First Leverage/ Alex Rider fanfic :D YAY!

"Mr. Ford you have to help me!" A ginger head woman cried. She was at the bar meeting Nate and Sophie. She had just explained what her problem was. She was a school teacher who had been working at St. Helen's public school for 20 years- The school was her home and she believed it was under attack. "Why would anyone want to attack a school?" Sophie had asked. "That's it!" The woman cried. "We don't know! It started 2 weeks ago. Some one drove past the school in a van, shooting. It was a miracle that none of our students got killed. Several were injured. And now two days ago a body was found in our boiler room." The woman gulped. "He was russian and a criminal. Police said he was shot. Everyone's afraid. But police thinks it's nothing. They think it was a random attack. "

"But you don't think so?" Nate asked. The woman shook her head. "How could it be? But the authorities don't take it seriously! Because the school isn't private. I just want my students to feel safe." The woman said.

"We'll definitely look into it." Nate said smiling.

"St. Helen's public school." Hardison said and started the usual show with the computer to tell the team what was the job. "Been attacked at least 2 during last two weeks. First one was a shooter in a van, he wasn't caught.

Dmitri Romanov's body was found in the boiler room of the school." Hardison showed a picture of the body. "He worked for the Scorpia." Eliot muttered.

"What?" Nate asked. "How did you know that?" Hardison asked. "The shoes. "Eliot said pointing at the picture. Everyone looked at him with question in their eyes once again. "Distinctive shoes!" Eliot yelled.

"So what's this Scorpia?" Parker asked. "Sounds cute!"

"It ain't" Hardison pointed out. "Scorpia is one of the worts terrorist organizations. The thing is that civilians don't know about it. Scorpia is well organized and extremely dangerous. This was the first time I've heard about the organization, which says a lot." He stared at Eliot, so did everyone else. "Mureou had connections to them." He admitted finally.

"So we go to the school and see what's going on in there. I think it's fair to say that it's this Scorpion thing that want's something." Nate said. "Scorpia." Eliot corrected.

"So we just need to, need to find out what they want. " Nate said. "Oh I already have a plan." Hardison said and smiled slyly. "There was an open position for P.E teacher at the school and one of us already has an alias who is a P.E teacher." Hardsion said and looked at Eliot. "You gotta be kidding be!" Eliot yelled. "I'm not doing that again, those kids were pain in the ass!"

"ow, but I already send your job application." Hardison said in laughter. "Damn it Hardsion!" Eliot said and left the room.

"I'll check the teachers backrounds" Hardison said. " Very well, Let's go steal a school, once again." Nate said.

The next day they were ready. Hardison hadn't found really anything on the teachers. Though the Maths teacher Mr. Binns had a massive gambling debt. Sophie and Nate were going in as school inspectors, Hardison was out in the van with Parker.

Sophie and Nate were watching and talking with the teachers in the teacher's room, while Eliot was about to start his first lesson, feeling very grumpy.

Alex appears in next chapter =)