Dear Daddy.

Remember all those good times we shared together? All those walks in the park, and all those times we went to the beach? Those memories are the few special ones that I cling to my heart. Because they are all I have left to remind me of you.

I know you're busy because of your work. I know its not easy to be Professor Rowan's main assistant. But is it so difficult for you just to come and give me a hug occasionally? Or just sit down once in a while to chat with me?

I'm given everything money can buy, from expensive toys, to gleaming jewellery to even my own clothing line. I love them all, but they can't give me love. They're all just non-living, non-breathing things. They can't hug me back or give me the love and care that I want.

Ever since mom left Sinnoh to work for another professor, we've grown far apart. You had to work to earn enough money, to raise me, but you can't raise a child with money. You have to raise them with love, and care.

Daddy, what happened to all that love? Did it just fade away? Or is it still there? I need an answer, and I need it from you.

When I decided to go on my journey, it wasn't because of following the family's tradition. It was because I was sick of being imprisoned behind those empty castle walls. Behind those walls, no one could hear my screams or shouts. I was alone, and lost, without pokemon or even a friend.

Even when I left, you didn't even came to say goodbye. You didn't even bother waiting for me to leave. You just cared about your work. You weren't even there to say you loved me, or to be careful before I left.

I've learnt a lot of things on this journey. I made friends, proper friends. Friends who could listen to me and actually make me happy.

Diamond and Pearl are the most greatest things that came into my life. They could make me laugh, and cheered me up when I cried. You used to do that, before work came between us.

Daddy, it's not that I don't love you. I still do, with all my heart. But if you truly loved me back, you wouldn't let work come between us. Each day, I barely see you. You leave before I wake up, and come home when I'm already asleep.

I love you daddy. But I wish you could feel the same for me.