This is my first Fan fiction. this is the first chapter for 'Mystic Falls on Facebook' it has all the characters we know and love from the vampire diaries. I'm gonna try to get as close to their personalities as i can, while at the same time just writing whatever comes to my head.

I do not own the Vampire Diaries or the characters. (i love the show though)

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Elena Gilbert : so vampires can have a Facebook now?

Bonnie Bennett: I didn't know they allowed it.

Damon Salvatore: why do you sound so surprised, Bennett?

Bonnie Bennett: I just didn't peg you as that sort of a guy to have a Facebook

Elena Gilbert: neither did I

Damon Salvatore: you think I'm that easy to figure you?

Elena Gilbert: well, yeah…. kinda, lol

Damon Salvatore: are you sure about that Elena?

Elena Gilbert: yeah, for the most part.

Damon Salvatore: you are cute when you think you know me

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Stefan Salvatore: hey, Damon. That's my girlfriend you know.

Damon Salvatore: *chuckles* what? All I did was call her cute…..

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Stefan Salvatore: she's not cute, she's evil :D

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Elena Gilbert: STEFAN!

Stefan Salvatore: did I say evil? I meant to say hot and very forgiving.

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Elena Gilbert: . you better have meant that Stefan. And I know how you can prove it :)

Stefan Salvatore: are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Elena Gilbert: why don't you come over and find out ;)

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Damon Salvatore to Elena Gilbert

Damon Salvatore: So when can I come over ;)

Elena Gilbert: that depends, how much do you miss me :)

Damon Salvatore: well, considering that we haven't had a night for just the two us in a week, I'd say that I miss you too much.

Elena Gilbert: awwwww 3 how about you, me, Caroline and Tyler go to the grill tomorrow? Then you can drive me home, and maybe stay a while ;)

Damon Salvatore: why Barbie and wolf boy? Why not bennet and your baby bro?

Elena Gilbert: cause Jeremy and Bonnie will just tell Stefan, and you know how he gets :(

Damon Salvatore: we should tell him about us sooner or later, but I say later cause I like this sneaking around with you ;)

Elena Gilbert: I know :) I gotta call Caroline and ask her about tomorrow.

Damon Salvatore: love you :)

Elena Gilbert: love you too

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Caroline Forbes: I'm in love with a werewolf

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Tyler Lockwood: love you too babe :)

Bonnie Bennett: awwwwwwww :)

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Jeremy Gilbert: I'm in love with Bonnie Bennett

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Bonnie Bennett: love you too babe
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Caroline Forbes: why is almost everybody I know is in love?

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Tyler Lockwood: is that such a bad thing?

Caroline Forbes: of course not ;) why don't you come over and show me how good it is ;)

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Tyler Lockwood: I can be there in 10.

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Bonnie Bennett to Caroline Forbes

Bonnie Bennett: so, you and Tyler seem to be getting real close ;)

Caroline Forbes: yeah, I'm pretty sure it's true love :) even if he can kill me with one bite

Bonnie Bennett: yeah, dying from a bite of a werewolf is always a problem, but he won't bite you, after all you have helped him through his transformation.

Caroline Forbes: yeah, that was a tough night. Talk to you later Bon. Gotta get ready for Tyler

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Bonnie Bennett to Jeremy Gilbert

Bonnie Bennett: so I guess we are the only ones left on here

Jeremy Gilbert: well, since everybody is with the one they love, why don't we do something? ;)

Bonnie Bennett: Why don't we just hang?

Jeremy Gilbert: *whines* only hang?

Bonnie Bennett: well, we'll see where it goes, kay?

Jeremy Gilbert: kay :) lol but we should be at your house cause Stefan and elena are here and it would just be awkward.

Bonnie Bennett: yeah. Now that we got that settled, come over here so I can hug my jer jer.

Jeremy Gilbert: kay 3 you

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What did you think of the first chapter of this Fan Fic? Let me know :) This is my first fan fic so it's probably not as good as others, but it'll be a 'learn as you go process'

I am also writing a different fan fic that has to do with the vampire diaries that has an Original character in it :) but seeing as i have more written for this one, i'll post this first :)