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ONE-SHOT #1: Please Don't Let It Be Her

Hayley was furious. Oh no, she was way beyond furious.

What the hell was Jake thinking- dating a half-girl, half-monster like Cadence? Was he out of his mind? Did he want to get killed?

Her fists clenched as her jaw visibly tightened. She shut her eyes, trying to calm herself down. When she opened them again, her usually bright brown orbs burnt with hot tears. She tried not to make a noise, as she cried angrily to herself, but the remaining sliver of self-control she had left was slipping away from her.

And it was slipping away from her fast.

She should've been fine with the fact that Jake was happy; that he had found a potential new love for someone else other than her. Cadence was one unique girl- outspoken, rebellious and into comics just as much as Jake was. Her dark hair always made her look so stunning that Hayley was starting to envy those locks of hers that contrasted so much to her blonde curly ones. She had a stunning figure behind her trademark bulky leather jackets and the blue jeans. Miss Nash had long legs and curves and was skinny. She had so much in common with Jake and was decent-looking too.

It was no wonder why Cadence was his girlfriend- and she wasn't.

After Hayley broke her promise with Cadence and told Jake that she, in fact, had been lying to him about whom she was the whole time, Cadence became even more broken than she already was. Jake felt immensely guilty that he was the reason why she hadn't been showing up at school or at the Soda Bar where they'd usually hang out at. Hayley knew that Jake couldn't keep feeling down so she tried to cheer him up by making him brownies and having bland conversations about comics with him, but he never seemed interested. She even tried to get him to ask her out again- which she was pretty convinced; he was trying to first before accidentally asking Cadence out. Despite Hayley's pure intentions, Jake just brushed Hayley off, like she was no help or use to him.

At this time, Hayley considered something she hadn't been ready to face: that maybe, just maybe, Jake didn't think of her the same way as she thought of him. Sure, he was a dreamy dork and she found that quality about him extremely attractive, but there was a possibility he wasn't into cheerleaders...well, cheerleaders like her. All Hayley and Jake ever do was argue endlessly and compete over stupid, minuscule things- how could he be attracted to someone like that?

Cadence might be it for Jake. Hayley gulped. When the first got together, she thought they'd never work. He was such a dork when he wanted to be, like when he obsessed over comic books and lame superheroes, while Cadence seemed like a tough and rough girl. Somehow, the two got along on more ways than one; making Hayley extremely jealous. She could only argue with Jake, while the two could actually have deep and meaningful conversations.

So obviously, Hayley had been hurt. It wasn't every day that you realised how much you love your friend, until you realise their heart is taken by someone else. Bu nothing could compare to the brutal stabs to her heart when she saw the two people she least wanted to- kissing in front of her; right there, right now.

When the love birds finally released each other, there was a sense of contentment in their eyes. Cadence's started to water up as Jake grinned crookedly at her. Hayley felt sick. Her heart belonged to someone who didn't want it, because he had found someone better.

Before Hayley could think about what she was about to do, she got up from her seat and walked up to them. As she attempted to look Jake squarely in the eye, Cadence caught sight of her and rolled her eyes. She nudged him subtly and Jake's milk-chocolate eyes made Hayley's heart yearn more for him.

"Hayley, what are you doing here?" he smiled shyly. Cadence had an amused look on her face as she glanced at Jake. Hayley's blood boiled as she saw the love in her eyes while she stared at Jake's defined jaw and kissable neck.

"Yeah Hayley," Cadence teased, "What are you doing here?"

"I...I'm just..." Hayley stuttered as the words died in her mouth. Cadence scoffed a little as she tossed her perfect hair over her shoulder and placed a hand on her hip.

Jake's eyebrows furrowed as he looked at Hayley. "Hey...are you alright? You look like you've been crying,"

"She probably got an A minus in her maths test or something," Cadence mocked, "Nothing to worry about, Jake,"

Jake gave Cadence a disapproving look, while she just shrugged. He sighed at her.

"Cadence, it's getting late. Maybe you should get going,"

She seemed shocked that Jake would've suggested such a thing. Her eyes widened and she just frowned. "Whatever Jake, call me later and tell me how it goes," She walked out soon after.

Jake gestured Hayley to take a seat in one of the booths at the Soda Bar and she, reluctantly, listened to him. He studied her, as if she was a piece of meat, trying to work out what was wrong with her. His scrutinizing stare sent shivers down her spine from its intensity. Hayley hated the effect Jake had on her. As his eyes continued to travel down her face to her neck and to the rest of her body that could be seen above the table, she felt the need for Jake to kiss her everywhere and anywhere.

"So do you want to tell me what's wrong or do I have to get it out of you?"

Hayley's eyes started to go fuzzy again as they were overwhelmed with stinging tears. She wiped them away with one of her pale fingers, hoping Jake wouldn't notice. Unfortunately he did.

"Do you love Cadence?" she blurted out all of a sudden.

At first, Jake looked surprised. It was evident through his twisted facial features that he had certainly not been expecting his good friend, Hayley, to ask him such a thing. After all, she was the one who said she supported him going out with Cadence- so why couldn't he love her?

Hayley, on the other hand, was silently pleading that he would answer with a no, and some fancy speech that confessed his eternal love for her. But that was too sappy and unrealistic. She still needed to hope though, that somewhere in that big, warm heart of his was a place that had never let her go.

Jake's brown eyes were clouded. Hayley noticed this as he subconsciously hinted to her that he had her answer. Mentally preparing herself, she took a deep breath in and gave him a small smile, awaiting his reply. Cautiously, he cleared his throat as he said the only word that could've broken her heart- and her spirit.


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