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That was the single word answer to my mom's text. She wanted to know when I'd be arriving in Forks.

Of course my answer caused another round of texts to take place.

What? That's only one day before your concert and the day of your party! I thought you were coming in so we could spend time together? What happened?

Mom, the bus broke down and it took almost five hours to get it fixed that ate up all my extra time so it put everything off schedule! I'm hurrying as fast as I can towards Forks. You asked me to come home when I was in Oklahoma, it's not real close mom.

Mom was picky about her texts, she would do it but only if we spoke in complete sentences and used correct grammar. Leave it to Esme to try to clean up the world one text at a time. I chuckled when I thought back to the text that told me about the party. Mom and Alice tagged teamed me and begged me to come home. I had to change a few things around but thankfully my touring schedule had not been released yet so I had time to fix was time, it had been far too long and I loved my family, they were the only ones that saw the real me, all the others saw the public persona that I played.

Honestly, it was much easier that way. I mean really, who the hell wants to see a depressed millionaire superstar? Of course the answer was no one; and really, it's not the public's fault that I can't do shit, that I can't go anywhere, or see anyone. It's just too much stress to try to live a normal life; so instead I live the life I have and pretend that it's good enough. It's been that way for a long time; at least since I left home.

I rub a hand through my hair as I sit and think about the years that I spent in Forks. The good years are what I call them in my mind, the years when Edward Cullen was just another student at Forks High School. I had good grades and played a few sports but I was just another face in many then. I didn't stand out. Only one person gave me more than a passing glance and even then I had to work for it. Bella Swan, she was pure perfection.

She sat beside me in Biology and we had to complete a project for a large part of our grade. She didn't want to work with me, I could tell. She worked on her half and I worked on mine, separately. Only at the very last minute did she allow me to come over and work with her. I don't know what I said that changed her mind but after that night we were inseparable.

Well…when we weren't fighting and breaking up that is. For some reason her and I were like oil and gasoline. We were just combustible together. I couldn't even count how many times we broke up, it was insane. When we were together things were great but when we fought, well it's a wonder the town of Forks is still standing after the two years that we spent together.

Her father and mine spent so much time trying to keep up with us; hers because he would get called when we fought in public and mine because when I would get mad at her I would punch something. Never her but something! That meant several trips to the emergency room to see my dad. He would bandage me up and send me on my way with a stern talking to. Both of our parents tried to keep us apart, but neither Bella nor I would have it. We would always try one more time to make it work. It never did though and looking back at it now just makes me sad and reminds me of what is missing in my life. She was always the one person that I felt really, truly got me, she understood me and never asked me to change.

If I am being honest, I know that I'm an asshole. I can be very self-centered and at times come off very aloof. I'm certain that didn't help our relationship, add to it that she had a temper and I had an attitude problem, and you have fire and gasoline. I don't know why, it just seems like I get lost in myself and can't quite see where I go wrong. I don't mean to, I would never intentionally be this way, just seems to be my personality. I've tried changing but my career seems to have flourished because of it so it seems to be a moot point now.

We broke up for good when we went off to college. I already knew that I wanted to pursue music and she wanted a career in literature. I went off to University of Tennessee and she went to Dartmouth. We lost touch and I only heard rumors of her when I went home on breaks. Even then it was few and far between.

In my sophomore year I was discovered playing in a bar at a talent show. I was immediately signed to a record deal and I have never looked back. It was one of those storybook rise to fame instantly stories. I loved every minute of it. Having people look after me, taking care of each and every detail of my life. I ate that shit up. I love the attention, the fame, the money and all the damn perks. I couldn't get enough and the bigger bonus was that I got to make music at the same time. Instead of traveling to Forks I now flew my family out to meet me. It was easier this way. Needless to say it has been about four years since I have been back. No sight of Bella and no more word since my sister, Alice, had lost touch with her as well. That hasn't cleared her from my mind though. I think about her almost every day. No one knows that fact but me. I keep it under wraps and play my part in this whole charade. It's better that way.

Emmett's big voice knocks me out of my trip down memory lane as he slaps my shoulder. "One more hour, fucker, and we'll be home sweet home!" His face was lit up and the excitement was palpable as he sat across from me. He looked ridiculous in the small dining table on the bus we now rode on. It was clearly not made for a man of Emmett's size to sit at. Usually if we ate here on the bus he took one of the other chairs. I see why now.

I pulled my phone out and texted mom.

One more hour!

Her immediate response was shocking to me. She must have been staring at the thing waiting for it to go off.

I'm so ready, hurry, xxoo

I knew that if Jasper and Emmett had their choice we wouldn't tour so much, they didn't like being away from their wives anymore than their wives liked it. Often the girls would come out with us but I hated it when that happened. It was too much of a reminder of what I was missing when they came out. The memories of Bella and all of us in high school were too up close and personal when the girls were around. With them at home I could pretend that they didn't exist, which meant that Bella didn't exist either. I could pretend that I really was okay with everything. Pretend, I was very good at that.

I headed to the room at the back of the bus that held my clothes and stuff that I would need for this trip. I threw a few outfits into a bag and grabbed my shave kit, it held all the toiletries I would need. Who knew what was still at mom and dad's after all this time. I mentally prepared to be back in the place of my youth, the place where I had Bella in my life.

Part of me wanted to stay for longer than two days but the other part was itching to just turn around right the fuck now and drive as far away as I could. I knew that if I did that, I would break my mom's heart and I just couldn't let myself hurt my mom to keep up my charade.

I heaved a sigh as we turned down my parent's driveway. I prayed for strength to get through the next few days here. Mom already had quite a few cars in the massive driveway. So people are already here, great. I wanted some time to chill out, and spend with my family.

After all the hugs were exchanged I headed upstairs to my old room on the third floor. The feeling of calm washed over me when I entered the room and surveyed what was left there. The memories rushed over me and I just stood there taking them all in. I realize how glad I am that I came home today. I needed this. I needed to be grounded by this house, by this room. Tomorrow just wouldn't leave my mind though. I knew that tomorrow I would play a show at the high school and then board a bus and leave it all behind again. Tomorrow night I would have to become Edward Cullen the singer, not Edward Cullen the kid from Forks. Once again the sadness washed over me as my mom's hand came to rest on the middle of my back where I still stood in the doorway.

"Edward, you haven't even walked in? You've been up here for over fifteen minutes, what are you doing?" Her words a light and teasing but her face was anything but that. I dropped my bag and pulled her into me. I swung her around and kissed her cheek.

"Nothing, just taking it all in." I leaned back and looked deep into her eyes. "Thanks for this mom, I didn't think that I wanted to do this but now that I'm here I really do, so thanks." Her eyes misted over as she patted my face. I pushed my bag further into the room and closed the door. We both descended the steps in silence, each of us caught up in the different thoughts that were running through our minds. I'm sure they're both similar, yet different at the same time.

The party was in full swing when we got back out into the yard. A band was set up, a full bar was over in the corner and everyone was having a good time. A few people were swimming and I took note of the girls that pranced around in their bikinis. They all seemed to be here for the same reason, to party, to be seen and just maybe nab a celebrity to sleep with. For once I had no interest in that action tonight. Tonight I just wanted to have a good time.

Mike, Tyler and Ben from high school approached slowly so I rushed over to meet them halfway. These are the people I wanted to spend time with tonight for sure. I wanted to hear how they have been, not spend the night talking about me. Eventually it became a little high school reunion, over half of the class was there. We laughed, talked and played drinking games. My publicist, Garrett kept trying to get me to mingle but I just told him 'it's my damn party and to fuck off'. That was the last time I saw him. The few celebrities that were there came over to chat with us for a few minutes but they drifted off quickly when we begin to talk about the old times. I couldn't care less.

All at once the air seemed to be sucked from the area, I looked around to see the one face that confounded me. I say confounded me because I wasn't sure if I was thrilled that she was here or if it was the worst thing possible. Mom approached a very hesitant Bella Swan and I just stood back to watch their interaction. Mom touched her arm as she spoke and Bella appeared to tear up when mom hugged her. Whatever mom said next made Bella throw her head back and laugh. A full belly laugh, the kind where her whole face lit up, my feet began to move toward them. It was an involuntary response, no brain process was there, just action. I pressed my beer into my mom's hand and pulled Bella into my arms. I hugged her close and buried my nose into the beautiful hair that rested on her shoulders. It still smelled the same and felt the same in my hands but somehow I knew everything else was different.

Nothing felt the same. Bella held me as well, her grip wasn't as strong as mine but there was some force behind it. That fact alone made me happy. It felt good to know that she wanted me as close as I wanted her.

When I finally pulled away I couldn't help but keep her close to me. "Hey." I make a living writing words down so I could sing them every night on stage but all I could come up with to say to Bella was 'hey'. I wanted to take my slam my hand onto my forehead and shout out 'Doh!' like Homer Simpson but I felt like that would only make it worse so I tried for a smile.

She smiled back and whispered a hello back to me. I was lost, she was beautiful. She had grown into a woman that had the right amount of curves for me to appreciate. Her face was perfect and she had added a small stud to her nose somewhere in the four years that we had lost with each other. I never would have pegged Bella for that kind of girl but it looked just right on her. The years had definitely been kind to her. No amount of determination would keep me from her so I pulled her back into me again and held her some more.

Several hours later, the cake came out, I blushed when everyone wanted to sing happy birthday to me but it was all fun as my friends from school shouted out jersey number from school instead of my name. The best part was that Bella stayed by my side the whole night, we were never further than a few feet from each other. I could always hold out my hand and touch her. I loved it. It just felt right.

When the party wound down and most of the guests were ready to head out I grabbed Bella's hand and held onto it. I didn't want her to slip away without my knowledge. I needed these last few minutes of happiness with her.

"I think I should go now, almost everyone else is gone." She pointed towards the thinning crowd, as blushed and looked away. That let me know that she really didn't mean it, she was just giving me an out if I wanted her to go.

"Stay, Bella. Stay with me, just a little longer okay?" I pushed her chin up so she could see that I meant every word I said.


I walked across the yard and down to the slope by the creek. There was a hammock there and I pulled her into it with me. The way her sweet body pressed against mine was heaven. She was warm, sweet and smelled divine.

"I missed you so much." I kissed her temple. I was nervous because that was the first time I allowed myself to touch her that way and I wanted to do it over and over again.

"I missed you too, but I kept up with you. I watched every performance on TV and bought every single CD you put out." I stopped her words with a finger over her mouth.

"Why didn't we work Bella?" Her face froze and she tensed beside me.

"I don't know Edward, I guess we weren't in the right place at the right time."

"Are we now?" I asked hopeful that her answer would make me the happiest man on earth. Instead of her voice I felt her head shake it's denial at my question. My heart fell.

"Edward, I want us to be but I just can't right now. I have a year left of my master's program and my mom is sick." She hesitated and when she spoke again her voice was rougher, full of emotion. "Real sick, the doctor says she only has a few months left." I tightened my arms around her and held her close.

"I'm sorry, Bella, no one told me. Is there anything I can do?" She shook her head again.

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