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Blackfish Saga– Twin Tides

Chapter 2 - Waves of Danger

The sun sat atop the trees as if it were held there. It was later into the day, the cool morning was replaced by the warm of the afternoon's embrace. The shadows of the trees cascade across the lawn. Butterflies danced in the patches of sunlight as they performed for the bright flowers of the garden.

It was hours past noon, hours since the boys had ran off to play. As the Greenwoods ate lunch on the patio, Jesse often glanced to the pebbled beach. Now the sundial read three in the afternoon, five hours. Jesse once again looked over his shoulder towards the beach. Randolph, who had stayed for the midday meal with his friends, eyed the younger man.

"Jesse, what is it?" Annie asked as she too noticed her son's grown agitation.

"They've been gone too long," Was the younger man's response.

"You know how kids are, Jess," Glen reassured, even though he too was growing concerned. "The boys will be back when they get hungry."

"I'm with Jesse, I don't like them being gone so long," Nadine said as she glanced down to the beach.

"Perhaps we should look for them," Suggested Annie.

Glen thought for a moment before sighing, "Okay, We'll go look along the beach."

"I'll take the Natsilane II and see if I can spot them," Randolph offered.

"Good idea" Glen nodded to the native man, "Lets use the walkie talkies."

"I'll get them," Jesse stood from his seat and headed inside.

"Nadine and I will stay here in case they come back," Annie said.

"I'm sure they're fine and playing in the woods or swimming past the point."Glen assured the two women.

"Just the same, I'll feel better to find out that they are fine, rather than wait," said Annie.

Jesse returned with three radios in his hands. Handing one to Randolph and another to his wife. "Dad and I will take the trails, while Randolph searches the beach. We'll find the boys."

"Right," Glen nodded.

"Let's get going," Randolph said already heading towards the stairway.

Annie and Nadine watched as the men headed off and the Natsilane II pulled away from the dock, it's engine rumbling as water parted aside. Glen waved to the boat as he and Jesse reached the beach.

"I'll make some tea while we wait," Annie said quietly.

"Thanks mom," the younger woman replied as Annie headed inside.

Nadine sat quietly as she waited, the sounds of the waves keeping the silence from being overwhelming. The young mother couldn't help the ominous feeling in her gut. Softly rubbing her swollen abdomen as the baby inside kicked hard sensing Nadine's unease.

OoOOOooOOoTwin Tides oOOooOOOoo

The water churned as it rushed through the spinning propeller of the submarine. The dark submersible rumbled far out to sea as it left the dark depth and slowly rose towards the surface. The Machine stood on the dull lighted as his amphonids piloted. He ordered for the sub to surface, there was one thing he had to deal with before the submarine returned to deep water.

Huddled together the twins had been unsuccessful in untying themselves. They sat wide eyed as the craft broke the surface. Glancing to each other the wondered just what was going to happen to them.

They didn't have to wait long.

"Halt Engines!" The twins whimpered as the cyborg turned his attention to them.

"Now to deal with a couple of pests." The Machine said with a dark grin, "Bring them!"

The boys shouted and struggled as each were forced to their feet. Resisting as much as they could, they were lead top side. The bright sun had the boys squinting having been in the dark sub for awhile. When their sight cleared they visibly paled. They were in the middle of nowhere. The closest land was far on the horizon. The twins shared a look, they were in serious trouble.

Water lapped against the side of the submersible as the boys were brought to the Machine. Taylor steeled his nerves."You won't get away with this, our dad will find you," He challenged

"So let us go," Tyler shouted trying not to sound as nervous as he felt.

The Machine who had been looking out over the water turned to the young boys as they gave him burning glares. He only laughed at their efforts. The gurgling amphonids too laughed along with the cyborg, not really sure what was funny.

"Let you go? But of course lads, I'll let you go," The cyborg said sounding as sincere as he could. His friendly smile quickly turned into a slimy sneer as the boys visibly relaxed. "Throw them overboard."

The twins eyes went wide at the order. They immediately struggled as the ooze creatures follow the order.



"Help!" The boys pleaded as the were forced closer to the side the submarine.

"Somebody! Help us!"

"Quit stalling you fools and toss them overboard!" The Machine shouted.

The boys continued to struggle, still calling and shouting for help, doing all they can to be heard. They were too far from land, there couldn't possibly be anyone who would hear the cries for help.

ooOOOooOOoTwin TidesoOOooOOOoo

Below the rocking waves two large dark shapes glide through the water. Torpedo like forms with powerful tails kicking up and down propelling them through the brine. Pectoral fins hung loosely on their sides helping them with direction, like the rudder on a boat. Telltale dorsal fins and the iconic white patches all that kept them from being completely invisible in the dark water.


The pair was heading through the open water from a hunting spot among the islands. Chasing small schools of fish in a one sided game of tag and playing with strands of kelp that drifted away from the larger forests. Clicks and squeaks announced their presence as the two orca chatted with each other.

Sunlight filtered through the waves as if it were dancing to the orchestra of the ocean. The orca weaved through the beams of light just enjoying the freedom of the water. They chased and played as they race along the current. They carried on seemingly oblivious to the world above the waves, until a large shadow cut off the dancing sunlight.

Pausing from their antics the two orca glanced up towards the surfaced. Sitting ominously at the surface was the dark shape of a submarine. One, all creatures of the sea knew well.

The Machine.

Happy expressions turned to angry glares as the two whales recognized the craft. With an angry squeal, one of the orca raced towards the submersible, closely followed by its more cautious companion. It wasn't a secret among local groups of orca who the Machine was. It was rare for the Machine to appear and with each appearance spelled danger to the ocean.

Determined to show the cyborg not to mess with the oceans, the more boisterous of the two orca charged to ram the sub. His companion was with him in the attack when something made him stop. With an alarmed cry he halted his companion's charge. The two orca regrouped as now both heard the sound. Confused curiosity had the two whales move away a distance before surfacing.

Inconspicuously as they could the two spy hopped above the waves. With surprised squeaks they see the Machine stand atop the submersible shouting at the amphonids. It wasn't the amphonids that had their attention it was the two smaller humans that struggled to get away. Then the last thing they expected, helplessly they watch as the two humans were thrown from the submarine and into the sea. Tied up as tight as they were the twin boys were unable to stay above the water and still struggling they sank below the waves.

The Machine stood looking down to the water satisfied.

Alarmed, the two orca dove into the water and rushed towards the drowning boys. Their powerful flukes churning the water and trailing bubbles as they raced to help.

The boys struggled to get to the surface. The ocean current was proving too strong. They grew more frightened as their lungs began to burn. Panic set in, they were going to drown.

A sound cut through Taylor's panic causing him to pause in his attempt to wiggle free of the ropes. Fighting the urge to breath, he looked out into the depths. Large shadows appeared from the gloom, heading in his direction. Panic began anew as one thing entered his mind, sharks! Once again the boy struggled to get free. He had to help his brother before they drowned. His lungs burned, begging for fresh air, they couldn't last long.

A strange howl cutting through the water had Taylor once again stop struggling. He once again looked out to the depths only to see a mouth full of teeth coming towards him. Closing his eyes, Taylor waited for the inevitable, wondering if being eaten alive would hurt. Water rushed around him as he waited for the shark to attack.

It didn't come. Instead the rope that restrained him became loose. Taylor opened his eyes, the rope, it had been cut, he was free. Looking for his brother, Taylor saw that Tyler too was cut loose.

The two boys kicked and paddled as hard as they could, no longer entrapped by the ropes, they quickly swam to the surface. Both boys gratefully took a much needed breath of air as they broke above the waves, sputtering as having inhaled some of the sea water. They were alive!

The twins surfacing had the Machine stop in his tracks. Scowling, he wondered how it was possible for the boys to have gotten free. About to shout at his gelatinous minions, something caught his eye. Two dorsal fins cut through the water coming hastily towards his sub. His eyes narrowed in silent fury.

"Orca." The cyborg growled.

Retreating into the submarine he ordered the craft to be submerged. Engine rumbled to life churning the near calm water. As the craft sunk below the surface it began kicking up waves that washed over the two exhausted boys.

The boys yelled as a wave three feet in height threatened to drown them. Struggling to stay afloat in the rough water they began tiring. Suddenly the twins found themselves being lifted out of the water. Exasperated they couldn't believe who had helped them. They were on the back of an orca.

One of the orca had come and scooped the twins onto its back, allowing the boys a chance to regain their strength. With the two boys on its back the black and white whale began to move away from the area. They were quickly joined by the second orca as it breached from the water.

"Move it, Pai. You're a sitting duck!" The orca squealed in warning as he dove back under the churning water. Tyler blinked rapidly at where the other orca had been.

With the boys on his back "Pai" squeaked in response and began to move quickly carrying them towards the shore.

Below the waves the Machine wasn't finished. Decades of keeping a low profile was ruined by those meddling boys. Dealing with constant incidents with wildlife had always delayed his plans. Now he wasn't going to let a couple of black and white nuisances stop him. No, he had something to use in dealing with them once and for all.

"This will show those buckets of blubber." Pressing one of the many buttons on the submarine's pilot chair received a confirmation beep as it lit up. The Machine sneered triumphantly, "I do so hope they enjoy my whale-seeking torpedoes." Hatches on the bow of the submersible opened releasing the two projectiles as bubbles trailed behind.

They headed right for the orca and the twins.

With an angry growl the second orca charged towards the two projectiles. Bubbles trailed as his powerful fluke pushed him forward. He wasn't going to let his friend get hurt, not while he can head the torpedoes off.

The twins caught their bearings, sitting on the back of the orca. Shocked about all that had happened to them so far and the strange turn of event. They couldn't think what else could happen. That is until one of the boys spotted to two shadows headed towards them some distance away,

"What are those?" Taylor asked pointing at the objects, getting the attention of his brother.

The orca beneath them twitched as if in response to Taylor's words. "Hold onto my dorsal fin and hold your breath!" The orca said urgency in his voice.

"What?!" Both boys said in unison. Did they just...

The twins didn't have time to wonder about what they thought they had heard as the orca they rode suddenly kicked its tail and began moving faster. Grabbing on to the whales dorsal fin as tight as they could, trying not get thrown off the orca's back. The boys held on as the whale dove beneath the waves giving them no choice but to hold their breaths.

The second whale caught up to his companion. Several quick clicks and squeaks were traded before the second orca broke away and continued towards the torpedoes that now were speeding closer behind. Cutting behind the bubble trail of his companion the second orca managed to catch the attention of the projectiles as they instantly changed course to follow. Fluke kicked hard increasing the whales speed as he kept ahead of the missiles.

"Pai" headed away from the area as fast as he could not wanting to risk the torpedoes coming after him and his passengers. He surfaced quickly to allow the boys on his back a chance to get a breath of fresh air. He remained at the surface knowing full well that humans can't hold their breaths for long, and he didn't want to force the boys to have to hold their breaths. The nearest shore grew closer and "Pai" headed towards a cove he spotted nearby.

The game of tag between whale and missiles continued as the second whale lured the torpedoes after him. Using his agility to his advantaged he forced the projectiles to have to constantly shift their bearing as he dove and weaved through the water. Reaching an open sandy area, he performed several spectacular swimming moves that would have impressed the most agile of dolphins. Making a sharp brake and dove deeper he sent the two missiles whirling past him and into the sandy sea floor. The torpedoes impact instantly triggering detonation. Swimming as fast as he could the orca kicked his tail fast and hard towards the surface. Breaching just as the water exploded around him, narrowly avoiding being caught in the warheads' explosion.

"Grah!" The Machine yelled his fist slamming on the console, as he watch both whales get away unharmed. Even worse, those boys gotten away as well. He had no choice but to retreat, with those boys finding his cavern hideout his low profile was endangered. Water churned and bubbled as the Submarine headed away and into deeper water vanishing into the darkness like a shadow.

OoOOOooOOoTwin TidesoOOooOOOoo

In the calm after the days events, in the cove safe from danger for the time being, "Pai" swam toward a group of rocks. Water softly lapped against the rocks and shore a relaxing sound in the near quiet cove, The orca softly encourage the frighten boys to climb off his back. It didn't take much urging as the twins transitioned from the orca's back to the rocks. The second orca bobbed from beneath the surface as he joined the group with an victorious squeal.

The boys were shaken but unharmed. They were alive, safe and on relatively dry land. Calming down, one thing they couldn't believe was that killer whales had saved them. It was beyond amazing and they were very grateful.

"You may not understand us, but you saved our lives," Tyler said to the two orca that remained with the boys and not returned to sea.

"Thank you," Tayler added.

"No problem," Squeaked "Pai".

"We're always happy to help anyone in need," said the second orca, "even grounder pups."

The boys jaws dropped.

"You can talk!" Tyler exclaimed.

"Of course, we always could," replied the second orca as if it wasn't anything exciting.

"Pai" shifted to roll slightly on his side, intrigued, "This is the first time grounders could understand us."

The second orca paused in realization that it was true. The twins shared a look between themselves.

"Why do you look the same?" The second whale asked, "Is that a grounder thing?"

Both boys giggled. "We look the same.."Taylor said

"...Because we're twins." Finished Tyler.

"I'm Taylor."

"And I'm Tyler"

"I'm Paikea, hope you aren't hurt." the boys shook their heads in response to the orca's concern.

"The name's Ikkaika," said the second orca as he rolled on to his side showing off the scar over his right eye.

"I can't believe the Machine is still around" Taylor said.

Ikkaika growled at the mention of the Machine, "That metal maniac has been causing trouble for years."

"We and our friends have been trying to stop whatever schemes he has but he keeps on coming back," Said Paikea mournfully, "with each return another part of the ocean is destroyed."

"Grounders do nothing but destroy nature," Ikkaika said angrily before giving the boys an apologetic look, "er, I mean not every grounder, just some."

"There's gotta be something we can do to help stop the Machine," Tyler said.

Taylor's eye light up as a idea came to his mind, "Dad."

"What?" Questioned Ikkaika confused.

"Oh yeah, Dad can help," said Tyler.

The two orca looked to each other puzzled by the two humans.

"What are you talking about?" Ikkaika asked.

The twins looked to the two whales, "Our dad went against the Machine before."

"And if we tell him the Machine is back..."

"...He and our grandparents..."

"...Can help get rid of the Machine."

"This time keep him gone!"

Witnessing the boys finishing each others sentences practically made the orca dizzy watching it. Ikkaika shook his head clear. "So, you think your pod can help?"

"Sure, they did it before," shrugged Tyler.

"We could use all the help we can get." Said Paikea, looking to his friend.

The small group were quiet as each thought. The twins were sure their parents would help. After all they want against the Machine before. Why wouldn't they do it again?

A crow cawed in the trees, interrupting the four from their thoughts. It was then the boys noticed how late in the day it was. Their family must be wondering where they are.

"We better go," Taylor said looking to the orca.

Tyler nodded, "Yeah, it's getting late."

"Thank you again for saving us."

"No problem," replied Paikea with a squeak, "glad we got there when we did."

The two orca moved away from the rock and began swimming out towards the sea.

"Hope we meet again." Tyler called out.

"Bye!" Taylor added waving.

Fwoosh, was the boys response as both whales slipped below the waves.

The twins climbed off the rocks they sat on and headed into the woods. They hoped they were close to home or at least not on a different island.

ooOOOooOOoTwin TidesoOOooOOOoo

"Those blasted whales!" shouted the Machine as he sat in his chair, "Always getting in my way." Gears grind as his mechanical fist clenched. "But no more, I'll get rid of them even if I have to destroy every living creature in the oceans."

The submarine chugged through the water coming to a rock wall. Slowing its speed and continued towards it as if on collision. Subtly sediment and rock shifted and fell away as much larger boulders began to slide apart revealing a cave. Silently the craft slipped into the darkness as the massive boulders began sliding closed. Moments later the cave vanished as if never there.

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