Chapter o1

All was silent. Spelvia sat quietly in its usual serenity, with only the trickling of a waterfall and the soft swaying of flowers to give it sound. Rolan sat alone in these flowers, smiling down at their purple petals fondly. He felt comfortable being surrounded in their delicate embrace, knowing that they were only flowers and would never harm him.

Ever since his new friends had helped him, and Spelvia had been returned to a peaceful state, he had been trying to trust people again. After getting to know people like Brandt and Aire, it was hard not to-they were so outgoing and friendly that he couldn't help but look up to them. They along with their friends had made him realize that it's not peoplethat he couldn't trust, it was himself.

For it was true-Rolan didn't trust himself anymore. He found his judgment generally skewed or lacking in justification. After being on his own for so long he had grown used to his opinions being unchallenged, his feelings going unnoticed. He had been so alone in this world, so consumed by the twisted sanctuary that it provided.

Until Brandt, that is.

Brandt's kindness and compassion had pulled Rolan out of the darkness and into a new world, a bright world, full of reassurance and warmth. All of a sudden things weren't just about himanymore, but about the well-being of his friends. He cared for others now more than he cared about himself, and while this new feeling frightened him, it was far better than how he had felt in the past.

...But that was not the only new feeling as of late, for Rolan had been feeling...othernew feelings, feelings that he had never felt before. He found that he couldn't help but feel nervous when he spoke to Brandt, couldn't help but feel his face flush when he tried to speak with him...and it was only getting more difficult to ignore the fluttering feeling in his stomach when he saw him..

Rolan could feel himself blushing just thinking about it. But he didn't know what any of this meant-he had never felt this way about anyone before, and to suddenly have such a strong reaction to someone was overwhelming, to say the least.

He stood up, brushed off his pants, and straightened up to look out into the land before him. Everything was so beautiful here, but it's beauty was not what it used to be-not that anything had physicallychanged for the worse, in fact it might be more beautiful now than it ever had been before, but it was missing something. Rolan couldn't put his finger on it..

The gentle breeze brushed against his cheek, easing his frown and calming his worried thoughts. With no answers to his many questions, he turned back towards the castle with a feeling of emptiness that he couldn't shake...


So, what did you guys think? : ) It's very rare for me to write fanfiction, and I don't even write much in general, but I hope you like it! Future chapters won't be so short, this was really just an introduction. : )