Disclaimer: inspired by the movies and cartoon by Warner Bros.

Summary: Jesse, Nadine and the twins Taylor and Tyler go to the San Juan Islands to visit Jesse's parents for the summer. But not everything is as it seems, cases of sick marine life is growing. What could be causing it? Pollution? Disease? Global Warming? or something else. New Friends, new adventures and and old enemy returns.

Warning: Cheesy plot line


Blackfish Saga - Twin Tides


The sky gracefully changed from the azure blue of day to the warm orange of sunset. The glow of the sun glinted over the smooth calm surface of the sea as it made its slow decent below the horizon. Forests lining the many islands were silhouetted in the fading light. shallow waves lapping at the rocks and sandy shores. Sea birds casually glided on the cooling air currents as they head to their roosts for the night. Clouds, dark in shadow with edges glowing brightly, drift slowly by along a journey to places unknown.

The growing quiet of twilight was broken by a sound, short, distinct.


One by one spouts of mist expel into the air as the large black and white forms of a resident pod of orca surface for air. Iconic dorsal fins cut through the calm water like knives. The pod dove and surfaced, calves leaping over the wake created by their mothers larger body. Juveniles leaping straight out of the water and crashing back into the waves with large splash. The sea was a cacophony of sound as clicks, whistles and squeaks could be hear as the pod communicated with each other.


Slowly the spouts became less and less frequent as the last of the dorsal fins disappear below the waves leaving the sea once again silent. The sun slipped below the horizon casting the shadow of night. Stars appearing in the deep dark blue of the sky, twinkling and sparkling like diamond dust. A soft wind blew caressing over the sea and around the trees. The screech of an owl somewhere in the trees announce that it was now time for the nocturnal beings to begin their hunt for food. In the distance a mournful call of a whale bid farewell to the day and welcomes the night.


From the silent depths of the ocean, hidden in the darkness of night, a low mechanical rumble was the only thing to give away the large near silent object as it emerged from the shadows. The dark form of the submarine glided through the sea seemingly innocent as it went on it is way. Standing at the control of the sub stood a figure shadowed in the low light, mechanical left arm flexed and right eye glowing red.

"Hahahahahahahahaha..." Only to the toxic gelatinous lifeforms that lurked in the shadows of the submersible heard the evil laughter.

A/N: Gee who could the shadowed figure laughing to himself in a submarine be?

couldn't think of an appropriate prologue so i went with and old favorite and followed the movies by starting off with a whale scene.