Severus licked his dry lips letting his tongue taste the metallic liquid that dripped down from his nose and possibly somewhere on his face. He tightened his grip around his shredded robes, his skin was covered in blue and green bruises making the Slytherin tense when he moved. Severus scrunched his face in discomfort and annoyance, shifting from his position and squinting his eyes to focus better through the darkness of the room. He was in the potions classroom, Severus slowly tried to get up but his leg gave away and he collapsed sending an electricity of pain through his body, he balled his fist tightly and inhaled deeply through his nostrils. He made a sound from the back of his throat before just trying to sit up and allowing his back to rest on the cool surface of the wall behind him. Again the Slytherin looked around the room, analyzing everything, it was definitely the potions classroom but he had never seen this class before. 'It must be one of the abandoned or unused classrooms' Severus mused. He frowned as he heard footsteps and hushed whispers outside the room not too far, it was obvious that someone was wondering around the school in the middle of the night without permission, not just one but three. Severus's frown only deepened as he realized they were coming closer but he was unable to identify the voices.

"It's somewhere in here!" One of the voices said and the footsteps stopped. Severus felt his eyes narrow and moved closer into the shadows, he didn't feel like dealing or explaining why he was in the condition he was in at the moment, though he doubted anyone would care much less worry about him of all people. Severus gropped through his robe silently looking for his wand but to no avail. The door to the abandoned classroom creaked open making the Slytherin hold his breath, he couldn't identify their faces through the darkness but their voices did and it made his insides boil.
"Are you sure it's in here, Padfoot?" Another voice asked, it was Remus.

"I swear!" Severus pressed his lips together, it was the annoying Sirius Black. Severus narrowed his eyes at the third figure and decided that it was James Potter since Pettigrew was much too short, unsurprisingly their fourth member wasn't with them.

"You know Padfoot didn't mean to lose it Moony," James assured his friend but Remus could only sigh. Severus waited hoping they'd leave soon but he could feel his body tense as one of the figures was staring his way.

"What's wrong, Moony?" Black asked worriedly.
For a moment Remus continued to stare, brown eyes narrowed suspiciously at the shadows from across the room. He took a step forward, "I feel like there's someone else is in here. I can smell it."

In the dark Sirius and Remus raised their eyebrows at their friend but didn't say anything. Remus took out his wand from his robes, whispering 'lumos' and the tip of his wand lit up brightly. Severus cursed inwardly at the Gryffindor and at himself for not having his wand, he shut his eyes tightly. Sirius and James followed their friend, wand in hand in case the person would attack them but to their surprise the figure was sitting in a fetus like position and were unable to identify the person; however Remus did.

"Severus?" Remus managed to choke out eying the person. Sirius and James stared surprisingly, why was the Slytherin here in the middle of the night? Or more like why did he look as if he just had been attacked? Severus said nothing, instead he waited, anticipating their annoying laughter and insults, or even a few hexes but none came. "Severus is that you?" Remus asked again taking slow cautious step, he knew that smell very well. It belonged to the Slytherin but his scent was mixed with the scent of something burning and...blood? He couldn't identify it right away because he had been getting sick lately thanks to Peter, but he could still smell a little, especially the blood.

"Shit," Sirius cursed when the figure slowly looked up and light from Remus's wand illuminated on Severus's bruised and bloody face. James himself cursed but in his head, Severus slowly eyed the floor when it landed on his wand which was not far from him.

"Severus what happened?" Remus questioned taking closer steps but cautiously not wanting to anger the Slytherin.
Severus scowled, wincing at the light, "stay back." Ignoring his demands Remus took closer steps causing the Slytherin to narrow his eyes dangerously. "I told you to stay back!"

"B-but you're hurt! You need to go to Madam Pomfrey!" Remus argued.

"It doesn't matter," Severus replied coldly.

"Hey!" Sirius growled not liking the Slytherin's attitude. "Stop acting like a bloody prick! We're trying to help you!"

Severus scowled and slowly got up ignoring the sudden rush of pain that went throughout his body, "Why do you care?" Severus smiled coldly, "didn't you say you liked seeing me in pain? Despair? Isn't that what you guys do to me everyday?" He chuckled darkly.

Sirius said nothing but glared at the Slytherin, James eyed him carefully as he limped forward and bending down to grab his wand. "Don't do anything," Remus ordered knowing fully well that his friends would attack Severus for going after his wand.

"But he might-"

"No," Remus said, his brown eyes watched Severus's movements closely. Severus ignored there exchange and tucked his wand inside his robes, not really wanting to start a fight in his current condition. He wondered if he could find a spell that would erase their memories. Severus turned towards the three Mardaurs and made his way towards them, Sirius and James raised their wands but did not attack.

Remus reached out to the approaching Slytherin to only have his hand slapped away. "Don't touch me."
"Severus you're hurt," Remus said worriedly and...sadly? Severus shook the thought away before making his way past them, Sirius and James stood frozen, surprised that their arch enemy just simply passed them without throwing any curses or nasty remarks.

Remus turned swiftly, "No! James! Sirius! Don't let him go!"

The outburst surprised Severus and he made a quick grab from his wand and turned swiftly, but before he could curse out a spell he heard the two Gryffindors scream out 'Expelliarmus!' knocking his wand from his hand. The action caused Severus to step back quickly but also caused his body to weaken. He tried to balance himself as his visions began to blur and slowly everything began to darken. "Severus!" was what Severus heard before everything around him blurred itself out and he collapsed, luckily Remus had managed to catch him before his body could collide with the floor.

Sirius and James could only stare in disbelief at what had just happened, questions clouded their thoughts as they watch their friend lift the Slytherin bridal style and made his way out the door. "Grab his wand," Remus said softly and walked out.