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Kirari's POV

What the heck is wrong with me? It's not like Hiroto has never acted in any of those types of romantic movies. But then why in the world am I feeling so insecure? Oh yeah, maybe it's because he's my boyfriend, and he has to kiss another girl for the last scene of this movie. I sighed. I knew I shouldn't be acting like this; being jealous and possessive, it was always Hiroto who acted like that, but I couldn't help it. Even when I was the only one who forced him into accepting the role.

Everything had been going on perfectly until now as today the last scene was going to be shot, the one that I dreaded; the kissing scene. I had seen the script when I had been to Hiroto's place and my mouth had slacked flat-opened. The two actors have to make out for at least three minutes and it is going to be a well detailed one. Darn it.

This movie is going to hit the top as soon as it is released. One of the reasons was because the story was amazing. The other one was due to the fact it featured the well known SHIP's singers. Well, I really hope that last scene will be over soon.

"Cut," said the director, "Well done. It was amazing. Now take a break of ten minutes and then we'll shoot the last scene, okay?"

The lights came back. I freaked out inwardly when I saw Hiroto walking towards me. I hope my feelings do not betray my perfectly cheerful facade or I'll be damned. He reached for my hand and he clutched it tightly. I smiled warmly at him as he blushed. Oh how I love when he blushes, it's a really rare one could see him blush. Even I did not have any idea that he had harboured any romantic feelings for me, until I accidentally confessed my feelings to him.

Flash Back

Hiroto and I had been walking around the same area for about one hour. Chairman Muranishi had decided that we all should have a holiday as we had been extremely loaded this month. So we all (Chairman Muranishi, Kasumi-san, Seiji, Hiroto, Hikaru, Naa-san, Kame-san and I) decided for a trip to Nagoya and everything had been wonderful. That city was such a 'delice' to see. We had already visited the Atsuta Shrine and the Nagoya castle. The Nagoya castle was so beautiful, that we had spent more than half of our day back there. The Atsuta shrine also was worth seeing. It was such a waste that we had not been there at the times of the festival. It would have been perfect. I had wanted to visit the Pokemon-based theme park and the robot musuem, but I found out that they had been closed. I really wished to visit the former. I loved Pokemon, more preferably Pikachu. He is so cute.

However, in my enthusiasm to pluck and taste those mouth-watering fruits in the forest, that this place is special of; delicious looking round green apples (I just made this part up), screaming to every person to come and eat them, I lost the rest of the gang. The sun was about to set and the sky became more of a reddish brown colour. Though if it had been another day, I would have really appreciated this sight, but right now, I was more focused on finding my way back because if ever I did not, I would not be able to taste the cuisine of Nagoya. We had already planned that for tomorrow and I was really looking forward for it. Damn, I should not have been so greedy. Not only I did not get to eat those apples, I would not even be able to taste the famous local cuisine of Nagoya; the Nagoya meshi. I was really getting desperate.

Several minutes had passed and I had already lost hope when I suddenly bumped into a hard surface. I blinked and jumped with joy when I saw Hiroto. He was glaring at me, but at that moment I simply did not care. I hugged him. When my mind finally registered what was actually happening, I jumped back. He muttered something that I did not catch. I asked him to repeat. He replied by growling at me.

"Baka," he gritted his teeth, "Why the hell did you adventure in this dark forest at a time like this? Are you that stupid?"

"But I wanted to taste the fruits here," I said meekly.

"Food, food and food. Is that the only thing you can think about? Do you have any idea how everybody is worried?", his eyes were so dark that I could not bear to look in his eyes.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to worry everyone. I'm sorry, I really am," I whispered, staring at the ground.

"But you're here now, let's head back", I said excitedly, my despair immediately disappeared.

"We can't," he replied.

"Can't? But why?"

"Use you brain baka. Even I don't know the way back."

"You don't? I thought you did. How are we going to get out of this place then?"

"And whose fault is it?" he retorted.

"It's mine, I know," I yelled. I became more aware of the gravity of the situation here.

Suddenly everywhere was so quiet, that I was scared. I heard air being sucked up and I heard Hiroto's voice.

"Kirari, are you alright? I didn't mean to. I was really . . . worried for you and . . . Look, I'm sorry."

"You were worried about me?"

He looked away. I could see the tip of his ear reddening.

I foolishly asked, "Hiroto, your ear is red. Did you get hurt?"

I waited but he said nothing. When I no longer expected an answer, he muttered, "As if you would care if I'm hurt." He did not mean for me to hear that.

"What? You think I don't care about you?", I asked incredulously.

When he did not reply, my fury erupted. "Do you know how much I care about you? I admit you are the one who always save me in times of need, but that doesn't mean that you are the only one who care about me. I DO care. Who in the world would not care about the one she loves? You're the baka one!"

He slowly turned around, his eyes wide opened. I calmed my breath and stared confusingly at him. I mentally assessed my speech and my eyes widened in horror.. My mind kept ringing with those words, 'Who in the world would not care about the one she loves?' My face felt suddenly hot and I realised that I must be looking like a ripe tomato right now. I hastily looked away. I studiously stared at the ground. I heard footsteps behind me. But then, I heard nothing. Unable to contain my curiosity, I turned around and my face was directly facing his chest. I allowed myself to look at his face and lingered there. I felt his hand gently holding my head and I was pushed forward in his embrace. To say that I was shocked would be an understatement. However, I suddenly felt calm and at ease. I allowed myself to get comfortable. I shuddered involuntarily when I felt his breath right below my right ear.

He huskily whispered," I thought you still liked Seiji?"

"I had been considering him as my brother since longtime before."

"So you love me?"

"Yes, I love you," I said, trembling, "But you don't need to force yourself into loving me. I know you don't love me."

"You DON'T know ANYTHING. And don't decide for me.", he ruefully said, "I have liked you since we met."

"You really do?", I questioned, feeling a bit insecure.

"If I didn't, why the hell would I say so?" , he retorted.

"Just assuring myself."

"But now, this feeling has grown so much that it has developed into love."

"It has?"

He then bent to my level and planted a chaste kiss on my mouth. Yes, it had. I answered my own question.

End Of Flash Back

We were later found sleeping under an oak tree by Naa-san. Seiji and Hikaru did not stop teasing us for the rest of the holiday. And I had been able to go through the plan, which is to visit and eat the Nagoya's cuisine. I must have been so lucky.

"Okay, let's resume. Hiroto, Izumi, you guys are up.", the director cried in the mike. My reverie was broken and I was now facing the cruel reality.

Hiroto pecked my forehead. I tried to smile at him, but it turned out to be like a grimace. He chuckled and I hastily whispered a 'Good Luck' to him.

I tried to pace myself with the fact that Hiroto loved me and that the scene kiss meant nothing, but my heart would not agree. I braced myself for the worst and the light went off and the spot light was now on the two actors.

The DREADED scene is about to begin. . .