Chapter One

Fall 1928

A young woman in maid's attire entered the small sitting room with another, more professionally dressed woman in tow.

"Your guest has arrived, Ma'am." The maid said to the aged lady in the room, who was lost looking out the window she sat by.

The old woman slowly regained herself and faced the newcomers. "Oh, I'm sorry about that. I was just deep in thought. Please have a seat Ms…"

The journalist stepped forward, extending her hand. "Miss. Hill, it's a pleasure to meet you at last, Ms. Higurashi."

"Please, call me Kagome. I'm no longer a Higurashi; I haven't been for sometime now."

"I'm terribly sorry, I didn't mean to-"

Kagome waved a wrinkly hand in front of her face. "It's nothing; you meant no harm. I just severed those ties a long time ago. It causes me no pain now."

Miss. Hill fidgeted with embarrassment for a moment before her eagerness made her take the offered seat. "Well, as you remember, I've been the one writing you these past few weeks to set up this meeting." When Kagome nodded her understanding, Miss. Hill continued in a sort of frenzied excitement, "The newspaper I work for is very interested in your story. I'm just so glad you agreed to share it with us first. And with me of course - there are not many female journalists."

Kagome once again looked out her window, concentrating on the lone tree in the middle of the concrete ally. "I don't know why everyone is so interested. It's a very sad story; I lost everything."

Miss. Hill scooted forward in her seat and leaned closer to Kagome. She studied the older woman's face, which looked oddly smooth and youthful considering this woman was 85 years old. Not to mention how pretty she still was. Time had truly aged this woman gracefully despite all the tragedy she had faced.

"Everyone is just curious how someone such as yourself: wealthy, fortunate, privileged, ended up the way you did. What happened to your family? The police reports say they never got any information from you. If it's not too painful for you, I'd like to hear your story that's still the talk of the town. It's truly amazing that after almost 65 years everyone still wants to know what happened to the Higurashis."

Without turning around Kagome spoke, "Christina dear, can you fetch Miss. Hill and myself some water and sandwiches?"

"Ma'am." Her maid bowed her exit.

Miss. Hill got her pen and notepad ready. When she looked up from her bag, Kagome was facing her. She saw tears forming in the older woman's eyes, which were a remarkable misty blue and alive with emotion.

By the time Christina had returned, Kagome had regained her composure enough to talk.

"Alright, where would you like to begin?"

Miss. Hill smiled. "From the very beginning; as far back as you can remember."

Kagome exhaled and smoothed out the light blanket across her lap. "I was born in 1843 into a very prosperous family in South Virginia. Both my parents were from wealthy families and were married to strengthen each others' social standings and money. It was not a marriage of love.

I grew up knowing one day I'd have to marry for the same reasons. But that was never my plan - I wanted to find true love. I knew I could never settle for the type of marriage my parents had. In the end though, it was this dream of mine that tore apart my family."

"Rumor says you did fall in love and with a slave."

Kagome nodded. "Yes I did and yes, he was a slave. His name was Inuyasha. Never in my entire life have I ever been more in love. He was everything beautiful and perfect. He first came to us when I was ten. At my first glance of him, I knew he was going to be someone important in my life."

"How did you know?"

"Have you ever been in love?"

Miss. Hill blushed. "No."

"Then that explains everything." Kagome had an amused as she watched the journalist write that down.

Once again, the tree molting outside caught Kagome's eye. She looked deep into its leaves of oranges and yellows wishing to find something… someone she knew she wouldn't find. She closed her eyes, allowing everything to flash before her closed lids and let her memories spill past her lips.


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