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Chapter 5- The Epilogue

Seiji's POV (Six months later)

I dried my hair with the help of my towel. My parents had again brought my career issue yesterday. I sighed. Though they accepted to let me be a singer, they still do not like that profession. I passed by my bed and smiled at Kame-san, sitting on it. She (I absolutely refused to call Kame-san 'it') is the only one I feel free to talk with. Sure, Hiroto is like a brother to me, but there are things that I cannot say to him. I never got angry at Hiroto except when he had covered Kame-san with liquid. We did not talk for days and each had practiced alone. I laughed softly; Kirari had tried to reconcile us but failed miserably. But still, everything had turned out well. Ah, good days.

I lied on my bed and faced Kame-san. She looked at me, her eyes rounding as she tried to figure what I was thinking. She was so cute. Both Kirari and Hiroto knew how I was attached to her. Hiroto could not understand why I felt so. Kirari understood to some degree but she doesn't know to what extent I loved my little Kame-san. Too bad, I did not get to give her the ring I had got for her for that day Kirari and I were posing for a competition, with us being a newly married couple. I had to give her the ring to make the little act seem more real. I told her to keep it anyways. She was so nice and sweet, that was why I thought I liked her more than a friend. I was jealous of Hiroto when she had talked to him before, because she was someone I could talk and relate with. She was like the little sister I never had. I realized that I liked her very much, yes, but it was more in the sisterly way.

Hikaru and I often jokes who will initiate a fight; Kirari or Hiroto. Even though, they were together, they still irritated each other. I had seen Hiroto jealous before and many times – always revolving around Kirari- but never had I seen Kirari jealous. No, maybe once; when Hiroto and Fubuki acted as if they were kissing. Or twice, with Izumi's case four years ago and the six months ago incident . . .

Kirari had tried so hard to stay composed and not break down into tears, but in the end she could not. She had run out of the studio, her eyes filled with tears. I did not follow her; it had not been my place to do so. The last shoot had soon ended and Hiroto searched for her. I had congratulated him for the success of the shoot. However, I could not be totally happy with Kirari being upset and crying.

He then had asked me the obvious question I knew he was going to ask, "Where is Kirari?"

His eyes had been looking for her from the time he got off the stage . . . I had told him she went outside. He looked uncertain as he asked, "What happened?"

Again, it was not my place to tell. I would not meddle in their affairs.

"I think you should ask her." He had stared at me and had then ran his hand in his hair, tugging slightly at it. I could tell that he was frustrated. He had sighed and walked outside.

I had known that they would solve whatever misunderstanding they had. They were really in love. So, a small confusion could not tear that love apart. And I can proudly say that my belief was right. I had stayed in the studio. The director was thanking all the crew for their hard work and I, for having played my role very well. He looked sure that the movie would be a hit and it had been. Hiroto had bragged as to how it could not have been, with the SHIPS as the co-leading actors and Kirari had jammed her elbow in his stomach. He had hissed and then corrected his sentence, "Not without Kirari's and everyone's help, of course." She smiled in appreciation and when she was not looking at him, Hiroto let out a small smile. He really loved her.

When I headed out later, Hiroto and Kirari were locked in an embrace. I had smiled. They had solved their differences, as I had thought they would.

I don't know how, while thinking, I fell asleep. And on top of that, I had a strange funny dream that I quite liked.

Skip dream . . .

As I entered the room, I was welcomed by a cry. I frowned. What has happened? If I'm not mistaken, it was Hiroto. I looked at Kame-san seriously and then suddenly had an urge to laugh as I recalled my dream. But I refocused myself at the scene in front of me. Kirari looked a bit angry but more composed than Hiroto. What in the world happened? Was I still dreaming?

"Wasn't that kissing enough the last time, that they want me to do a Sex scene?" Hiroto bellowed. My mouth fell out opened. Were they out of their mind? Nobody in their right mind would want a 20 years old do a sex scene. I shook my head. This industry is crazy.

"With who?" Kazumi-san asked.

Chairman Muranishi laughed nervously and replied, "With Izumi."

"What?" Hiroto growled at him.

"He is not going to do it." Kirari said seriously to the chairman.

"As sure as hell I'm not!" Hiroto glared.

"Calm down, Hiroto-kun. If you don't want to do it, don't!" Chairman Muranishi said.

"What made them think I would do it, anyway?" Kirari patted his arm and he relaxed a bit.

"Um . . ." The chaiman trailed off.

"Speak, old man." Hiroto sighed.

"Well since you attempted your kissing scene very finely the first time, in front of your girl friend but are still together, they thought . . ."

Kirari cut him off, "That you wouldn't mind taking it a step ahead."

"What the hell?" Hiroto growled menacingly.

"Yes, my thought exactly. What is happeneing to this industry?" I made my presence known to them.

"Oh Seiji, there you are." Chairman Muranishi exclaimed in relief. Why was he so happy to see me? I scratched my head.

"Just reject the offer, Hiroto-kun. I know you don't want to do it." He eyed the couple teasingly and led Kuzumi-san and I, by my arm to his office. Why was he taking us there?

I looked at them as they sat on a sofa, talking. If they did not have to talk to me, why make me come here? Weird.

I glanced at my shoulder and nearly screamed. Where was Kame-san? I looked frantically round the room. She was not here. Maybe she remained in the other room.

I quickly re-entered the said-room and let a relieved sigh. She was with Naa-san. I was so afraid. Pouf.

My attention was suddenly brought to Hiroto and Kirari.

"Kirari, I can't believe they thought I would accept that offer?" Hiroto muttered incredulously.

Kirari sat on the sofa arm and rubbed his back. "They don't know you, that's why."

"Very true." He looked up at her and smiled. He neared her face to his and kissed her mouth.

I don't know why I feel that I shouldn't be watching this, but they weren't doing anything except talking. Or maybe kissing. But that's a normal thing in dating. So . . .

Oh well, I have to take Kame-san with me.

As I neared them, I heard something that I felt I shouldn't have heard.

"You know. I don't mind doing a sex scene with you for a movie." Hiroto whispered suggestively.

Kirari blushed heavily and smacked his arm.

"I was just kidding, woman. Don't be so aggressive." He mock-glared.

"Yeah, yeah, sure."

You don't believe me?" He asked, faking hurt.

"Nope." She giggled.

He shook his head as Kirari stood up. She pulled Hiroto to her and whispered, "I don't mind a sex scene with you as long as we are alone, closed in a room." Hiroto looked shocked. Kirari smirked.

"What?" She said.

"Nothing." He replied almost immediately.

"Let's go then, we've got a lot of work to do." Kirari said, heading towards the practice room. Hiroto nodded. He looked still shocked.

I was too. The door flew opened as Hikaru arrived.

"Hello, Seiji." She said. When she saw my astonishment, she voiced her concern.

"Seiji, are you okay?"

"I think I heard something I shouldn't have heard."

"Would you mind sharing?" She tilted her head and asked. She looked very cute doing so. I shook my head and muttered an 'okay'.

I really had to clear my mind out. I just witnessed something I shouldn't have. I just found Hikaru very cute and . . . wait there is something I am forgetting. What is it?

Yeah, right. Kame-san. How could I have forgotten about her?

Too mentally shaken, I guess.

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