A Brother in Need

Bursting unannounced into Loki's current lair usually resulted in various things. Being turned into something was one option. Getting punched through a wall (or several) by a magical blast was another. On one memorable occasion they had been teleported to Albuquerque. No, seriously – stinkin' Albuquerque!

A hysterical trickster was not something they could've ever expected though.


Loki stood in the middle of the room, somehow managing to look both pale and completely red in the face. He was shaking all over, and had a few drops of tears caught on his eyelashes. Green eyes were wide open, pupils dilated in abject terror. His trembling hands were clenched in the front of his shirt, drawn close together as if in comfort.

Captain America blinked slowly. "Are you sure this is the right Lair?" he asked Ironman.

Tony checked with Jarvis, and even though he was assured this was the right location, he wasn't that sure.

Wasp scratched her head. "Should we give him a hug or something?"

The Avengers stared at her. "You first." Tony offered graciously.

"My friends!" Thor called, hurrying towards the group, Mjolnir firm in his grasp. "What is the cause for this delay?"

"Umm..." Tony pointed helplessly towards the still trembling trickster. Thor looked in the gestured direction, his eyes widening at the unusual sight.

"Brother?" He called, surprised. Loki blinked at him, and let out a little chocked sob. Thor immediately pushed past the other Avengers, walking quickly towards the other god. He grasped Loki's arms, and leaned slightly down so that he could look into Loki's eyes. "Brother." he said, almost gently. "Where is it?"

Loki uncurled one arm, a single trembling finger pointing at one side of the room. Thor drew himself to his full height, and stalked towards said area. He started lifting the items in his way (such as a wardrobe, a trunk and some magical artifacts) and throwing them to the side as he searched for what had distressed the other so. Eventually, he lifted a cupboard full of grimoires and revealed... a spider? True, a relatively big spider, but a spider?

Mjolnir slammed the creature into the ground, and it became a very flat spider in several pieces. Tony was very thankful that his armor hid the fact he was gaping like a stoned fish.

Thor grinned triumphantly, and moved back to his sibling. "My brother. All is well now, I have vanquished the beast." He pulled Loki into a fierce embrace, and Loki gave a tiny sigh, relaxing into the secure hold.

Wasp aww-ed, Steve turned on his heel to give them some privacy, and Tony contemplated using spiders in future battles against the trickster god. Then again, Thor would probably flatten him into several pieces of Mjolnir smashed carcass, so it'd be probably better not to.

Thor pressed a caring kiss to Loki's forehead, then gently pulled his reluctant brother over to the flat arachnid, all the while reassuring him there was nothing more to fear.

Yup, Tony'd definitely get Mjolnir in the face. Still, oh the possibilities.