Raven and Snowflake


A few years had passed since Aizen had decided to reappear and attempt to kill Hitsugaya Toshiro, failing as Karin appeared at his aid.

She was now seventeen, in her own flat and was scowling as she studied to finish her study notes, in a few days she had her exams coming up and it didn't look like it was going to be pretty. Thankfully Hitsugaya had tutored her slightly, physically and mentally, she wasn't having too many doubts.

Finally managing to finish off her note, she mentally cursed herself. It was nearly midnight and she had to get up at six to get to the school early where she would meet Yuzu and-

A sudden tremor caught he off guard as her lamp fell off it's stand and shattered into pieces, making her frown.

"A tremor right now?" mumbled Karin, feeling her way around until she made it to a window, opening the blinds and allowing the light to flood into her flat as she heard squealing from below her, "Tch, too many pesky neighbours… it's only a tremor…"

"From what you know it could be a beginning of a real Earthquake." said a voice from behind her, "But I'm glad you can keep your cool, no matter what the situation is."

"Shiro…" muttered Karin crossly, turning round, "What the hell did I tell you about entering my home without permission?"

Toshiro raised his hands in an innocent fashion before resting his hand behind his head.

"Well, considering your door was left wide open, you should be thankful it was just me walking through!"

Her door was left wide open? What the hell? She wouldn't make the mistake of doing that, would she?

"Liar." she said. "I wouldn't do that."

Hitsugaya shrugged, knowing that she may just be trying to cover up her mistake.

"Whatever you say Kurosaki." he said.

"It's Karin!"

"Whatever." he said, lax. "Besides, do you know where your brother is?"

"E-Eh?" started Karin, confused. "What brought that on?"

"Well, I am on a mission you know." said Toshiro smoothly, "I'm here with Captain Kuchiki to tell Kurosaki Ichigo that the Head Captain requests his attendance at a captains meeting due to the fact a number of people from Namimori have disappeared for absolutely no reason, all of them with extremely high spiritual pressures. we thing Aizen might be behind it."

Karin scowled. She wouldn't have really minded, but if Aizen was behind this… she was so gonna kick his ass.

"Ichi-Nii should be at Yuzu's place right now." said Karin, her eyes flickering slightly, "And if Aizen-"

She was cut off as Toshiro's Soul pager went off. He flipped it open and sighed.

"I'm the closest one to it, I'll be back in ten minutes." he said, jumping out the window as Karin shouted after him, turning on her light.

"HEY! COME BACK HERE!" she shouted, but was ignored. She cursed once more before running to her bedroom and then noticing her closet for some odd reason was already open, pushed back her clothes when-

It wasn't there. Her Katana that held the spirit of Fenix in it was gone.

"Fenix… did you hide yourself again?" asked Karin, her thought echoing through her head. Fenix awoke sleepily from the position she was curled up in and looked at her master strangely, watching as Karin's full form materialized in front of her.

"No Karin-Sama… I never done anything…" she mumbled, rubbing at her eyes. "I've been asleep the whole time… perhaps you just lost me again…"

"I've never once lost you!" shouted Karin angrily, folding her arms indignantly.

"Ne, then where am I?" muttered Fenix, glowering. "If you just turned on the light-"

"I do have the light on!" Said Karin angrily, before leaving inner world and stamping one of her feet on the ground. She stood in thought before remembering what Toshiro had told her.

"Well, considering your door was left wide open, you should be thankful it was just me walking through!"

Karin froze. Was it true? Had someone entered her home without her noticing? When could they have done it? … after thinking about it for a moment, she then concluded when it could have happened.

The tremor, every one from downstairs was screaming so if her door was opened… she wouldn't have heard it, right?

"Karin Kurosaki… so we meet again…"

Karin whipped round and then her facial expression dropped. Brown wavy hair and dark brown eyes, the uniform of Huecho Mundo on… there was no doubt about it.


Toshiro had just managed to kill the Hollow and was now Shunpo'ing back to Karin's flat, only to be shocked that people were running out of it as the fire alarm went of, Karin's flat totally alight as the windows smashed from the heat intensity. He could also hear the girls from the floor below crying and screaming.

"W-Wasn't that nice girl wh-who's in our class in there?"

"U-Um… Karin right? K-Karin K-Kurosaki!"

Toshiro ignored their comments and shunpo'd upwards, jumping through the window as a very large 'THUD' hit the wall next to him. As he looked, he saw Karin stumble back to her feet, flaring more flames as an attempt to retaliate. And as he looked to the other side, Aizen was easily recognizable.

"Bastard…" panted Karin, wincing slightly, as she clutched at her arm. Toshiro's head furrowed as he noticed the Raven's arm bleed. Aizen was going to pay.

"Hm? It appears young Toshiro has decided to join the fun." said Aizen, "But I have what I need."

He raised Karin's Katana in a taunting way before Shunpo'ing off. Karin was about to protest when Toshiro picked her up and leapt out the window, making it look like Karin had leapt out herself.

"K-Karin-San! You're ok!" the girls outside cheered, while the elderly couple who lived above her gave her a warm smile, thankful she got out safely. Karin ignored them, focusing on putting her own flames so the damage would be kept at a minimum. Fenix's voice was echoing through her head.

"I wonder what Aizen wants to do with my sword…?" mused Fenix drowsily.

"I don't know… but he has something up his sleeve… again…" replied Karin, closing her eyes and sighing, se was definitely getting no sleep tonight.

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