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The Titans slowly maneuvered their way towards their destination. There was a robbery and a local store and its precious antique items very stoles. Ancient vases, carvings, and other valuable item ripped away from their store in the dead of night. The Titans, being the Titans, went to investigate the scene of the crim. Usually this would be the job of the police but the police called the Teen Titans when everything seemed to be to perfect for average criminal. Secretly, the Teen Titans think the police were just lazy but they had a duty to this town.

While arriving at the scene they saw a cape. They followed it as discreetly as possible. They soon followed it into an abandoned warehouse. It was trashed. There was dark brown wallpaper falling form the walls. The floors were starting to come up. They attempted to stay away from the creaks. The eerie silence would've felt strange to some but the Teen Titans weren't afraid of anything. It was a dark full moon out. If it wasn't for the fact they had to catch this Raven probably would've sat outside and slept. It was breezy but relatively warm. A perfect spring day.

Best Boy mostly wanted to find and beat the baddie soon. He had bought a totally awesome new videogame he wanted to play before he went to bed. This game was so his game. Cyborg had another thing coming when they played. He transformed into a fly.

Cyborg was trying to maneuver but failing. It was a rather hard thing to do as part robot. He needed to cream Beast Boy in his game today. He also promised to call Bumblebee tonight and she wouldn't like it if he stood her up. Cyborg winced remembering the last time that had happened. He tried his best to be ninja-like as beast Boy called it.

Starfire lightly floated through the room. She was her usually bubbly-self. She had a feeling tis would be a great battle. Actually, every day she thought they would win. Optimism is really big on her planet. If only she could make that so here. She frowned. The people of Earth don't seem as joyous as they could be. Robin is a good example, always serious and rarely had time for fun. She tried to date him because of her crush. It didn't work out. They were just too different. She understood that there were things in his life that she wouldn't understand, not being from this planet. She did know a certain Witch who did, she thought with a slight giggle.

Robin was aggravated. The police had called them while he was finishing up paper work. Robin was a man of the law but the Police pissed him off sometime. They fight criminals and nearly get killed for the safety of the world and some people thinks there freaks. Most like them though. He did wish they got paid more but he couldn't voice his opinion. He's a superhero, and superheroes do it for the integrity. He just wanted to finish off this 2nd rate so he could get back to work and go to bed. I can see this guy. He must really be new or just suck.

Raven was upset they messed with her mediation time. She was slightly on edge lately. A while ago she came to terms with the fact she liked her leader. Not a crush, that's stupid. She just like his power and his past. They were so alike in so many ways. They had a bond, a connection, a level of trust she had never shared with anyone before. She could tell him anything and he would be there for her. He's so perfect. It helped he was pretty attractive to. He had filled out slightly but still and more lean muscles. He had raven colored hair to match. She recently learned he had the most gorgeous blue eyes when he revealed his mask to her about a week before. The only bad part is that she couldn't be with him. She was demon, the darkest of evils besides the devil himself. She tried to control her emotion but she was so dark and violent. Robin, on the other hand, was almost angelic. That one time when the sun cast down on him he looked as if to be angel. He fought crime and was a good human person all throughout. She would taint him. She had come to terms with this and decided to move on and just catch this criminal.

The team follows the shadow of this criminal into a dark room. They look around and her *click*. It sounds a lot like a lock. No one dared move. Then suddenly the lights flashed on and Red X appeared in front of them.

"Miss me there kids." Red X said with a perfect evil grin behind his mask. He trapped the Teen Titans. Why didn't he think of this sooner! Oh the brilliance.

"Red X." Robin said with venom in his voice. Next to Slade he hated Red X the most. There was Trigon yeah but Red X is always following them. Robin once again cursed himself for ever making that damned suit in the first place.

'Titans G-!"

Robin was cut short when X put tape on all of their mouths. Before they could spring into action Red X taped them down to a couple of chairs. Raven sat next to Robin, Robin next to Cyborg and Beast Boy and Starfire were stuck in the back row.

Red X removes the tape from their mouths. Oh how he loved to hear their stupid threats. It was quite amusing really. Why do they even try anymore? He was elusive. They couldn't capture hi if they tried.

"Don't bother struggling kiddies, you're not gonna break free." They still tried from Starfire eye beams to magic but nothing worked. Red X just watched them with a smirk.

"Done yet?" He asked rather teasingly. They all just settled for a glare so he started to strike up conversation.

"I know that last tie you saw me was about a week ago."

"Yeah and we kicked your butt." BeastBoy yelled

"How did you escape from prison anyways?"

"Oh I have my ways there grass stain." He slightly grimaced at his defeat. Really he didn't like being upstaged by these guys. No, he wasn't older. If he can tell, they all seemed about 16 except for Cyborg, 18, and Beast Boy, 15. Red X was only 17 himself, but that doesn't make him any less of a threat.

"For those of you that want to know, your bot gonna find the antiques I stole. I already put them away and I doubt you'll find them."

"Then what did you capture us for then!" Cyborg yelled. He doesn't like restraints.

"Revenge. I can't have my rep go down like it did when you caught me. I'm Red X and I just don't do jail."

"What are you gonna do to us." Robin yelled. Maybe he could find a fault or slip up if he knew what was going to happen next.

"I'm gonna tell you all a story." They all looked at Red X like he was insane. He was, wasn't he.

"Do any of you remember a fight you had about 3 months ago resulting in Raven leaving for the night?' They all did. It was pretty bad. They had recovered from it.

Raven's eyes widened a considerable amount. She hadn't said anything to Red X. She could barely stand to look him in the eye since that night. Surely he wasn't going to say anything. He's an unlawful man Rae, it's what they do. She really didn't want anyone to know about what happened that night.

"You wouldn't dare say word." Raven said. Her eyes started to glow.

"Oh but I would sweetheart. And I am."

"You asshole." Now the team was very curious. What the hell was going on here?

"I don't remember you calling me that name, in fact-."

"Just shut up X!" Red X just smile and sat in a chair. He turned it around, put his hand on the back of the chair and rested his head on his hands.

"Oh it wasn't that bad. I don't know why you regretted it. I surely don't"

"Alright what is going on here?" Robin yelled. He hated being put of the loop. Something was defiantly going on.

"The story I'm about to tell next will upset you the most Robin. Mostly because it involves your little girlfriend." Red X gestured toward Raven

"She not my girlfriend. But she is my friend and what happened?'" Robin said. He only had a slight blush on his face from the accusation. He had grown to like the sorceress in a more than friendly way. He noticed her filling body. He also recalled that fight with Slade and she had on half of her clothes. She looked really hot with long hair. He shook his thoughts from his head. He needed to focus on the task on hand.

"See. You're already dazed out thinking about her. I don't know how you're gonna take a liking to this story when it involves your love." Red X said

"Oh wait! You won't. And that's what I'm happy about. I want to see you seeth with anger Robin. I want to see you cry and yelled and scream. I want to see you break down as I tell this story. I will go into full details, no hold-back. I can tell you're the jealous, possessive type. I want you remember this story forever. Raven sure does."

"I hate you, you son of a bitch." Raven yelled

"Hey! It involved you just as much as it involved me babe. Now let Uncle X tell the story. It went a little something like this…"

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