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A/N:  Okay, this idea's been nagging me since I saw the transfusion scene in HG… and I finally decided to write it down cuz it was just so damn distracting.

All in the Blood

Scene:  In a hospital room, Logan lies in bed while Joshua is hooked up to an I.V., giving him a transfusion.  Joshua touches Logan's face.

Joshua:     Logan'll get better now.

[As his blood continues to cycle into Logan, Joshua finds his eyes drifting closed.  Though he fights it, eventually he slumps over, asleep.]

Scene:  Logan, dressed in a tux, stands in the middle of a ballroom decorated with bright white lights.  Music plays softly in the background.

Logan:      (smiles)  Valse Triste.  (begins to look about the room expectantly)

[Suddenly, another figure appears behind him, one dressed in a gorgeous white gown, brown hair piled up elegantly.]

Logan:       (turns and spots the figure)  Ma—Joshua?

Joshua:     (looking very confused and timid)  Logan?  You better now?  (looks around at the room, and then at his clothes)  This is pretty whack.

Logan:      Joshua, what… what are you doing here?

Joshua:      Uh, Max need help, make you better.  Max call Alec, Alec not show up.  Max come get Joshua.  Joshua make you better, with transfusion.

Logan:      (nods slowly, understanding beginning to dawn)  Transfusion.  Right.  (glances down at their clothes)  Still, that doesn't explain the tux.  (gives Joshua a funny look)  And it really doesn't explain the dress, or the hair.  At least you're not wearing makeup.  (lets out a sigh)  Well, I don't get what we're supposed to be doing here.  I mean, it made plenty of sense last time, with Max, but…

Joshua:     You been here before?

Logan:       Yeah, with Max, when I needed a transfusion once before.  She was supposed to be leaving Seattle, but she came back when she found out I was in the hospital.  Hooked me up with some of that transgenic blood.  This was before the whole virus thing.

Joshua:      (nods)  Virus bitch going down.  (then suddenly a look of horror overcomes his face and he leaps away from Logan)  No get busy!  Joshua and Logan no get busy!  Max and Logan get busy.

Logan:       Relax Joshua.  You and I are not going to  (coughs)  'get busy'.  I don't know why we're here, but nothing like that's going to happen.  Besides, me and Max never… got busy… either.  We just danced.

Joshua:       (looking considerably relieved, moves a bit closer to Logan)  Danced? 

Logan:         Yeah, um, you know, to the music.

Joshua:       (lifts his head, noticing the music for the first time)  Music…  (grins, then laughs)  Music!

Logan:         (smiles)  Yeah, music. 

Joshua:       (grabs Logan's arm with both hands)  Dance to music?

Logan:        Yeah, that's the general idea.  Oh!  You want me to show you how?

Joshua:       (nods eagerly)  Show me how.

Logan:         (looking very uncomfortable)  Um, well, I don't know… I mean, how are we going to…?  (stops and looks into Joshua's pleading face)  Oh, alright.  (sighs)  It's not like we have anything else to do.

Joshua:        (gives a wide grin and balls his fists)   Yes!  Logan show Joshua how to dance to music!

[Logan shuffles about, trying to get into the right position.  He stares at his feet, adjusting them slightly, then puts up his hands.]

Logan:         Now, how are we going to…?

[Logan extends one hand and Joshua copies.  They place their hands together.]

Logan:         Um, like this, I guess…

[Logan fumbles about with the other hand, putting it Joshua's waist, then his back, but finally settles for his upper arm.]

Logan:         Okay, just follow my lead.

[Slowly, the pair begins to move to the music, Joshua following Logan's lead.]

Logan:         Ouch!  Watch your feet!

Joshua:       Sorry.

Logan:         (mumbles)  That's okay.

[They continue moving slowly to the music, and finally they have a sort of rhythm developed.]

Joshua:        Joshua and Logan, dance to music.

Logan:         Yep, that's what we're doing.

[Logan winces as Joshua accidentally steps on his toes again.]

Logan:          (sighs)  Couldn't have gotten some sensible shoes, could you?

Joshua:        Shoes pinch Joshua's feet.

Logan:          Yeah, I bet.  But you have to admit, they look pretty nice.

Joshua:         (nods)  Joshua's shoes pretty.

[Scene fades out…]

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