Ok. Hello. "Becoming-Obsessed" here. So it's been close to ten years since I've touched a doc. Let me start by saying I've never stopped reading fanfiction, but I sure as hell haven't written anything in the last almost-decade. It's been brought to my attention a few times over the last decade that WL deserved a rebirth, so I figured it's better late than never to reintroduce this fic to the world, so Wingardium Leviosa has finally been copied over from FF to Ao3 for your viewing pleasure.

I'd like to thank all those who still read WL to this day and continue to comment and recommend it. I've checked in on WL a couple times over the last decade, and it's heartwarming to know a piece I co-wrote at a completely different and much darker time in my life still holds virtue to so many of you.

Fast forward to the now- reposting Wingardium Leviosa does not mean myself, or the other co-author will be returning to finish the sequel, Aresto Momentum. AM is, and will remain, Incomplete.

It's been ten years. At the time of posting this, WL has generated over 600,000 views, which is absolutely mind-boggling. For reference, I was fourteen when this fic reached completion (and only had 64.5k views). In terms of basic math, I'm very far away from fourteen now. Am I proud of this fic? Of course. Do I still love the "ship?" Yes, I do. But my style and tastes as a reader, and maybe even as an author, have shifted drastically, so I ask that if you do wish to review this work in a negative light, please do so with a grain of salt. The world of fanfiction has shifted exponentially since WL was brought to the world for the first time and I hold a small hope that it will still be cared for as it has been all these years later.

So without further ado, you may find this fic on Ao3 under the same title or my new username, AWritersJourney.