MIDORI – Chapter 1

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to J.K. Rowling.

Ginny sighed dejectedly. Her brother's best friend, the famous Harry Potter, had, again, arrived for his annual visit to the Burrow to get away from his cousin, aunt and uncle. As per usual, he was having the time of his life there and, as per usual, he was ignoring Ron's little sister.

"Ginny, dear? Can you please help you mother?" the voice of Mr. Weasley drifted up the stairs. Ginny got up off her bed and walked down the stairs as Mr. Weasley continued talking. "Harry's arrived and Hermione's coming over as well."

Ginny began to smile. She could talk just as easily to Hermione as she could to her mother which was an added bonus since Hermione was closer in age and was in on all the gossip that floated around Hogwarts. She began to run down the stairs and, as she turned the corner, bumped right into Harry, knocking them both to the floor.

"Oof!" Harry groaned as the breath had been knocked out of him. He looked up to see long, fiery red hair and a pair of beady brown eyes staring at him - Ginny.

Harry titled his head as he stared at her, turning her head downward to avoid his piercing gaze. 'She's really pretty,' he thought to himself. He shook his head and stood up and extended his hand to Ginny which she took, face flaming all the while. He grinned. 'Obviously, she hasn't gotten over that crush.'

"Ginny, dear. Come help me set the table." Mrs. Weasley said, and smiling widely at her daughter's bright red face.

"Sure thing, Mum." She picked up the cutlery and plates and walked out into the backyard, Harry following her with a plate full of Mrs. Weasley's terrific cooking and, ten minutes later, Hermione had arrived, dropping her things off in Ginny's room.

"Oh, Mrs. Weasley! This is great!" Hermione commented, noticing all the food on the table and, without further ado, she, Harry and the rest of the Weasleys tucked into the meal.

While they were chatting away and eating the food, Harry suddenly dropped his knife and fell off his seat, clutching his scar, his face twisted in agony. Everyone jumped up and ran over to him, just as he passed out.

Harry opened his eyes slowly and blinked. He turned his head aside and a wet cloth fell off his forehead. He jumped a little as someone moved his head and a pair of hands came into his view and lifted the cloth, placing it back on his forehead.

"Who-" he began groggily before he saw Ginny's eyes, looking at him anxiously.

"Harry?" she asked softly. He scared her so much. She thought Voldemort had finally gotten to him and killed him. "Are you OK?"

"Terrific," he groaned as he tried to sit up but simply flopping back onto the bed. "What happened?"

Ginny smiled a little. 'He's so cute when he's confused.' "We have absolutely no idea. We were eating and then you just fell off your seat and fainted. But you grabbed your scar, I remember that."

Harry suddenly remembered. He had to get to Hermione and Ron and owl Sirius immediately. But first he had to deal with Ginny.

"Ummm… Ginny? I'm feeling OK now. Can you get Hermione and Ron, please?" he requested, not noticing the flicker of pain in her eyes.

"Yeah, sure. Hang on." She got up and ran out of the room, slamming the door behind her. She quickly wiped away the tears that were starting to form and ran towards Ron's room.

"Herm? Ron? Harry…" she started before Ron and Hermione almost jumped on her.

"He's awake?" they both asked in unison. Then, not waiting for an answer, ran towards Ginny's room.

Ginny leaned against the doorframe, tears beginning to gather again. Why did they always have to ignore her? She hit the doorframe violently and began to sob.

Hermione and Ron dashed towards Ginny's room and burst in to find Harry sitting up and fluffing up the pillows. He looked up when they entered, a tone of urgency in his eyes and motioned for them to sit down.

"Guys, we are in serious trouble!" he started, which got Hermione and Ron worked up. Although many things had happened to Harry in his life, he wasn't one to overreact like this. In fact, it was Hermione that was the one who usually overreacted.

He began to tell them what he had seen when he had fainted. Voldemort, Wormtail and the Death Eaters, all plotting to attack Hogwarts at some point during the year. He told them that he couldn't remember what had actually been said, but he knew enough to be worried.

Hermione had begun to say something what a dull thud could be heard from outside the room. They all rushed towards the door, Harry slower than the others. They were met by a sobbing Ginny.

"Gin! Gin! What's the matter?" Ron interrogated anxiously. Ginny was quite a cry baby but she never got this upset. Well, almost never. But Hermione was a little more sensitive.

"Ginny, maybe we should go see your mum, or we could just go to your room and talk. What about that, hey?" she helped Ginny up and went with her to her room, shutting the door quietly, but firmly behind them.

"Oh, Ginny…" Hermione felt so sorry for Ginny when she heard how she was feeling. How could she not notice? "Harry does notice you, just… not in that way."

Ginny blew her nose loudly and looked at Hermione with red eyes. "Then how does he notice me? He certainly doesn't see me as a friend 'cos otherwise I'd be hanging out with you lot…"

"Oh, Gin, of course he notices you as a friend. You just don't hang around us 'cos… well, your not in the same year… and it's not like you need us! You have your own group of friends. And you're telling me that you want to hang out with Ron?" Hermione argued. Her last point reduced the girls to fits of giggles.

"You're right, Hermione." Ginny agreed defiantly. "I don't need you."

Three weeks later…

"Girls, boys? Are you all packed for tomorrow?" Mrs. Weasley asked. The start of another Hogwarts' year was to start the next day and Mrs. Weasley wanted them all organised for tomorrow. She was answered with a chorus of, 'Yes…"

"Well then off to bed." This comment was met with a loud chorus of groans and she shouted over them all. "You'll have to get up nice and early tomorrow so you can catch the train."

Within five minutes, Mrs. Weasley had shooed them all to bed.

Harry lay in the dark, staring at the ceiling.

'Please don't let anything happen this year. Please let my dream be wrong…'


"Have fun this year! Be good! Fred, George, beha-" Mrs. Weasley was kissing all of the children good bye.

"Yes, yes, Mum. We know, we know!" George rolled his eyes and grinned as the train began pulling away so that he could no longer hear his mother talk. The twins turned around, bid farewell to the others and left the carriage.

"Ginny, go away!" Ron moaned. Ginny began to hear what she had said to Hermione over the holidays. 'I don't need you.'

She turned her nose upwards. "Fine then. Be that way."

"I will." Ron replied, grinning while the other two looked on, Hermione scared and Harry indifferent.

Ginny stalked out of the carriage, wondering where she was going to go. She walked up and down the train, coming to either full carriages or people she didn't know or like. She was getting impatient after about ten carriages and she opened the door to one, revealing a cute blonde boy with pale blue eyes, a girl with purple hair and another girl with brown hair in a Mohawk style. The boy grinned as she walked in and he stood up, reaching his hand out towards her.

"Hello!" he greeted in a deep husky voice. "My name is Jason, but you can call me J. This is Myleene," he motioned to the girl with purple hair who scowled back, "and that," pointing to the brunette, "is Kym. You are?"

"Ginny Weasley. I'm in fourth year." She took Jason's hand and looked into his eyes. 'Man!" she thought. 'His eyes are almost as good as Harry's!'

"Hey-hey!" Kym cried. "Us, too! This is gonna be a major blast, dudette!" she grinned to reveal grey-stained teeth.

Ginny looked away from the teeth, not before cringing, and asked, "Are you guys new? I mean, I've never seen you before."

They went on to explain that they were from some school, which they refused to name, and had come to Hogwarts for a year, but were hoping to stay for longer than that. They talked the whole trip and they went to the castle together. The three were put into Gryffindor so Ginny spoke to them during dinner also.

When the three girls went with Ginny to the girl dorms later that night, they continued talking, yet Ginny noticed that she wasn't learning much about them. She began to ask them about their lives but was met with silence and a request to go to bed. Ginny lay in bed that night, utterly confused.

'What are they hiding?'


"Oh, man! We have double Potions first again!" Ron moaned when they received their timetables for the year.

"And we have Divination after that. Well this is great!" Harry continued looking down. Hermione began to open her mouth but Ron shut her up with a look, so she made another comment instead.

"I wonder who the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher is…"


"Guys?" Ginny asked apprehensively. She didn't want to cause a problem but she wanted to actually know her 'friends'. "Were you planning on telling me anything else about yourself besides why you're here and your names?" Jason placed an arm around Ginny and grinned.

"Dear," he started and Ginny raised her eyebrows. "What we'll tell you could kill you." Ginny moved herself so that she was out of Jason's grip.

"Kill me?" she repeated skeptically. "J, tell me the truth!" he grabbed her shoulders and she let out a squeal from surprise.

"K, how about this? You come out with us tonight, show you how we live and you can ask us whatever?" Myleene made a noise and Jason shot her a dirty look. Ginny felt something was up, but for some reason, she said something she couldn't control while she was looking into his eyes.



Ginny dressed herself in some clothes that Kym gave her.

"Trust me, Gin! These clothes are absolutely normal!" she had winked.

'Hmmm…' Ginny looked at her reflection with criticism. 'Since when was a miniskirt, fishnet stockings, a boob-tube and boots normal clothes?' She straightened the top and tried to pull the skirt down as far as she could but to no avail. She took in a deep breath. 'Here goes nothing.' She stepped out onto the stairs.

The whole common room took in a collective gasp. Ron, Hermione and Harry swiftly turned around to be greeted with the sight of Ginny wearing a very revealing outfit. Ron gaped and ran up to her.

"Ginny!" he gasped as he got closer, Hermione and Harry following him. "What are you wearing?"

She looked down and tugged on her skirt. "Clothes?" she guessed with a grin on her face. She tilted her head. "J!" she pushed past a dazed Ron and ran towards a boy who they had seen at the Sorting. Ron shook his head and followed her.

"Where do you think you are going? Who are you?" he questioned with a frown on his face.

"Jason, but you can call me J if you want. We're taking Ginny to our hangout. Wanna come?" Jason explained.

"Not of my life depended on it." he muttered. "Gin, you're staying here."

"You can't control me, Ron!" she shouted as Hermione and Harry neared the arguing brother and sister. She grinned at Hermione who paled as soon as she said, "I don't need you."

Ginny's ear felt like they were going to burst as she wished she had listened to Ron. Their 'hangout' was a disco though she had no idea where it was. Jason came over, a beer in his hand.

"Hey, Gin! Liking it here?" he asked happily.

"Hmph!" she turned to Jason and her eyes widened as her eyes fell on the drink in his hand. "You're drinking alcohol!" she gasped.

"Yeah. You want one? Hang on…"

"NO!" she shouted but the music was so loud and Jason so far away that he couldn't hear. She ran over to him just as she was deciding what she would want. She quickly glanced at the board naming all of their drinks.

She grabbed Jason arm, smiled, turned to the barman and said in a clear voice, "One Midori, thanks."

As it turned out, one Midori wasn't enough for Ginny. Nor were five. She was onto her sixth as Myleene came towards her.

"Whoa, Gin! Easy does it! You're gonna have the worst hangover tomorrow, honestly." Ginny looked up, dazed and confused.

"Hangover?" she asked in a slurred version of her normal voice. "Wossa hangover… oops…" she had fallen off her seat and Myleene quickly tried to pick her back up.

"J! Kymmy! Gin's done tonight! We gotta get back!" she shouted, but not before Ginny fainted.