised at the upset sea lion not sure what had gotten into her. Willy squealed as if laughing it off.

The blond teen looked to his watch to see how late int he day it was. The sound of a trucking pulling away caught the boy's attention. The truck drove off revealing a newly unloaded barrel of fish.

"Ha, a fresh supply," Jesse said with a grin, to willy he added, "You're gonna like working here."

Using a moving cart, Jesse wheeled the barrel to the end of the dock. Willy with a wide toothy smile watched his friend open the new barrel. After wrestling the lid off the barrel, Jesse chuckled at Willy's excitement. "What a mooch. Sorry Willy, these are for the others."

Willy squeaked in disappointment of not getting anymore free food. But it was momentary, while Jesse began to feed some of the other animals, Willy eyed the full barrel, As stealthy as he could the orca lifted himself out of the water. Reaching over the dock, Willy grabbed the entire barrel with his teeth and emptied it into his mouth. He returned the now emptied barrel back on the dock and with a 'I didn't do anything' squeak swam off into the cove. Just as Jesse came back for more fish the could do nothing but smile his best bud's mischievousness. What was he going to do with that whale, oh, well, what's done is done.

With the fish all gone, thanks to Willy, Jesse's list of chores was shorter. It didn't take long for the blond to complete the list and by then it was mid afternoon. Plenty of time to horse around.

"Cannonball!" Jesse shouted as Willy tossed him into the air. Curling tightly into a ball the young teen laughed as he hit water, creating a massive splash.

Shielding herself and the injured duck from the same splash. "Uh. Jesse, we try to keep the Healing and peaceful, okay?" Marlene said not amused as Jesse surfaced, spitting water out of his mouth.

Jesse glanced at Willy. "Sorry, bud, no more cannonball splashes." Willy squeaked in understanding as he scooped the boy onto his nose and lift Jesse onto the dock. "You oughta chill out. Marlene-you know, have a little fun? Do a few cannonball splashes?" Willy squeaked to show his agreement.

"I don't have time for fun. I'm working here, I want to make a difference." Marlene said placing the duck into a nesting box, "The ocean is a mess, Jesse."

Jesse rolled his eyes, "I suppose you're gonna blame, Willy."

Marlene smiled as she shook her head. "No, Jesse, I blame us. We need to clean it up, before it's too late."

"Looks alright to me." Said the blond sitting on the dock.

"Well it's not." Marlene continued as she sat beside the boy. "Everyday people dump junk in it: oil, chemicals, garbage."

"I know, all I said was don't be so serious about it."

"If we keep polluting, soon it will even harm Willy." Marlene reasoned. "I call that serious."

She left Jesse to think about what she said as she returned to work. The idea of Willy being hurt didn't sit well.

"It's okay, Willy, there's nothing to worry about." Said Jesse reassuringly, as to who he was reassuring, Jesse didn't know.

ooOOOooOOoSka'ana TalesoOOooOOOoo

Out in the ocean, Lucille swam along looking for food. She saw several fish and race to catch them. Weaving around rocks and coral, she chased the fish halfheartedly, playing in the open sea. Schools scattered and regrouped trying all they can to get away from the hungry sea lion. Lucille kept with them as they weaved through kelp, under rock arches.

The hungry sea lion was about to grab one of the many fish, when a shadow loomed over her. Food forgotten she froze in shock at the sight of the object. Lucille suddenly found herself face-to-face with a huge machine. Spotlights blinded her and in seconds the iron claws grabbed her, along with mound of dirt and loads of other sea animals.

It was the mining cyberbot.

ooOOOooOOoSka'ana TalesoOOooOOOoo

When Mr. Naugle came outside , he discovered an empty barrel with large teeth marks. And he knew just who had done it.

"He has eaten the entire day's supply of fish!" He shouted.

"Willy?" Jesse replied innocently. "Nah."

"I know a killer whale's teeth marks when I see them." Mr. Naugle exclaimed, pointing towards the swimming orca as he continued, "Jesse, we cannot afford to feed...Tyrannosaurus Whale, here. The whale goes, comprende?"

Willy squealed in surprise. "If Willy goes, I go!" Jesse shouted feeling insulted for his friend. He was just messing around, no harm done. Sure the feed supply was gone, but that wasn't a big deal.

"Fine, I'll take you both off the payroll," Stated the institute director as he wrote on his clipboard.

"Fine!" Jesse growled as he grabbed his snorkel gear. "We got better things to do anyway. Yo, Willy!"

Willy angrily squealed as he popped up on the dock. His sudden appearance startling Mr. Naugle, leaving the man surprised at the behaviour.

"Let's go!" Shouted Jesse angrily as he climbed onto the orca's back.

Willy moved away from the dock and with a slap of his tail on the ocean surface created a big wave to splash all over the director. Mr. Naugle shouted as he was drenched completely. He did not appreciate the childishness of the pair.

"Why is Jesse leaving?" asked Randolph as he and Marlene returned from unloading supplies. Having missed the little altercation between director and teen.

Wringing out as much water as he could Mr. Naugle casually replied. "Oh, the boy just quit his job."

The three watched as the boy and orca headed out to sea. Marlene crossed her arms remaining silent, it was good riddance in her opinion that the two were gone, especially the orca. Randolph merely sighed as he shook his head in disappointment. He thought for sure Jesse would have been a big help to the institute, but he guess some things don't change.

Willy swam further away from the Healing Pond with Jesse. It was better out here, no rules, just the open sea.

"From now on, it's just you and me, Willy. And that's the way we like it." Jesse said as he place his diving mask over his eye sand nose. Willy squealed and clicked in response.

They dove under the water and swam side-by-side along the bottom. Seeing a group of rocks, Jesse swam off, away from Willy and hid in an underwater cave. The blond should have known it wouldn't take long for the orca to find him as Willy partly breached in the large pocket of air.

The boy followed Willy out of the cave and to a kelp forest. Being much slower than the orca, Jesse lost sight of Willy as the black and white whale swam around a large rock. He paused looking around the area for any sign of his friend.

Willy hid behind the rock, playing a trick on Jesse. He was going to swim out and scare his human friend when he saw something at the corner of his eye. Turning his head to look, Willy let out a surprised squeak. His game forgotten, the orca veered off toward the sea floor.

Jesse who had found Willy hiding was confused at his friend's behaviour. Curious, the boy followed the orca as quickly as he could. Jesse soon saw what Willy saw.

It was Lucille and she was hurt.

Quickly and carefully as he could, Willy scooped the sea lion onto his nose and headed for the surface, Jesse following closely behind. As they broke through the surface, Lucille took a breath, but she was badly hurt. She remained limp as Willy started moving towards Jesse.

"Lucille!" Jesse exclaimed as the orca brought the unconscious sea lion over to him. The boy took Lucille from Willy, "she's hurt bad."

The sea lion then began moving around in a panic, barking in pain as she struggled. She once again collapsed in Jesse's arms as he held her above the water.

"It's going to be okay, Lucille," Jesse calmly reassured her, "easy girl, eeeasy."

"Take her to Randolph, take her to Marlene!"

"Huh?" He did a double take at Willy, he thought he heard the orca speak. Jesse's jaw dropped. "Willy?"

Willy, who was just as surprised didn't reply as he swam off under the waves before coming back towards Jesse, scooping both human and seal lion onto his back. Willy began swimming as fast as he could back towards the shore, careful not to knock either Jesse or Lucille off.

Jesse was still in shock, "Did you just-speak to me?"

"I always speak to you," Willy replied just as shocked, "but for the first time-we understand each other."

"But how, man?" Jesse began to answer when he heard Lucille whine.

" hurt me...please, help."

"Am I losing it, or did you two to me?" Jesse asked beginning to freak out a little, "Lucille, talk to me."

Lucille's sea lion bark was all the boy received.

"Willy? Can you still understand me? Come on, you guys." Willy's excited squeaks were the only answer as the orca swam faster towards shore. Jesse sighed in defeat, "Oh, well, must have bumped my head or something."

ooOOOooOOoSka'ana TalesoOOooOOOoo

At the institute, Randolph assisted Mr. Naugle with his reports and supply lists while Marlene went about her duties. It was quiet now that the boy and whale were gone. There were no complaints about that from Marlene, but Randolph wanted the director to reconsider giving the boy a another chance.

"I'd like to give him a second chance, Randolph," Said MR. Naugle as he wrote on his clipboard. "But Jesse and that whale are nothing but trouble."

Pausing from her work, Marlene looked up and out to sea and spotted something on the horizon. "Uh oh, trouble's back." She wasn't happy to see the two coming back towards the Pond.

"I knew he'd come back," Randolph replied, using his hand to block the sun and get a better look at the boy and orca. Then something caught his eye, "something's wrong."

Willy raced closer towards the institute as Jesse held onto Lucille, bracing himself against the orca's dorsal fin. The two were now better seen by those on the dock.

Marlene spotted what Jesse was holding. "It's Lucille!" She shouted.

As soon as Willy splashed to the dock, Jesse handed the injured sea lion over to the adults. Randolph and Marlene wasted no time and worked quickly to bandage Lucille's wounds. Once bandaged, Lucille was laid on the shaded section of the dock to rest. Marlene gave the injured sea lion a pat on the head as she groaned.

"Sharks didn't do it. Wonder what she got into?" Randolph asked.

"The important thing is, Lucille's going to be okay," said Marlene as she joined the others.

"Thanks to Jesse and Willy." Randolph added, patting the boy on the shoulder.

The institute director cleared his throat as he looked at his watch, "Well, I'd better order more bandages." He chuckled.

Jesse and Randolph watch as Mr. Naugle walked off. Jesse began to wonder about the director's sanity. But that wasn't important, right now he needed to talk to Randolph. Pulling the native man aside to talk to him privately. Marlene continued tending to Lucille. "There, there Lucille, It's alright, girl." She said reassuringly.

Randolph followed the young boy to a small clearing beside the medical shack. Pine trees cast shade across the grass. The Healing Pond and open ocean could be seen in a panoramic view. A picnic table sat in the centre shaded comfortably by the small line of pines.

"What is it, Jesse?" Randolph asked as he and the boy stopped atop the small hill.

"I need to tell you something, Randolph." Jesse began, "Something happened out there. Willy talked to me. Lucille did, too! She said 'help me' and something about a machine."

Randolph looked at Jesse. "You heard them? You understood them?"

Jesse nodded. "It was amazing. Willy actually said your name. Marlene's too."

"Hold on now," Marlene said, joining the two as she heard her name mentioned. "Who's been talking about me?"

"You wouldn't believe it. I'm not sure I do," answered Jesse. He retold his adventure with Willy and how they had found Lucille. He then explained about hearing both orca and sea lion speak. "But then all the way back, I tried to get Willy to talk again, but all I got were whale squeaks." Willy squeaked as Jesse hesitated. "So what do you think?"

"Mirage? Nitrogen Narcosis?" Marlene joked not believing Jesse's story.

Randolph knew otherwise, the boy's tale holding a familiar ring. "I think you are a Truth Talker." Said the native man.

"A Truth Talker?" answered Jesse confused by the term.

"What's a 'Truth Talker'?" asked Marlene.

"Special kids, who can communicate with animals. Finding the truths of the Earth and share them." Replied Randolph. "My ancestors have always believed that certain kids have this gift."

"Special?" Denied Jesse, "I'm just a trouble maker, Randolph. You know that."

Randolph looked pointedly at the boy. "How many kids can make friends with a killer Whale?" He asked.

Jesse was surprised, Randolph was right. He was the only kid he knew of that was best buds with an orca. Maybe he was special. "Can I get him to talk again?"

"Jesse, a whale's vocal cords can't form words." Marlene told Jesse clearly not believing that animals can talk.

"Our ears wouldn't hear them." Randolph explained to the skeptic woman. "Only a truth Talker can hear the animals speak." The older man then turned to Jesse. "To get in touch with your powers, Jesse, you must be calm. Breathe slowly. Focus your energy." He advised. "Stay calm. Breath and focus."

Jesse wanted to try it out. "Stay calm, breathe and focus." He repeated aloud. Sitting in the shallows nearby Willy squealed as if responding to Jesse's test of his powers. Jesse turned to his friend, "Willy, speak to me. Come one, boy, say something."

Willy only squealed and clicked in response.

"Something besides squeak, squeak." The blond deadpanned beginning to think he didn't hear the orca talk in the first place.

Again Willy squealed excitedly in reply wanting the boy to understand him again.

"Ah, didn't work." Said Jesse disappointed. "Maybe he won't talk in front of you guys." Jesse suggested.

"Keep at it, Jesse." Shrugged Randolph not knowing what else to say to the boy.

"I better tend to Lucille," add Marlene not at all surprise Willy didn't talk. She and Randolph left the boy and orca returning to the institute.

"Stay calm, breath and focus." Jesse tried again repeating what Randolph had told him. "Stay calm, breath, focus."

It was a little while later in the day when Marlene and Randolph returned to check on Jesse. They found the young teen laying in the sun next to the water. His arms behind his head just staring into the sky. Beyond him Willy amused himself in the shallows.

"How's it going?" Randolph asked.

Having heard the man, Jesse sat up, "No luck. But I've been thinking. I want to help you guys." Jesse said. "I'm going to ask Mr. Naugle for my job back."

"Ah, then you have made progress." Joked Randolph.

Marlene put her arm around Jesse's shoulder. "Then come on, rookie." she said leading the boy back to the institute.

A little while later and much apologizing to the institute director, Jesse again followed Marlene. The two entered the boat house where the blond saw to his surprise, a mini sub moored to the interior dock.

"Now that you have your job back, I better show you how we get around in the ocean." Marlene said showing of the yellow mini submarine.

"I ride a whale, remember?" Jesse replied not overly impressed with the small craft.

Marlene rolled her eyes and opened the hatch before stepping inside. Jesse followed the older girl and took a seat in one of the three chairs.

ooOOOooOOoSka'ana TalesoOOooOOoo

A shadow lurked between the rocks powerful engine rumbling as it progressed through the dark water. Radar pinged as it navigated around coral, rocks and ridges. Within the large craft activity was a flurry as maintenance of the mechanisms were performed.

"We're at the new coordinatesss, sssir." Gurgled a toxic green slime creature.

In the large sub several more of the ooze creatures worked, pressing controls and preparing the cyberbot for redeployment. Water poured out from pipes filling the standing pool with sea water submerging the mining bot. Waters levels rose steadily.

Within the cyberbot cockpit sat the cyborg man as he received the reports from the gelatinous creatures. "Computer says there's a nice deposit of gold bearing ore just below the sea bed." He said joggling the joystick activating the digging claws. "I can't wait to get my claws into it."

At the pull of a lever more pipes were opened adding more water to be poured into the loading bay. The water level rose even higher and faster, completely submerging the mining bot. Headlights turned on illuminating the water as the hatch below it opened releasing the craft into the open ocean.

At the controls the cyborg piloted the craft away from the submarine and down towards the sea floor. The engines rumbled as it propelled further into the depths.

ooOOOooOOoSka'ana TalesoOOooOOOoo

Jesse buckled his seat belt as Marlene went through the checklist for departure. "Mini sub to Randolph, do you read?" She called through the headset, checking the radio connection.

"Loud and clear, mini sub," Randolph replied confirming the connection.

Jesse was a little more impressed with the sub.

"This baby can do 50 knots, It links up with the institute's computer for pollution analysis," Marlene explained showing Jesse all the functions, "toxin levels, bio diagnostics."

"You're really pumped about this 'save the oceans' stuff, huh?" Jesse noted.

"When I was seven I had a pet otter named Whiskers. I loved him." Answered Marlene, her voice tinged with sadness as she remembered back to her childhood. "We had fun together, like you do with Willy."

Jesse gave Marlene a sympathetic look, understanding the tone of the story.

"An oil spill killed Whiskers. He couldn't swim with oil in his fur. He just drowned." Marlene continued sadly, "I still remember the TV saying how it was a small spill, no real damage done."

Jesse placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. "Sorry, Marlene.

The mournful moment was interrupted by an insistent beeping as the boat house doors opened. Marlene fired up the engines and guide the small submersible out towards the open water.

Regaining her composure, Marlene changed the mood. "Now let's go find out what caused Lucille's injury." She said continuing her explanation of how the mini sub worked, "you fill the ballasts like this, then tilt the bow plains and you're a whale, rookie. Only you can stay down much longer."

The yellow craft slipped below the waves and dove to deeper water. The sun filtered through the surface as beams of light. Propeller trailing bubbles that danced between the light in a synchronized ballet towards the rippling surface as the submarine travelled through an underwater rock garden. Marlene switched on the lights to illuminate their path into the darker depths.

"The ocean is beautiful, hate to see anything happen to it." Said Jesse as he stared out of the domed window, watching the sea life pass by.

"It's up to us, Jesse." Marlene answered, "If we don't take care of it our kids will have nothing."

"What a horrible thought." Jesse said.

"That humans are destroying the Earth?" Marlene asked.

"No, that I'm going to have kids someday." Jesse replied lightening the mood. He and Marlene shared a laughed at the joke.*

It was short lived as from the window of the mini sub something caught their attention. Both pf them gasp in surprise as a strange machine headed right for the submersible. It was the cyberbot and came at them with its iron claws open.

Laughter echoed within the cyberbot as its pilot controlled the iron claws. The two passengers in the mini sub could do nothing but brace for impact as the claws clamped onto the sub, attempting to crush the yellow craft. Jesse and Marlene were jostled in their seats as they could do nothing. The cyborg continued his dark laughter as he attacked.

"Randolph, come in, Randolph!" Marlene shouted over the radio.

"Jam their communications! We can't let them report us!" The cyborg ordered his minions. They instantly began pressing buttons shutting off all frequencies near by.

"Randolph!" Marlene continued, but all she received was radio feedback. "It's dead, Jesse!"

"So are we! What is that thing? Don't they know we're here?" Jesse asked.

"The external cameras! Maybe the flashes will get their attention," Marlene said as she flipped the switch and began using the camera flash causing the outside lights to flash on and off.

The flash was bright and it blinded the cyberbot's pilot, causing him to let go of the controls. He shouted in shock from the light. The mining bot lost its grip on the mini sub, releasing it from its grasp.

Marlene wasted no time and gunned the engines getting her and Jesse away and fast. The damaged sub sputtered away as she had trouble controlling it, doing all she could to keep from colliding into the rocks.

To make matters worse, the unknown craft was in pursuit. Quickly gaining on them with its more powerful engines. Iron claws extended to grab onto the fleeing mini sub. Jarring the small craft as the claws latched onto the side ballast tanks. The cyberbot forced the smaller vehicle to the sea floor with a hard impact. Crushing the submersible as it was dragged into the sandy bottom.

Jesse and Marlene screamed as they were helpless to stop the larger craft. Bracing themselves as the mini sub hull began to creak from strain.

"All they'll find is a tragic accident." chuckled the cyborg. A large shadow then distracted him, "huh?"

BANG...the cyberbot shuddered as it was slammed by a large object. With an angry squeal an orca slammed into the side of the cyberbot. The impact causing the machine to let go of the mini sub.

"It's Willy!" Jesse exclaimed, looking out of the view port. But then the hull burst as water began pouring into the sub. "Uh oh, we're taking on water!"

"I can't clear the ballast tanks!" Shouted Marlene as she furiously tried the controls.

The mini sub sank to the sea floor and slid along the bottom towards a deep abyss. Metal shrieked as it scraped through the sand. The abyss grew closer and closer, there was nothing to stop it. Jesse and Marlene braced themselves.

The scrapping sound of the mini subs belly on sand suddenly went silent. The small craft had stopped just on the edge of the chasm. It creaked and groaned as it rocked precariously on the cliff. The chasm was very big and very dark, if they fall there would be no coming back.

Quickly Marlene and Jesse unbuckled from their seats and headed for the back of the sub. They were shocked to see just how much water was coming into the craft.

They didn't have a lot of time.

Willy continued his confrontation with the cyberbot, squeaking angrily as he continued to slam into the craft. Bearing his teeth as he attacked. The cyborg inside braced himself for each impact.

The cyberbot groaned under strain and began falling apart. Willy kept slamming his tail and body onto the mining bot determined to destroy it. Bit by bit the cyberbot collapsed into a heap of metal on the ocean floor. Those within the craft were shaken from the impact. The cyborg growled in frustration for being stopped by nothing more than a killer whale. By THAT killer whale.

Willy howled as he left the cyberbot to rust, heading away in search of the mini sub. He followed the deep gouge in the sand from the yellow craft dragging along. His call echoing through the water.

Marlene grunted as she tried to turn the release mechanism of the air lock, it wouldn't budge and inch. She tried a few more times to turn it but it was no use. "It's jammed." She said slumping against the door exhausted.

Jesse grew worried.

They were trapped.

ooOOOooOOoSka'ana TalesoOOooOOOoo

Within the damaged mining bot the cyborg was not finished with the orca. His high tech submarine soon came from the open water. Lights turned on guiding the craft to the cyberbots location. Hovering overhead the docking bay doors opened allowing two industrial magnets to drop from inside. Clamping onto the destroyed mining craft it began lifting the smaller craft. Steadily it climbed as the cables retracted bringing the cyberbot into the submarine, the bay doors closing behind it.

At the control of the submarine he piloted on search of his target. The cyborg was definitely not finished.

Not at all.

"The whale-seeking torpedo is ready." gurgled one of the toxic creatures.

"Well then, fire!" shouted the cyborg from the pilots seat.

A single projectile shot away from the dark coloured sub, bubbles trailing in its wake. It hurdled towards the direction of the mini sub, heading straight for Willy, who happily squealed as he swam around the mini sub.

The concerned orca squeaked in surprise as he spotted the missile zooming towards him. Quickly he raced off leading the torpedo from the damaged mini sub. Without missing a beat the projectile followed close behind. Willy dodged around coral, twisting and turning as the missile kept on his tail.

Propelled forward by his fluke as he raced ahead, weaving up and down in the water forcing the torpedo to follow. Strain to keep up was beginning to show as the missile began to wobble in Willy's wake. Swimming hard towards the surface, the orca made a spectacular leap over a sandbar.

Rock and sand exploded as the torpedo collided into the sandbar, reducing it to rubble.

Unharmed, Willy splashed into the water on the other side. He spy hopped to see the destruction. Squealing he saw that there was barely anything left. That had been a close one, any slower and he would have been the sandbar.

Smug, thinking his torpedo worked and the whale was gone, the cyborg gave out orders.

"Return to base!" He laughed victoriously as the submarine steered away, vanishing into the ocean depths.

ooOOOooOOoSka'ana TalesoOOooOOOoo

"If we fall into the abyss, even those scuba tanks won't save us," Marlene admitted having tried the air lock again. "Look, I'm sorry I gave you such a rough time when you arrived."

"That's okay, I'm not easy to like some times," replied Jesse, accepting the apology.

"The kind of guy only a killer what would love, huh?" The sound of an orca cry interrupted Marlene from saying more as she and Jesse looked out the view port.

"Willy!" exclaimed Jesse relieved to see the orca appear at the window as if summoned.

Willy squeaked and squealed as he looked back into the mini sub. He nudged the sub causing the two humans inside to brace themselves. The impact causing the craft to shift further towards the edge.

"One more nudge and we go over." Said Marlene, as Willy swam back around to the window.

"If only I could talk to him!" Jesse thought out loud.

"External microphone and speakers," Marlene answered turning on the speakers, "if you can talk to Willy, do it now, rookie!"

"Willy! Can you hear me?" Jesse said testing the speakers. He only received squeaks in response. "Stay away from us, stay away!"

Willy again nudged the mini sub causing it to rock again.

"Its not working." said Marlene as she began to panic. A panic Jesse shared.

Panic. That's it! "What was it Randolph said?...Calm down, breathe, focus." As he concentrated he turned to the hovering orca and said calmly, "Willy, get under us and lift us to the surface."

Willy squeaked and swam out of sight. Jesse and Marlene waited and waited...

"Its no use!" Marlene confessed giving up.

All of a sudden they felt the sub shake, at first thinking it was going over the edge. Fear gripped them tightly, but then they realized the sea floor was disappearing beneath them. The sub was rising!

Willy squealed as he pushed the mini sub to the surface. Water splashed as the yellow craft broke through the waves. Jesse and Marlene hugged in victory, happy that Willy finally understood.

ooOOOooOOoSka'ana TalesoOOooOOOoo

Back at the institute, Jesse, Marlene, Randolph and Mr. Naugle watched TV as the screen showed pictures of the cyberbot.

"These pictures were taken by the institute's mini sub. However no trace of the illegal mining equipment was found." said the news caster.

"Could have been a terrible accident." Randolph commented.

"It was no accident, Randolph." Replied Jesse, "those guys were after us."

"We'd still be down there is it hadn't been for you and Willy." Marlene admitted, "I guess you really can talk to him."

"I'm still working on getting him to talk to me." Jesse said with determination as he headed for the door.

Later in the evening , Jesse sat at the edge of the Healing Pond. The orca swimming in circles in the shallow amusing himself while the blond boy meditated. The sun slowly slinking down to the horizon. The blue sky starting to gain its orange glow of sunset.

"Stay calm, breathe and focus," said Jesse to himself as he tried it.

Willy paused from swimming and popped up on the shore edge. "Jesse, I understand you." The orca said.

"Finally!" Jesse exclaimed, hugging his friend. "I was going looney trying to stay calm."

"I have something important to tell you." Willy explained. "The human who attacked you, my friends and I have been fighting him for years. We call him, The Machine. But now that we can talk to you, maybe together we can stop him!"

"Willy, it's dangerous. I mean we'd be in trouble every minute," Jesse hesitated taking in what the orca told him. "Oh, well. We're always in trouble anyway." He and Willy laughed at their own joke.

Jesse jumped onto Willy's back as the orca began moving away from the shore. Willy swam across the Healing Pond towards the open ocean.

"Yo Willy! Let's go!" Jesse cheered.

"Oh, so that's what you've been yelling at me for the last two years." Willy commented.

Sloth: This turned out better than i planned. a few moments i'll admit are rushed as i couldn't think of more filler. I tried to do the 'every picture has a 1000 words' thing. the Machine's scenes are short not by choice as there really wasn't much screen time for him in this episode.

*Jesse's line about having kids made me laugh, because i know what he doesn't know, he gets twins! double the trouble XD

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