Jackie woke up in a slightly more upright position, feeling hands stroking her hair. The theme to Three's Company was on in the background, and she looked around the hospital room to see all of her friends sitting in chairs around the room. She looked up, and Steven was looking down at her, with love in his eyes.

"Steven..." she breathed, moving up to wrap her arms around his neck and kiss him.

Hyde melted into the kiss, his hands moving to cup her tiny hips.

"Ooooh, an even better show..." Fez said from beside them.

Jackie and Hyde pulled back, flushing, laughing a little.

"You okay?" Hyde whispered, brushing her hair back from her face gently.

"Me? Baby, you're the one who got shocked and knocked out!"

"Yes, but it was an accident- a stupid one. I woke up and you were out cold. Scared me."

Jackie got a melty "my hero" expression.

"Oh, Steven..." she breathed. "You love me..."

"I've told you that." Hyde said, kissing her forehead.

"Awwwww..." their friends teased.

"Shadddup." Hyde said, throwing some ice-cubes out of his water cup at them. "Hey, Jacks... that Chip guy... he hasn't bothered you since that one time, has he?"

Jackie blinked, shocked.

"That was... really out of the blue, Steven..."

"You didn't answer me."

"What? Oh..." she shrugged. "Well, he's came up all flirty once or twice, but I told him I was with you, waiting for you to come pick me up, and he'd scurry away."

Hyde grinned. "Nice..."

But, then he got serious.

"Tell me if some dude's bothering you, okay? Any guy, don't care. Some guy comes onto you in any way, tell me. Cause... mine."

"Yes, Tarzan take Jane back to cave by hair." Donna said sarcastically in a caveman voice.

"Oh, you shut up, you lumberjack feminist!" Jackie snapped, throwing her arms around Hyde. "I am his! Allhis! And he's mine, too..."

Hyde smiled, pulling her into a searing kiss, and then looked around the room at all of his friends. "Okay, yeah, that's your cue to get out..."

The next morning, Kitty checked them out of the hospital and Hyde promised to meet her at home later.

"I'm fine, Mrs. F," he'd told her. "I'm just gonna run Jacks by the Hub and get her some breakfast, take her home."

When they got to the Hub, Hyde cuddled up to her in a booth, but then he saw Chip coming in.

"I'm gonna go order us something..."

"Okay, baby." Jackie nodded, and pulled out her compact to fix her makeup while he went.

But, he didn't go to the front. He walked straight over to Chip's table.

"Get up." he said.

Chip looked at him and swallowed hard. "Ahhh, Hyde..."

"I thought I made myself clear two years ago... on Veteran's Day. Apparently not..." he said, his stance threatening.

Chip looked fearful, and got up to bolt, but he forgot to open the glass door and ran smack into it, knocking himself out with a loud "Thud!". Hyde smirked. Jackie hopped up and ran over to Hyde.

"Steven... what happened?"

"Nothing, baby... so, pancakes, right?"

"Um, yeah..."

Hyde smiled, kissing her softly, but Jackie deepened the kiss.

"I think... we should skip breakfast..." she whispered in his ear. "And go straight to dessert..."

Hyde threw her over his shoulder fireman style, stepping directly onto Chip's prostrate body as he walked out the door with her, and to the El Camino, where he lay the front seats down to connect with the back, and pulled her to him in a claiming fashion.

"Oh, Steven... I love you so much..."

"I love you, too, babe..." he said, fumbling to undo her blouse buttons as quickly as possible, burying his face into her bra, smothering her with kisses.

"Get closer baby... can't get you close enough..."

"I'm trying... Jackie, I want you forever, you know that, right?"

Jackie's eyes went soft, and she cupped his cheeks in her hand. "Oh, Steven..."

"No, no talking... let me finish." Hyde said.

Jackie nodded, eyes huge.

"I want the world to know you're mine. I want you to know you're mine, most importantly..."

"Steven! Are you asking me to-"

Hyde's hand went over her mouth. "Shhh!" he ordered.

He removed the hand, and she looked all excited.

"I don't have a ring today, but I will get one, I swear... Jacqueline Beulah Burkhardt, will you marry me?"

"Oh, Steven..." she breathed. "Yes! Oh, come closer... that was so wonderful, I think I'm close to..."

"Seriously?" Hyde asked, eyebrow raised.

Jackie nodded, and Hyde pulled her back into his arms. Later today, they'd break the news to their friends, and he knew Eric would laugh at him because he was right. But, it didn't matter. All that mattered was that his life would suck without Jackie- and he wasn't about to let her go again...