A/N: End of the fic! Man, took longer than planned lol. Hope you enjoyed reading it.

"You mean that little stone made the statue come alive?" Wally could hardly believe it. He had been thinking a long-hidden deep sea creature or lab experiment gone wrong, not a...a thing made by magic - or whatever they call magic, which doesn't exist.

"It was a special stone," Kaldur explained as they walked towards the med bay. "It felt like my water bearers: energy humming inside, waiting for the right person to guide its course."

"And the Nien thing was the right person?"

"I believe it's Nianand no," Kaldur shook his head. "Whoever owned the jade stone most probably didn't mean for the stone to break off. It must have been hit hard enough to form a crack where the energy started leaking into the statue."

"And the thing was hungry enough to go after the town's kids." Wally's voice lowered in sadness. "Man, those poor kids. Glad I'm not the one to break the news to their parents."

"It is a sad duty," Kaldur agreed. "But while I grieve for the lives lost, I rejoice for the lives that still remain."

Wally grinned, his steps becoming lighter as they neared the med bay. "Yeah, you're right. I've still got my best bud. And blondie's already gone home to rest her busted ankle. We can play Contact Pointall night!"

Kaldur paused in his stride, "About that, Wally. Batman ordered Robin to take an early night's rest while he recovers. I'm afraid you two can only play for a few minutes at best."

"Aw, man!"