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ONE-SHOT #8: Just Because

It was certainly not Jake's day today. He had woken up late, as his alarm clock refused to ring, and despite already being late, he couldn't find his battered sneakers- the ones also signed by his favourite comic-book artist. When he finally got dressed, he had raced down the stairs, only to find his parents had already gone to work and Phoebe was nowhere in sight. His annoying little sister was the last thing on his mind though as he pulled the fridge door opened and groaned when his tired eyes met with no milk and no bread.

"What the hell?" Jake growled as his stomach mimicked the same sound that had just escaped his dry throat. God, he was starving! And there was no way, a growing boy like him, could skip breakfast.

His phone suddenly came alive and Jake could hear the action-filled ringtone echo throughout the room. As a reflex, he slapped his thigh to feel the object in his pocket, but to his surprise, it wasn't there. Well, that, and he hit himself a lot harder than he had intended to.

The ringing had stopped and he groaned to himself. Not only did he miss a call, which could've been incredibly important, but he had also lost his damn phone. He slammed the fridge door shut and pulled back his fist so he could punch the wall.

Fortunately for him, his angry antics were cut short when the door bell chimed. His bloodshot eyes lifted as he strode over to the door to open it.

"What?" he roared.

His pissed off expression slowly disintegrated when a pair of brown eyes melted into his vision. And as soon as his insides softened, a wide, goofy grin appeared on his face.

"I brought breakfast?" Hayley smiled meekly; as she rose up a brown paper good to his eyes. His nose caught sense of pancakes and he immediately reached out for it. She only laughed to herself as his clammy hands rummaged through the bag as he opened the flimsy plastic container to stick a strip of bacon into his mouth.

"Thanks for this," he mumbled; clearly satisfied with the discontinued growls of his ravenous stomach. Hayley rolled her eyes amusedly at his pitiful excuse in multi-tasking, before he opened his full mouth to speak again. "But seriously, Hayley- what are you doing here?"

Hayley laughed, as she watched him devour more food. "I knew you were going to be late- it is Monday, after all," Jake pretended to act offended at her comment, but in the end, he just asked her if she was going to be late for school. She said that she didn't have classes in the morning today since her Physics teacher wasn't at school, and Jake immediately relaxed. He didn't exactly want to be the reason for her perfect attendance record to be tarnished!

His stomach was desperately begging for his attention, as he continued to eat the food Hayley had so kindly delivered to him with his grubby fingers. Soon though, his throat became parched, so Jake waddled over to the fried and took out a jug of orange juice. Taking out two tall glasses out of the cupboard, he poured the refreshing liquid for Hayley and himself. Hayley thanked him for his generosity, before the two Troop members rose their glasses and a small clink echoed throughout the empty house. And as Jake continued to eat, Hayley sighed knowingly.

Just because, I know you.

"Look out, Hayley!"

Hayley's head whipped around. Gasping at how close the monster's spiky tail was to her, she thought on her feet and in the nick of time, did a quick back-flip, to land in the bushes. Kirby sighed with relief that his team-mate was alright, before taking out a plasma booster from the ground, where it was tossed aside when the monster tried to kill them. He began shooting red beams at the monster, and in retaliation, it roared and fell to its knees.

Although Hayley was completely out of danger by now, and the monster was almost defeated, thanks to Kirby, she had landed quite roughly. Her head kind of hurt from her unexpected landing on twigs and dry grass, so to tend to the pain, she rubbed it sourly. Slowly getting up, she saw a familiar figure rush to her side, like she was so used to doing when he had hurt himself.

Jake's concerned eyes wafted into the atmosphere. His heart was pounding like crazy in his chest; thankful that Kirby had warned her just in time as he was attempting to find a better angle to get rid of the unknown monster. She looked crushed and a little bruised, and even when he had seen her in this hurt state before, it still pained him to see her like this.

"Oh my god, Hayley...are you ok?" he croaked. His voice sounded strange and strangled, so he tried to rid of it by clearing his throat. Jake had seen Hayley almost get killed a million times, so how was this any different? Well, it wasn't. He only felt different this time.

Her soft chuckle entered his ears and it made his cheeks tint with a bright pink colour. "I'm fine, Jake. Just...unable to get up,"

Jake laughed this time as he threw one of her limp arms over his shoulder and slowly, pulled her up. Her long but toned legs bent at the knees as Hayley used her feet to push herself fully up. When she finally stood up, he grinned at her; silently showing her his relief that she was alright. As she opened her mouth to say something, she suddenly lost her balance for a second, but Jake's strong arms caught her before her nose touched the ground.

"Thanks," Hayley whispered; unaware of the effect she was having on him. Her breath tickled the hairs on his arms and he felt his heart thud in the drums of his ears. "I don't know why you put up with my clumsiness,"

Kirby screamed out for both of them to duck and Jake covered Hayley's body with his so she wouldn't get hurt by the monster that was approaching them once again. The warmth of her so close to him; the smell that was so uniquely Hayley made his face flush with embarrassment.

Just because, I care about you.

Every year at Lakewood High School, an event would be held where all donations would proceed to a selected charity of their choice. This year, Hayley and her cohort decided on the 'Cirque du Lakewood'- a carnival that was inspired by circuses with heaps of games and shows for everyone's enjoyment. Hayley was ecstatic that the Party People- a popular party-planning company had decided to sponsor the event, and she was even more excited when Mr Stockley said that they could extend the event to be a whole day; meaning that all students would miss out on one day of school.

"Good job on making the charity event a whole day, princess," Cadence remarked, as she bit into her sixth apple for the day. Hayley dismissed her sarcastic tone and only smirked at her; proud that she had made an influence on a rebel like Cadence. Instead of munching on hundreds of burgers and fries, she had advised to her to maintain a healthier diet- and then that way, she could maybe have managed her monster side more efficiently than before.

"Thanks Cadence," she replied as she took a mouthful of her Thai beef salad that she had made herself this morning in order to celebrate her recent achievement. "You should definitely go visit the Dunk Master when you're there; I'm sure they'll be some people willing to dunk you into cold water for a quarter,"

Hayley winked at Cadence and she scowled back, although there was a glimmer of 'well played, Hayley Steele', in her gaze.

"I said good job, princess," Cadence rolled her eyes, "I never said I was going,"

"And why wouldn't you come? It's all for charity, Cadence- it'll be a fun day out with peers and teachers and other members of the community! Plus, they'll be food and performances and-"

"It's not really my thing; charity and happiness and whatnot," the half-monster, half-human waved off. Her dark eyes caught sight of Jake Collins and she snickered when she saw him in the cafeteria line with Kirby, waiting for the lunch special. "But I guess since Jake might be there, I might as well go,"

Hayley's hands involuntarily curled up into fists as she strangled the metal fork in her hands. Stabbing her salad to stack them together on the arms of the fork, she took a quick bite before forcing a brief smile at Cadence. "I'm glad you're going then,"

Cadence chuckled cynically as she sat back into her chair and crossed her legs. Damn, did she look smug. "Relax princess, Jake's all yours. I see the way your eyes brighten up when you see those curly locks of his,"

Worry filled her veins and she mentally cursed herself for being so obvious. It was totally and completely pathetic how she pined over Jake; it was almost necessary at this point to deny everything and anything. She held a steady stare at Cadence in a pitiful attempt to intimidate her, when really, she felt kind of disgusted at herself for liking such an artistic and warm-hearted visionary. He deserved someone as free-spirited as he was, like Cadence. Hayley Steele was only the over-achieving cheer-leader, not the creative muse- or his creative muse.

"What...what are you talking-?"

Cadence only scoffed as she tossed her dark blue hair behind her shoulders. "Don't think stuttering will help you here, Hayley. I mean, I get it- Jake's cute and nice and funny. But he isn't the smartest guy around, nor is he the sportiest. Isn't the perky cheer-leader supposed to end up with someone like the star football player?"

Hayley's eyes lost their intensity as she absorbed what Cadence had been inferring. From the corner of her gaze, Jake's brilliant face appeared, as a wide grin spread across his handsome features. With a tray held firmly in his grip, and Kirby talking about cars or comics with him to his side, he waved at her and she found herself smiling back at him like a fool.

Cadence nudged Hayley with her foot that was underneath the table and the blonde's attention was suddenly hers again. "Yeah, sure...you totally don't like him. You just went all dazed and starry-eyed when you saw him for absolutely no reason,"

Hayley opened her mouth to protest, but Cadence had beaten her in speaking before Jake had arrived at their table. It was silently decided that both of them didn't want Jake to hear this conversation between the two supposed frenemies.

"What I really don't get is," Cadence continued to interrogate, "Why him?"

Jake and Kirby had finally gotten to their table, as Kirby pulled out a chair and sat next to Hayley, while Jake sat diagonally opposite her; next to Cadence. Her heart twinged when she saw Jake and Cadence instantly hit a conversation off, as Kirby took casual sips of his drink and laughed along to the two when it was appropriate. Hayley had remained quiet; determined to finish her salad until she lifted her head and saw Jake's affectionate brown orbs examined her unusually pale complexion. He had no idea why she was so uninvolved in the conversation so he decided to talk to her. This, of course, took her by surprise.

"Oh and Hayley," Jake started off, as Hayley suddenly found it hard to breathe. Was it just her or did every time he opened his mouth, his voice got huskier and more attractive? "Congratulations on the awesome planning for 'Cirque du Lakewood'- it sounds like it's going to be a blast this year. Heck, I'm even considering going this year!"

"Yeah Hayley, you're fantastic at organising this kind of stuff," Kirby commented. Cadence only gave Hayley a knowing smile before she decided to join in on the conversation, so the four friends were finally all enjoying their lunch. During that break though, Hayley found herself glancing at Jake every few seconds; with no explanation for her actions whatsoever. And no matter when she looked, he always had that magnificent, crooked grin on that sent hearts racing and minds spinning.

Just because, you make my heart skip with just one smile.

It was the end of the week and it had certainly been a difficult one. Hayley, Kirby and Jake all had their final assessments then, and despite the stress of these very important exams, they had various Troop duties to attend to as well. A giant octopus-like creature had decided to strike Lakewood on this particularly gloomy Friday; this monster being the third one to attack in the past four days, and old Mr Stockley grew continually anxious about the increase in monsters in the Lakewood area. Jake and Kirby finished their exam early and decided to go to the Soda Bar to fetch Mr Stockley a smoothie and some lemon squares, since they were his favourite, and were slowly heading back to Troop headquarters, while Hayley, was in the midst of finishing her last exam in the main school hall.

Although it was only two in the afternoon, the sky was a ghastly grey colour, and it seemed to be turning darker with every passing second. Jake's mind wander as he held the box of freshly baked lemon squares from the Lakewood bakery in the main area of town. He glanced at Kirby, as he took bites of the burger he had bought, and suddenly, he was reminded at how the weather had just dropped a hundred degrees. Jake slipped his now-shivering hands into the warm pockets of his hoodie; the plastic bag holding Mr Stockley's desserts now dangled from his wrist.

"Think Hayley's done with her exam yet?" Kirby asked. Jake seemed to be unfazed by his question, so he asked again. But to his dismay, he realised Jake wasn't paying attention. Jake's mind had somehow wandered off to Hayley Steele. God, she was just so beautiful- inside and out. She was nice, kind but still strong-headed, and despite how corny he sounded, all he wanted to know right then how it felt to be in her arms; to hold her hands; to know that she was his for today and the rest of eternity. But Hayley was perfect- the girl of his dreams that could never be his. Maybe that was why he continued to write comics on Honey Ricochet; deluding himself that this way, she was his, even if it was for a split second of his imagination.

Kirby sighed before nudging Jake with his elbow, causing Jake to jerk his head around and widen his big, brown eyes.

"Huh?" Jake blurted out intelligently.

"I said," Kirby chuckled, as Jake's eyes began to glaze over. "God, why should I even repeat myself? You're just going to doze off and think about Hayley!"

Jake's heart stammered as a beautiful name slipped out of Kirby's mouth. Her yielding chocolate eyes melted his insides as he thought about how it would feel for him to run his hands through her curly blonde hair. And those pink, parted lips- so perfect and pouty...just once, he wish he'd have the guts to touch them; to taste them, against his own.

He realised he had stopped walking, for a reason unknown to him; yet Kirby was way ahead, entering the school gates. Jake felt guilty now that he had payed little attention to his best friend, so he sprinted across the road in order to catch up to Kirby.

"Hey man, wait up!" Jake shouted, before slamming a heavy hand onto Kirby's shoulder to slow him down. He finally stopped moving and Jake panted out short breaths as he steadied his posture. "Look, Kirby, I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention. I guess I was thinking about Hayley, but that seriously is no excuse. How about after we deliver all this stuff we bought to Mr Stockley, you, me and Hayley catch a flick? We haven't really gone to the cinemas together in ages and plus, it'll be a great way to reward ourselves after our intense studying for the exams,"

Kirby seemed pensive at first, but his stoic expression crumbled immediately as he wrapped his long arms around Jake's muscular form, in an affectionate man-hug. "It's alright man; I know you're totally hooked on Hayley. And a movie sounds great; want to go check if she's done with her exam?"

Jake didn't even bother to retaliate with Kirby's taunts because he knew that whatever he'd deny would technically be a lie. It was all true. He was involuntarily and uncontrollably addicted to Hayley. Her smile, her smell; even her glares at him would set him off into a whirlwind of emotions that he had never experienced with anyone else. And for once, it wasn't lust, like all the other times he had fallen for a girl.

"Hey it looks like Hayley's exam is over coz the hall's empty," Kirby commented as he walked back to Jake. "Maybe she's in the bathroom? Sitting in the same place while regurgitating basically everything I had memorised the night before tends to do things to my bladder,"

Jake laughed at Kirby; mentally acknowledging how lucky he was to have such a goofball as a friend. It made Jake look like not as much of an idiot as he actually was.

"Yeah, or maybe she went to her locker to get extra homework or her cheer-leading pom-poms of something," Jake hypothesised, until Kirby winked at Jake at what he had spontaneously implied. A series of images of Hayley cheering and shaking her hips- and other parts of her body, flashed through his brain, as he imagined her screaming his name in delight, as he defeated monsters to save her. His face flushed and all Kirby did was laugh harder than he ever had before.

That was until Hayley Steele walked out with some other football guy. With his arm around her shoulder as he whispered in her ear so she giggled at the joke, Kirby's happy expression fell slightly. But Jake's, who most definitely did not see this sight coming, was completely shattered, as his complexion paled and fresh, raw pain became evident in his eyes. Kirby could only pat Jake on the back in a pitiful gesture of comfort, but Jake couldn't do anything but stand there and stare at the couple-to-be; a couple, that didn't involve Hayley and him together. God damn it, he was only gone for three hours! Three hours; that's all it took for him to lose the one he had always wanted. How cruel was that? How could she attract someone immediately, when she was taking an exam? What had he done to deserve any of this- this suffering and frustration that Hayley Steele was not his?

Kirby spoke up to Hayley as he waved his hand awkwardly in the air. He stood in front of Jake so he had a chance to regain his composure before facing Hayley again. "Hey Hayley, Jake and I are going to the movies to celebrate the end of our assessments. You want to come?"

Hayley struck a courteous smile at her Troop mate, as her eyes gestured towards the guy in a worried manner. She was incredibly glad to see Kirby...and what seemed to be Jake behind his tall form, because there was some creepy jock that just would not go of her until he got a yes from her to a date. Hayley, obviously declined, because he was arrogant, obnoxious and it was just beyond annoying to her that all he really wanted to do was get into her pants

'Sorry loser, the babe's with me tonight," the guy smirked as he pressed a wet kiss on Hayley's cheek. Slyly, she managed to wipe the saliva off her face as she pressed it against his shoulder blade affectionately. "Tell that Collins dude to stop pining after her like some lost puppy and to get a life. This is my chick now,"

"Hey! She isn't some object, alright?" Jake exclaimed as he emerged from Kirby's shadow. "You should leave her the hell alone; she looks terrified in your grip!"

The jerk face only snorted. "And what makes you think she'd be happier in yours, dork?"

His brown eyes flickered to her pleading ones. Although he had no idea what she might've been begging for, he was fairly sure that it was because she didn't feel the same way about him, and all she wanted him to do was to leave her alone so she could enjoy her time with a meat head like the guy who currently had a solid grasp on her. But even when Jake's mind was screaming at him that this was the logical reason, his heart told him different, and before he knew what he was doing, he pulled back his arm, dug his fingers into his palms so his fist violently connected to Hayley's new boyfriend's jaw.

The boy stumbled back at the intensity of Jake's punch, giving Hayley enough time when he was stunned to release herself from his grip and pull her real friends away, as they ran out the school gate. Kirby knew that they had yet to deliver Mr Stockley's smoothie and lemon squares to him, but it was too dangerous to even consider going back into the school yard where an extremely angry bully was just waiting to kill someone.

"Jake...what...why...why did you do that?" Hayley gasped. Kirby winked at Jake discreetly; loving how jealousy had finally made Jake fight for what he wanted.

But to Kirby's disappointment, Jake remained unaffected by her surprise as he shrugged and continued to walk ahead.

Just because, I can't imagine being with anyone else but you.

"Flight AH237, for London, England, is now boarding. Please proceed to the boarding desk at Gate 19. Thank you,"

Hayley exhaled as she got up from the plastic chair that was located outside the boarding location; her nervous fingers clenching the handle of her suitcase to help her get up from her seat. She only had a shirt and cardigan on, yet she felt heavy and guilty, like something was pulling her back from leaving. But no, she couldn't turn back now. Her job was set, the details of her new home were finalised, and her ticket and passport were tucked neatly in her hand.

This was what she wanted- a life after high school to go to college and have the time of her life. Sure, her dream was Yale, but when Cambridge, the most renowned and top university in the world offered her an exclusive scholarship due to her exemplary academic and social records; she had no choice to accept. Mr Stockley was informed of the news first and he was absolutely ecstatic for her, as was Kirby. Her parents were even proud of her, even when they were usually hard to please. What surprised her most was that even Cadence had showed her happiness for her and informed her how she was going to miss messing with her.

She knew they were all going to keep in touch with her, and the thought of the constant communication she would keep with those she loved made her smile quietly to herself. After all, she was moving to a new country to see new people and learn new things- it was going to be hard if she lost connection with her roots.

Then, there was Jake. She had no idea how to break the news to him. God, he was her first real guy friend, and the first one to sincerely care for her and be there for her when she was hurt or devastated over her 'poor' exam marks or when she got her heart broken by some stupid boy. Obviously, she was there for him too, but it always meant so much to her that he looked after her like he was Phoebe, or something. It was nice to know that despite the crazy chaos of the Troop and her insanely busy schedule, there was always one person she could rely on when times got tough. Jake was that someone for her, and over the years, the two grew closer than ever as they hung out all the time, talked all the time and even studied together, just so she could keep an eye out for him. Because of everything the two best friends had went through, Hayley found it virtually impossible to tell him the news she was leaving the country.

So she didn't.

"Final call for Flight AH237 for London, England; boarding at Gate 19; this is the final call for Flight AH237. Please attend to Gate 19 immediately if you have not boarded yet. Thank you,"

With a final sigh, Hayley ran a tired hand through her hair. It wasn't her fault that Jake would wake up tomorrow morning, get up and go to school like a normal Monday, while she missed the last week of school to settle all her foreign university business. Jake surely wasn't going to miss her; he was so funny and smart and amazing...it wouldn't be long til he found someone even more fantastic than she already was and that she'd be replaced. Her heart winced when she realised this and that he'd probably forget that she existed in a few years time.

Hayley took out her phone and clicked the middle button to see her screen display- which was a picture of the two of them grinning together on their prom night. Jake had asked her to go and she absolutely over the moon about it, even when he probably only did that because he knew the two of them were almost the only ones left without dates. Nevertheless, she had a crazy time with Jake; he kept her entertained all night, brought her drinks and food, and even attempted to dance with her, even when he hated. She chuckled to herself lightly at the memory as she continued to admire the portrait-style picture of Jake and her; their arms hooked, showing off her beautiful red corsage, and even more stunning red dress, that matched Jake's crimson tie.

"That's a great picture of us,"

"Thanks," Hayley replied, as she closed her eyes to try and reminisce that night she had realised her overpowering feelings for Jake Collins. Her pulse was racing as desire for him fuelled her veins, so that all she wanted to do was to see him one last time. But she knew she couldn't. She was leaving now; no matter how much she didn't want to. Hell, she must've been going crazy- college had always been her dream, but she even considered giving it all up when she had hallucinated that he had just complimented the picture she was still staring at.

Until a pair of golden brown eyes penetrated through her thick skull, so she stumbled backwards a little. Once again, Jake's reflexes came in handy as his strong arms caught her around her waist. He noticed her cheeks turn pink and she gulped audibly, and all he did was smirk handsomely at the effect he had on her. This calmed his anger for her down a little, especially when he was outraged she hadn't said anything about her leaving. And the fact that everyone knew: Kirby, Mr Stockley; hell even Felix knew- and he was a thousand miles away at D.O.R.K! He was furious that she hadn't chosen to tell him, so that he had to find out from his own mother to go chase after her. It was just ridiculous.

But seeing her all flustered, embarrassed and uncertain about her future, he knew it was obvious. He had to let her go. This was her dream; no matter how much he wanted her with him. If Cambridge made Hayley happy- then so be it.

"You should go," Jake murmured out; as stabs like needles were reverberated through his suddenly weak body, "You're going to miss your flight,"

Hayley remained flabbergasted, as she managed to regain her balance. She didn't look too happy when he had said this and he was utterly confused when her dark eyebrows furrowed and her hands settled firmly on her hips.

"Really, Jake? That's all you have to say to me before I'm going to leave the country for several years?" Hayley snapped, "I mean, here you are, doing an incredibly sweet thing by catching me before my flight and all you have to say is goodbye? Don't you care for me, Jake? Won't you miss me? Won't you miss me at all?"

"Of course I care for you, Hayley," Jake whispered compassionately; making Hayley's insides melt into a puddle. Her tough exterior was fading away and to her disadvantage, Jake knew it. His smouldering eyes and husky tone always made her intelligence slip away. "You know I'll miss you more than anyone will, Hayley, you know that. I'm only letting you leave because I know this is what you really want. College means everything to you and Cambridge is the best place to fulfil your dreams. Who am I to stop you?"

"My best friend- that's what you are! That's what you're supposed to be, Jake!" she screamed; clearly frustrated, while Jake stood still. "You're supposed to be selfish and beg for me to stay and tell me that I'm making a huge mistake!"

"But I can't do that!" Jake hissed. How could she make him do something so idiotic?

Hayley slapped his arm and it was clear to everyone, even the bystanders watching the two bicker; that she was fuming. "And why the hell not?"

"Because!" Jake growled; sending chills down Hayley's spine, "Because I love you enough to let you go! Why would you make me do something so selfish like that when it makes you happy?"

Abruptly, everything slowed down. Hayley stepped back shockingly, as her eyes continued to lock with Jake's quivering ones. He seemed uncertain; hell, anyone would be, when they had just admitted they loved someone. Hayley's vision suddenly went blurry so the only one she could make out was Jake's angelic form. God, he had always been there for her, and he was only trying to do the best for her...again. She had really been taking him for granted.

In what seemed like forever, she ran forward to collide with his warm form, as the curls in his hair perfectly wrapped around her wandering fingers. Her lips smashed into his and within the millisecond, the potentially awkward and bruising kiss between the two Troop members turned sweet yet passionate. His tongue ran over the swollen flesh of her lips as her knees weakened while she shuddered with joy; their hearts beating in sync, echoing through their ears and the thin material of their shirts.

Jake broke the kiss off and Hayley only pouted disappointedly. Before she could question him on all her insecurities, like if she wasn't a good enough kisser for him, Jake spoke up, with a reluctant expression on his face. "You're going to miss your flight, Hayley. I really can't make you stay when it's Cambridge. You'll never have an opportunity like this again,"

"Well what if I'll never have someone like you again?" Hayley retorted.

"It's just a risk you're going to have to take," Jake sighed. Hayley didn't seem impressed as she folded her arms over her chest and stood her ground. He tried to ignore her stubborn behaviour by counting the number of tiles on the ceiling, but when her intense glare got too much to him as the heat crept back up onto his cheeks; he was forced to face her. "Why aren't you leaving, Hayley?"

"Just because," she smiled sincerely before wrapping her arms around his musk-scented body; listening to the familiar thudding of his heart with her ear pressed against his chest. "I love you enough to want to stay,"

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