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~Pairing and Promt:

Octane (G1) / Skywarp (G1) / Asleep


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Oh, and this is obviously in G1~ * -*b

Oh-Oh! And Writing like this is flashback's! ^^-b

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Octane glared, light pink dusting under his optics, a big hand laying gently on a smaller frame.

Octane sighed, and started to relax slowly, un-tensing his shoulder plates. The triple-changer lightly turned and glanced around the

He slowly and lightly moved his hand and let it rest on the waist of the smaller 'Con. He sneered, and glared lightly at Skywarp.

"Why me?" He asked himself quietly, wanting so badly to hit himself for doing such a stupid thing.

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Skywarp shivered, feeling a glare directed at his back. He turned to see Octane glaring at him.

Octane sneered, turned and left.

Skywarp blinked, "What's his problem?.." He muttered to himself, and walked out of the room.

He felt someone walk up behind him, he stopped and turned, but smacked his helm against someone's chest plates.

The black and purple 'Con looked up to see Octane's face, sneering down at him.

Skywarp took a step back.

"Ooh, didn't see you there 'Oc..." Skywarp mumbled, laughing nervously.

Octane's eyes narrowed, "What did you call me?" He asked- no, demanded, seething, and twitching.

Skywarp backed away, "Uhh, aha... Nothing!" Skywarp turned and ran down the hall's of their underwater base.

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Skywarp panted, and lightly glared in the direction Octane was.

"I hate this..." Skywarp mumbled, face heating up.

"Hate what?" Skywarp jumped and turned to see Starscream frowning at him, arms crossed.

"Oh, Screamer," He sighed, putting a hand near his spark, "You almost gave me a spark-attack.." He mumbled, then rubbed at his optics, and looked back at his creator.

Starscream rolled his eyes, "Whatever, anyways, we gotta go, could you find Thundercracker?"

"One TC coming up!" Skywarp said, disappearing with a crack.

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Thundercracker, Skywarp, and Starscream were flying in the sky, ready to attack the Autobums.

Megatron, Soundwave and his cassettes were behind the three seekers.

Megatron smirked, readying his cannon, and flew above the three, and ahead. Soundwave and his cassettes; Frenzy, Rumble, Laserbeak, and Ravage, went down to the ground.

Octane, Blitzwing, and Astrotrain were flying just beneath the Seekers. Octane sneered up at the Black and Purple one, the 'warper'...

He suddenly smirked, and flew up quickly, transformed out of his alt. mode, and tackled the warper.

Skywarp yelped, and felt one of his wings get ripped slightly.

He tried pushing Octane off, but couldn't, because of the pain. The purple seeker winced again and started plumitting towards the ground.

Octane jumped off the seeker and transformed back into his alt. Jet mode, smirking.

.. He didn't know why, but the sometimes cowardice seeker made him so mad and annoyed.

Even though the purple seeker fought, Octane still didn't like the seeker.

Skywarp went and smashed into the ground, letting out a cry.

Starscream and Thundercracker went down to see if there trine mate was okay.

Octane grinned, seeing black and gray smoke coming from the cloud of dust and dirt.

He paused when he heard his leader curse loudly.

Megatron got hit, and went and landed on a piece of the mountain that was sticking out.

"HAH! I got Megaturkey!" a Red 'bot whispered loudly, grinning, and punching the air with his hand, as he and another 'bot hid behind a part of the mountain of rocks.

"Pff- I would have got him, but you shot to soon, it was supposed to be a 'surprise attack', 'Sides." A yellow 'Bot slapped the red one on the helm, glaring.

"Shut up, Sunny! Your just mad 'cause you didn't fire on time!" They argued.

A white with red 'Bot rolled his eyes and sighed, annoyed.

"Can't you two shut up for once?" He asked, glaring at the two.

"But Ratchet!," The yellow one whined. "It's not our fault that you don't like us!" The yellow 'Bot continued, the red one laughing.

"Sunstreaker and Sideswipe!," Ratchet roared, glaring at the two, twitching.

"Run Sunny! RUUNN!" Sideswipe laughed, and ran, and started shooting at the Decepticons.

OoOo OoOo OoOo OoOo OoOo OoOo

Eventually, Megatron ordered everyone to go back to base, losing once again.

Octane rolled his eyes, and looked at the smaller 'bot beside him.

OoOo OoOo OoOo OoOo OoOo OoOo

"Octane, you got Skywarp into this mess, so you'll be staying with him till when I get back to you." Their medical doctor said, ignoring the harsh glare that was directed at him.

OoOo OoOo OoOo OoOo OoOo OoOo

Octane let out a sigh through his vents, rolled over, back facing Skywarp, being somewhat careful.

He just doesn't want to be forced to stay with the sleeping black and purple 'Con.

... Not that Octane didn't exactly mind...

After all, the cowardice- yet stronge seeker, was more likable when he was asleep.

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