This is a Italy X Germany mpreg story, it will have a few Lemon scenes at a later time. This Fic may include other pairings but for the first chapter it's Italy X Germany. Thanks and I hope you enjoy! ~

Disclaimer: Hetalia concept and it's character's belong to Hidekaz Himaruya.

Some things are best left unexplained, however some things that are considered a disaster at first can possibly become a blessing. Italy and Germany would soon understand that there were many things that could be taken as a curse at first and turn our to be a gift in the end.

It was a gorgeous day, birds softly chirping and the warmth of the sun was slowly heating the room. The resident of the room was still trying to get the last few minutes of sleep possible before the heat became too much and forced him to evacuate. The usual inhabitants of the bed were a large German and a small Italian male. The larger male had short cut blond hair, which during his waking hours was styled back out of his face, he was also very toned, even muscular compared to his counterpart. The Italian who was quietly snoring was a bit shorter than the German and had auburn brown hair that trailed down past his ears and one strand jutted out from the side and curled gracefully. In the waking hours he was talkative, lighthearted, needy and was a genius at cooking.

"Good morning!" He said happily after he yawned, usually his lover was next to him in bed waiting for him to awaken.. But this time he wasn't there, or anywhere in the immediate area which worried the poor Italian as he got up and walked around his villa looking for him. After he exited the room he heard a familiar sound of vomiting as he looked worried. "Germany?"

Germany was hunched over the toilet looking strong yet pathetic as he managed to keep himself upright even though he appeared as if he had been there for a while. The Germanic nation never showed any signs of sickness so these last eight weeks had been particularly odd for him, and Italy. Italy kneeled down beside him and rubbed his back as he felt so very sorry for his lover to be suffering so much, but why?

"Italia?" Germany looked up his cheeks flushed from strain as his eyes were watery from this strain of the almost constant regurgitation.

Italy smiled at him and hugged him. "Germany.. Are you okay now I was worried? Vee~" He asked as he nuzzled against him, so muscular and strong it was hard not to feel protected by the blond nation. Germany didn't answer right away I he enjoyed the feeling of his mate being in his arms, he was craving some much needed comfort after all the strain of this morning. The time now was around seven o'clock in the morning and the German nation had been up since 6, alone having to suffer through all this uncertainty by himself in the early morning hours.

"What's happening to me Italia?" Germany asked as he looked at his smaller nation."I don't know.. I'm very worried. When I got sick it was only for a day or two not eight weeks..." He said as he looked at him. "I'll make you some porridge." Italy said as he was getting up and offered his hand to the German.. "Come on Germany get up.." He said giggling softly.

Germany took his hand and heaved himself up as he almost toppled over onto the smaller nation. "Shit.. Sorry Italia.." He said as he grabbed onto a nearby cabinet.

Italy smiled and kissed his cheek as he went off into their room changing into his blue pants his knee high boots and a black dress shirt. These were the clothes he had been trained in and these were the clothes he preferred to wear on a daily basis.. Italia was humming happily in the kitchen as he prepared the porridge for him and Germany making sure not to add too many savory flavors or spices.

Germany pulled on his green military pants and frowned. He believed that yesterday he was merely bloated from all the water Italy had made him drink the night before. "Mein Gott.. Whats happening.." He asked himself this time as he sighed.. "Maybe it's the economy." he said sighing as he looked outside he was becoming less like the "old" Germany, he was becoming mellow and easily tired out now. "I should consult my bruder.." He said as he looked his stomach. "Strange.." He said feeling around it as he frowned. "I've been working out every night.. Why is it softer?" He shrugged it off as he managed to find one new pair of pants that had never been washed so they hadn't shrunk, thankfully they managed to fit and everything else was naturally fitting fineā€¦

Italy had already sat the table and was waiting for his lover as he leaned against a cabinet and sipped his coffee listening to the birds outside and Austria yelling at Prussia. Prussia had become somewhat of a nomadic country after WWII and Germany's unification. He had no official "home" but since the land was still in existence and he hadn't been defeated by war, plague, or famine he was still around. Prussia usually roomed at 3 houses, Austria's home, Italy's home, and Germany's home. He preferred Austria whenever his brother wasn't home because it gave him Hungary to ogle over and Austria to pick on, and there was always plenty of food.

Italy smiled as Germany passed and he noticed something that only a lover or close friend would notice. Italy being the nation of love and romance decided to show his lover some as he grabbed his ass as he walked by. "You butt looks amazing today!~" He said as he looked at his lover's expression.

"What do you mean by that Italia?" He said. If the Germanic nation had blushed easily than this would have been a time, instead he wore an expression of shock.

"It looks a lot rounder than usual.." He said looking at him questioningly. "You've been eating more though it makes since.." He said as he looked at him as he watched the nation's behavior to see if he was mad or upset. Italy watched as he saw a faint blush appear on German's face. "Germany?" He asked as he wrapped his arms around him gently eight centimeter's made a difference between them physically but in many way's they saw one another as equals.

"You noticed it too.." Germany finally spoke after a moment of awkward silence."Hm? I should notice something like that though.." He said as he looked at his lover, then he smiled. "I don't mind!" He said as he kissed him again. "Your ass is much easier to grab now!" He said happily as he squeezed it. Germany pulled away blushing like mad as he quickly sat down at the table, Italy followed suit sitting at the opposite side.

"This is good Italia.." Germany said as he looked surprised, he usually despised the bland food but now he found it rather comforting as he got his fill after 3 bowls of the food. Italia smiled as a thank you for the compliment as he ate one bowl before he got up to clean the dishes. Suddenly a pair of strong arms hugged him and out of habit he laid his head on one of the arms.

"Thank you Italia for taking care of me." He said as Italy smiled.

"Si.." He said softly in his native language. "You're welcome.."

After he finished he went out into the garden behind his villa, to say Italy had no taste in design or art was a lie. Though he enjoyed simplicity over anything else, this life with Germany was wonderful he found himself being grateful for the love they shared everyday.

"Beautiful day today.." He said as he smiled. He tugged out a large water hose from the side of the villa and began watering the large garden filled with various vegetables and fruits. The villa was a large two story structure with walls covered in white and had red clay shingles making it appear as the it was taken out of a history book. Italy was very proud to keep such a historical looking place as his home. Inside the home it had many rooms and a large foyer and living area while the other rooms were normal, except the kitchen with was double the size of a normal room but it remained smaller than the living room and foyer.

Many nations knew that Italy had two halves, and two different deities that watched over it. They were brothers, one was named Romano, the eldest and the youngest is Veneziano. To many nations they call Veneziano Italy whereas they refer to the elder brother as Romano. Veneziano is the northern part of the country while Romano is the south. They do govern separate parts of the whole nation but at world meetings they must cooperate as one whole nation

Italy had to thank his brother for teaching him his new gardening techniques, his garden was amazing. He dearly loved his brother though they never grew too close. Romano was forced to live with Spain when they were growing up as Italy was raised in Austria's was gazing down at the younger nation as he smiled, he loved watching the nation tend to something so fragile as a garden as he imagined him humming happily. The nation that had once been so strict and disciplined was now able to relax a bit. He turned his attention back to his paperwork as he sat there reading and making sure everything was good in the economy and new laws were beneficial. He then read a few reports on technological improvements which got to be a bit much for him as he was forced to look up a few of the words on a dictionary. He then turned to reading an engineering outline for a new type of plane which he approved and then sighed realizing that by noon he was completely finished with the day's paperwork.

Italy was busy hanging clothes as he hummed happily. Apparently living with the aristocratic nation had taught him a lot about household duties. He made an excellent stay in husband he thought and then Germany found himself to be gazing at his smaller love.

Italy looked up and noticed him finally. "Oh Germany! You're done with your paperwork quite early.." He said as he looked at him walking over. "Are you feeling alright? Oh I haven't even made lunch.." He said looking at a watch he kept on his wrist.

"It's fine.." He said as he looked at the younger nation though his expression didn't change Italy could tell Germany was happy.

"I'll make lunch in a moment." He said as he went back to his laundry, however the German nation was walking behind him as he decided to help his lover. He picked up the laundry basket and held it for him as Italy smiled thankful for the help. In a matter of minutes the two nations were heading inside as Italy dusted off his pants and washed his hands getting ready to prepare lunch.

It was a normal day for the two nations as they enjoyed each other's company as well as the kisses and touches that ran throughout. Italy and Germany to the other nations made quite an odd pair though it didn't matter they were both happy and that's what mattered to them.

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