As If We Never Said Goodbye now has a sister story.

Never Can Say Goodbye is a collection of one-shots of future moments, head-canons, and deleted scenes from this beloved story. The love and appreciation all of you have shown me over the past two years has encouraged me to continue writing this story on a much larger scale.

These one-shots won't be in date order, and will not have an end. Whenever I discover another part to their journey, I will update. There are already over twenty chapters in the pipeline, and it will continue to grow every day. And please note that Part III will still be updated as well, this won't affect this section of my story.

Also for tumblr's 2013 Quinntana Week (25-31 March 2013) I will be doing an audio post answering questions asked by all of you. So if you have ever had any curiosities, what if's, head-canons, or just scenes you wish me to discuss further, here's your chance. Review, PM me, or send me an ask on my tumblr – willowsagehart . It will be posted on the 24th of March on my blog, so get your questions in before then.

And finally, I hope you all enjoy the next chapter of this epic love story.