Sorry for anyone who's bubble I burst by updating this :3 I just thought it was unfair for you all to be waiting so anxiously for the next chapter, when in all honestly, Chapter 10 is near-finished, but I'm not proud of it :/

While I do love Angela x Luke, it sounds like a Chase x Angela story; I like both couples, but I really don't have a desire to write a Angela x Luke story. I mean, almost every A x L story I've read is so cliche and predictable, just like mine.

Plus, I'm starting to like Selena x Luke... *dodges random objects thrown by fangirls* XD I feel bad bashing her, and I would change it, but that'd take too much effort and would be VERY confusing.

So, unfortunately, this story will be on a long hiatus - I will replace Ch. 10 with this when I do find the inspiration to make it better and promise a unique A x L story :)

Is it weird that those 2 are probably my favorite couple, yet I never write about them? Well, besides Falling In Love Again xD

Now, for those who want to read my other work (which, imo, is MUCH more creative than this) please feel free to read those until Ch. 10 is improved ^^

Sorry again for any false hope I might have gave you! D: feel free to bash on me in my reviews; I won't mind...much ;3 loljk.

Thank you for the support you all gave me so far! I promise you, I will NOT abandon this story! Well, time to go watch Glee & New Girl xD ciao!