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"Ugh!" Angela grunted as she laid down on her twin-sized bed. She finally unpacked all of her clothes and managed to fit it all inside that little dresser, but she couldn't find the energy to go out and see the Mayor at the Town Hall like he instructed her to.

Eventually, she got up and walked out of her run-down farmhouse and headed to Harmonica Town. After glancing at the map Hamilton gave her, she finally found Town Hall.

"Hey, Angela!" Hamilton greeted as she walked inside. Angela gave him a sweet smile.

"I want you to go out and meet everyone that lives here on Castanet. Try to meet some new friends, and maybe you can even find that 'special someone'?" Hamilton said. Angela blushed a little, but agreed to go check out the rest of the island.

Angela's POV

The first place I spotted when I walked out of the Town Hall was a photography shop named 'Simon's Photos'.

When I walked in, I was greeted by a man with a worried expression on his face and blue-colored hair. "Umm, are you Simon?" I asked politely.

He looked startled a bit at first, but calmed down and introduced himself. "Yes, I'm Simon…can I help you with anything?" I shook my head 'no' and told him how I'm new here and the Mayor wanted me to meet everyone.

He nodded and gave me a fake smile. "Well then, welcome to Castanet!" I could tell something was wrong, and being the caring person I am, I just had to ask and see if I could help.

"Simon, are you ok? You look worried…" I asked calmly. He seemed like he didn't want to mention it, but he eventually told me how his daughter, Phoebe, is at the mines all day and night leaving him and his wife Barbara worried sick about her.

I promised him that if I find her I'll tell her about their concerns, which he thanked me by giving me his old camera. Hmm…I wonder what Phoebe is like. She must love adventure since she's in the mines all day. I thought to myself as I walked out of the shop.

The next place I headed to was a tailoring shop called Sonata Tailoring. The owner was cute old woman with a pink bandana in her hair. When I walked in, she was talking to a tall girl with blue hair and a shorter girl with wild pink hair with little flowers in it.

"Excuse me, is this Sonata Tailoring?" I asked, trying not to be rude and interupt their conversation. The old woman smiled sweetly at me. "Hello, my name is Shelly, and yes, this is Sonata Tailoring. What brings you here?" I smiled to her and introduced myself and how the Mayor wanted me to meet everyone in town.

Shelly nodded and smiled again, then pointed to the girls she was talking to earlier. "These are my granddaughters. The one in blue is Candace, and the one in pink is Luna." I smiled at them.

"H-H-Hello..." Candace said shyly, then scurried off to a different room before I could even respond. I looked at Luna with a confused expression. "Did I do something wrong?" I asked. Candace seemed like a sweet girl, and I was planning on becoming friends with everyone here.

Luna just rolled her eyes and smiled. "You didn't do anything wrong, don't worry. Candace is just really shy, but she'll open up once you get to know her." Luna answered back.

"Oh, ok good...I want to become friends with everyone here." I answered, causing Luna to giggle. "Well then, consider me your first friend!" I smiled to her. She's pretty nice, but seems like the type that'll never shut up...oh well, at least she's bubbly like me. After some small-talk with Shelly and Luna, I went to finish meeting everyone in Harmonica Town.

I met Chase, Maya, Colleen, Jake, and Yolanda at Orcarina Inn. Chase was a cute guy that seemed self-centered, but he was being nice to me until he started playfully teasing me.

Maya was very cheerful and when I told her I wanted to befriend everyone on the island, she told me I could be her first best friend since Luna was already my first friend.

Colleen and Jake were married with Maya as their daughter, while Yolanda was her grandma that was teaching Chase how to improve his cooking skills since apparently Maya was a lost cause when it came to that. I said my goodbyes to them, then headed out to finish meeting everyone.

Next, I met Kathy and her father Hayden at the Brass Bar. Kathy was a beautiful and nice girl, so I was hoping I'd befriend her quickly.

Hayden looked really tough, but he was kind-hearted. Kathy offered me some tea, but I told her I had to finish meeting everyone in Harmonica Town at least until sunset. After I said my goodbyes, I headed to the Fishery.

I met the owner, Ozzie, and his son Paolo. Ozzie told me how his nephew, Toby, should be out by the docks somewhere so I headed out to meet him.

Once I met Toby, we talked a little bit about fishing and when I mentioned I didn't have a pole, he gave me his old one. The people in this town sure are friendly! I hope everybody is like that. I thanked Toby for the fishing pole, then headed to Choral Clinic where I met Irene and her grandson Jin who was the doctor.

I had time to talk a little bit to them, but I realized it was getting late and I should see what the Church Grounds was like.

As I was walking towards the hill, I bumped into a boy with light blonde hair and nearly knocked him over along with me. "Oh my! I'm so sorry, I should've been watching where I was going." The boy said as he reached his hand out to get me up.

"It was my fault, really! I'm new here and I was in a rush to get to the church up on that hill." I said, brushing myself off. The boy raised a eyebrow at me. "Is that so? Then you must be Angela! My father mentioned you. I'm Gill, the mayors son." He said. I looked at his face and realized he looked nothing like Hamilton, which was a VERY good thing.

"Its nice to meet you Gill." I said, smiling sweetly. "Do you know if the church is still open? Its getting pretty late and I don't want to waste any time walking all the way there to find it empty." I asked.

He smiled back to me. "It is indeed closed, but Perry is on vacation at the moment anyway training to become a better pastor." He explained. I raised a eyebrow at him. "How do you train to become a pastor?" I asked humorously. He chuckled but just shrugged his shoulders. I giggled, but then noticed it was getting late.

"I'd love to stay and talk to you more, Gill, but I have to get going. See ya!" I said, walking away and waving goodbye. He smiled and waved, calling out something but I couldn't quite hear what he said.

As I was walking back, I noticed alot of stray animals. I've always wanted a pet...maybe I could try to get them to trust me as their owner? But I don't know much about pets... I thought to myself as I walked home.

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