Hello everyone! I've never done a VTMB fic before, but I'm back from a friend's birthday party (She's a vampire lover, but more the Twilight kind than the ones I like) and I figured, hey, why not?

Tell me what you think!

(Also, just so you know, "Uther" is pronounced "Oother" Like King Arthur's dad)


The small all-night café was mostly empty, with only a few truck drivers, drunks, and late working businessmen to fill it's booths. Of course this meant that as soon as the statuesque man walked in, his brown hair pulled into a ponytail that reached his shoulder blades and wearing a long trench coat that was pulled over a red vest, the young waitress' eyes immediately were drawn to him.

Checking in the reflection of the metal napkin holder to make sure her blonde hair fell over her left eye just so, she did her best to saunter over to the figure who she was relatively sure was a Greek god somehow come to earth. Leaning over, giving the guest an indecent amount of exposure to her cleavage, she did her best puppy dog eyes. "Can I get you anything?"

The guest looked at her as if she were a mildly interesting television program. "A cup of coffee please…" A quick glance to her name tag later, "…Iris" The waitress huffed a bit, but complied. As soon as she arrived with his drink, however, he pointed to a different waitress who was taking the order of some late-night attorney. "The girl with black spiked hair, may I ask her name?"

Iris looked to where he was pointing, although she had a fair idea of who it was already. "Don't even worry about her. Heather apparently met some dream man fell madly in love with him. Said she's waiting on him to find her. Personally I think she's making it up."

The brown haired man gave a thoughtful nod before standing up. He gave a polite "Pardon me," as he passed Iris to walk across the café. Iris knew this routine all too well. Heather had had a lot of guys ask her out in the two months she'd worked there, but she always said she was taken. Personally Iris thought she just didn't want a relationship. Or maybe she was gay. Who knows?

Still, watching men get rejected was always entertaining. Iris watched as the doomed man walked, no he didn't walk, he strolled, up to her friend. She had heard every corny pick up line there was, but this approach was new. He simply said "Hello Heather, how are you?"

What happened next was unbelievable. Heather turned, eyes wide with shock and her mouth hanging open. "Mas- Er, Uther? Is it really you?" At his nod she leaped into his arms, causing the fellow the smile and hug her tightly. "I've missed you so much!" These last words were muffled as the black haired girl had buried her face into the man's chest.

He smiled down at her and kissed the top of her head. "I do apologize for taking so long to find you Heather. I instantly regretted you leaving, but there were things to be done that I didn't want you caught up in. Don't worry though, that's over now. Everything is taken care of."

Heather looked up at him and gave a watery smile as the tears trekked down her cheeks. "You mean I can come live with you again? Permanently this time?"

Uther grinned at her and nodded. "I've even got a better apartment now than that one we used to have above Trip's. My friend Nines gave it to me as a thank you gift."

The girl in his arms smiled so wide her it seemed to touch her ears. "When can we go? Will I need to bring anything? Should I- mmphffph" He last words were cut off as Uther placed his lips on hers.

"Don't worry about anything. I got all we'll ever need." With that, the two of them turned towards the door.

Heather grinned over her shoulder at Iris "I think I'm coming down with something, tell Mack that my boyfriend is taking me home to help me. Call me later, we'll talk and I'll gloat about being right!


Near the end of Pirates of the Caribbean, Iris' phone rang, causing her to grudgingly take her eyes off of Jack Sparrow and Captain Barbossa sword fighting. Picking it up, she glanced at the caller I.D. Flipping it open, the first thing she heard was giggling.

"Hey Iris! It's Heather, just calling to rub it in your face that I was telling the truth. I do have a stunningly hot boyfriend." Of course it would be Heather. Why did it seem that whenever a phone rang during the best part of a movie, Heather would be the culprit?

Heaving a mighty sigh, the blond laid back onto her couch, placing the phone on the crook of her neck. "Well I have to admit, he is handsome. But I'll have you know after you left I got a really cute guy to."

Heather snorted on the other end of the line. "Oh yeah? I bet he's just some pretty face." The good natured jibe caused Iris to laugh.

"Well I must admit, I did think that at first, but he's really smart. I am a little afraid he may be in a gang though." Iris bit thoughtfully at her bottom lip as she finished this statement. When Heather asked why, she shrugged. Realizing the stupidity of such an action while on the telephone, she continued. "I'm pretty sure when I first walked up he didn't know I was there, and he was talking on the phone."

Iris could practically hear Heather shrug. "What did he say that got you so worried? 'Let's go shoot up a neighborhood?'"

Iris shook her head. "No, but I think he said the name of his gang. Before he noticed me I heard him tell his friend 'I'm sorry but I have to go. There's a meeting at the chantry, and all of us are expected to attend. Yeah I know, it's going to be fun, having every L.A. Tremere in one building."

There was a long pause on the other end of the line. Finally Heather broke the silence. "Your in deep crap Iris."