Sirius was sitting outside with the girl he was going to the dance with and merlin was he bored. The girl whose name he didn't bother to remember practically dragged him everywhere she went, clinging onto his arm as if her life depended on it. Now, Sirius would've pushed the girl away if it weren't for the fact that she was his date and possible shag after the dance. Yes, Sirius was a ladies man and he was irresistible. I mean, who could resist his lovely long jet black hair that fell past his mid back, or his charcoal eyes that would make anyone's knees go weak? In fact there was nothing about him that a girl didn't like, he was cool, smart, rich...and damn did he have a nice body. Sirius chuckled under his breath.

"What's so funny, Sirius?" The girl asked looking up at him, her green eyes staring intensely at him.

He had the urge to roll his eyes but instead faked a smile, "nothing. Just thinking about some pranks." He lied and the girl nodded before leaning in to kiss him. Sirius kissed back a little, it didn't excite him like he thought it would, she was too much of a good kisser. It was boring.

"Can't you two lovebirds snog somewhere else," Sirius stopped kissing the girl and looked up, to his surprise it was Severina. The Slytherin was standing in front of them, hands on her hips and glowering down at the couple. The girl that Sirius was snogging pulled away and looked up as well.

"Oh, if it isn't Snivellous," the girl smirked at Severina but Sirius just stared. "Tell me, have you ever kissed someone before? Is that why you're uncomfortable?" The girl mocked however Sirius was interested. What if she never kissed anyone? The thought sent an exciting chill down Sirius's spine as he stared at Severina's pink almost red lips that was pulled into a tight frown. 'Virgin lips,' he thought.

"Whether I have kissed someone or not isn't your businesses, but you are blocking the way." Severina replied, crossing her arms and letting Sirius get a better view of her breasts. 'Decent. Not too big and not too small..' his eyes moved down to her hips and then...

"Severina!" Sirius snapped from his train of thoughts and looked at to see his little brother walking over. Regulus looked at the girl next to Sirius, she winked at him and he wanted to gag not liking the girl. She had a little too much makeup and her clothing was too revealing. Regulus then looked at his brother who smiled widely.
"Hey Regs!" Regulus frowned before turning his attention back to the female Slytherin. He grabbed Severina by the hand and dragged her into a different direction, Severina protested but Regulus only tightened his grip walking faster. He had seen the way his brother was looking at Severina when he walked over towards them, he looked hungry and ready to pounce. Regulus didn't like that, Severina wasn't just some girl his brother could get with. She was different. She was...special. Regulus apurtly stopped causing Severina to collide against his back.

"Agh- what are you doing you idiot?!" Severina yelled, "don't just stop so suddenly!"

Regulus turned and smiled weakly, "sorry." Severina rolled her eyes and Regulus continued to walk, dragging Severina along. He needed to keep Severina away from his brother.


"Please go to the dance with me Lily!" James asked for the uptenth time, following the red head everywhere.

"No!" was her reply each time. James sighed, letting his body collaspe onto the chair.

"Smooth," Severina smirked, smugly. She stood a few feet away, watching everything in the dark. James heaved a sigh and looked at the spot where Lily had stood.

"Go away..." James muttered depressingly, trying not to lose his temper at her.

Severina shrugged, "I can tell you how to get her to go with you."

James perked up, "really?" Severina nodded, her onyx eyes staring boredly at the brunette. "How?"

Severina smiled devilishly, "on one condition." James thought for a moment. Should he get help from Severina, his long time enemy? She was friends with Lily...but then again what would the condition be? She was a no good Slytherin after all...

He prayed.



"Good afternoon Severina," Remus greeted, "do you mind if I take a seat?"

Severina looked up from her book, staring blankly at him. "No, go ahead." Remus thanked her and took a seat placing the stacks of book down on the table.
Severina eyed the books, "potions?"

Remus chuckled nervously, "yeah, I am not good with this subject so I try to study them." Severina kept an unreadable expression fixed on him, making the poor man shift slightly from his seat. "It's kind of hard, even trying to read it."

"Nonsense Lupin. Potion is the easiest class." Remus smiled, she wasn't making any bad comments like she usually did.

"It's easy for you. You like potions." Severina placed her book down and snatched the paper out of Remus's hand. She looked over at the sheet of homework once before nodding, "the problem here is that you don't need dried frogs leg in this batch, it's dried bats leg." Severina leaned in to show Remus and Remus did the same, their faces barely a few inches away. She continued to explain but Remus had his eyes focused on her instead. He could just lean in and...

"-Lupin are you listening?" Remus blinked.

"Haha..Sorry, I kind of spaced out." Severina shook her head, she didn't like it when people didn't listen to her but she especially didn't like it if someone didn't get a potion spell right.

"I can tutor you if you want," Severina offered. She didn't mind Lupin, he was the less aggressive one out of the Marauders but she still didn't like him as much...however he did save her. So she was, sadly, grateful for it.

"Really? Are you sure?" Remus asked, though he was practically jumping in joy in his head. "Don't you have other work to do?"

Severina waved her hand, "they're nothing." Remus smiled, she was still the cocky Severus Snape and he didn't mind it at all.

"Thank you." Severina nodded getting up from her seat, Remus watched her.

"Go put those books back," she ordered.


"Because they aren't the right useful kind." Severina said, "I'll show you where the right ones are." Remus slowly nodded getting up, and scooping the books in his arms. Once he put all the books back he followed Severina out of the library and down the hall. After a twenty minute walk they were isolated from everyone, Severina looked around for a second before opening a door. Remus took a step inside, bewildered at the sight before him. There was another library! But this one was old and unused, it was also dark and the only light illuminated from the slight cracks from the walls.

"Wow.." Remus awed, "I've never seen this place."

Severina dusted some books. "This library has been unused for quite some time. Maybe longer than most of the teachers who've worked here," she exclaimed. "It had a charm around it that caused it to be hidden away from the whole world, and only those who had been here long enough to know that it existed knew about it."
"Then how did you find this place?" Remus asked, amazed.

"The charm was growing weaker. It was around my second year when I noticed it, I had left dinner early because of you Marauders," her lips pulled downwards into a scowl, "and as I was walking back to my dorm I saw the charm disappear momentarily, just enough for me to see the door."

"So you went to investigate it and now it's your secret hiding spot." Remus finished.

"That's right."

"Why are you showing me then if it's your hiding spot?"

Severina shrugged, "you seem like you needed help..and to repay you for saving me.."

"Saving you? Oh!" Remus began to protest, "anyone would've done it.."

Severina chuckled darkly. "Not everyone. Especially not to save someone like Severus Snape." Remus didn't know how to reply, so instead he pulled out his wand and slowly made his way to the rows of shelves.

"Lumos," Remus whispered, and looked over the books. He stopped and stared at a section of books that dealt with werewolves and full moons.

"Ah, I see you've found the the shelf that consists of creature books," Severina said, walking up to Remus.

"Yeah," he replied softly.

"Tell me something Remus," Remus looked down at the girl who was only slightly shorter than him. She glided a finger down one of the books and kept her gaze away from Remus's. "Are you a werewolf?"

Remus felt his blood run cold and he held his breath for a moment. Silence filled the abandoned room and Severina waited for an answer. Remus's thoughts were racing. How could she know? Maybe she was just assuming things! Yeah! It must be because he was looking at the books after all!

"You are, don't lie."

"How did you..?"

"You were showing signs of one during second and third year, and also..."

"Also?" Remus said shakily.

"I followed you and the others during a full moon," Severina's eyes showed fright for a second before it vanished. "I have no intentions of telling anyone, so don't worry."

Remus felt the weight on his shoulder disappear, "thank you...Severina.." They both stood awkwardly in silence for a moment.

Severina turned around and walked further down the aisle. His chocolate brown eyes watched the figure stop and look back, her charcoal eyes stared dully at one of the books. "I am working on a potion," she said softly, so soft that a normal person wouldn't be able to hear it, but Remus did.

"What about?" Remus asked following her.



Peter stared worriedly at his friends wondering if something had happened. His friends were sitting on their beds deep in thought, each one of them had different expressions. Approximately fifteen minutes ago Sirius Black had slammed the door to their dorms scaring Peter to death, and was followed by Remus and James. Usually when they came back from classes or wherever they had gone James and Sirius were laughing and grinning but to his surprise they weren't. Remus was usually quiet so that was normal, but what wasn't normal was that he was smiling. It wasn't like Remus never smiled or anything like that, but he had a huge genuine smile plastered on his face. Remus only smiled a small smile but today it was different.

Peter watched Sirius slip out of his robe, letting the cloth drop to the floor and kick off his shoes before throwing himself onto the bed and staring at the ceiling, a scowl evidently on his pale face. Then Peter turned to James who looked dazed, he struggled to take off his robe and stripped down to his boxers then crawled into bed as well. Peter blinked, Remus hadn't acknowledged him like he usually did, but instead he removed his shoes and made himself comfortable on the bed, book in hand and the smile still on his face.

Neither of his three friends looked at each other, Sirius and James didn't talk about their day and Sirius wasn't boasting about how he had snogged the girl he was currently with. The room was awkwardly quiet and it made Peter uneasy, he wanted to ask them what was wrong but the look on Sirius's face made him rethink.

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