Mommy! Germany has been Getting so much praise! Thanks so much everyone. I read everyone's comments and I love them all! Also there's a time skip of the stay at England's home mostly due to pointless filler that I'm not very good at writing. XD (just so you know I don't know much about transit between European countries XD )Please forgive me!

Germany was waiting at the train station in Brussels in Belgium as he watched a mother and child walk by in the train station. The child was chattering away as he pulled his mother along and she laughed lightly at the child's antics. Everyone seemed at ease which must have meant that the country herself was feeling well too. After an hour of waiting he was able to board the train and began the long journey back to his home in Berlin. He was also silently hoping that their child would decide to be born to them too.

Halfway there the train lurched to a stop as he frowned looking out the window. There was a lot of screaming and yelling as everyone was forced to leave the train. A vehicle had gotten stranded on the tracks and the train was forced to stop to evaluate damage after tearing through the vehicle.

Germany got on his cell phone and sighed. He slowly used his phone to text Italy, secretly he was thanking his insistent lover on picking a model of phone that had spell check. He sent it and then waited and silently hoped that he would receive a reply soon.

"Oi fratello your bastard phone is going off!" Romano yelled pitching it at the other Italian. Italy barely caught the phone as he looked at the message he received.

"Germany needs us to pick him up just outside of Dortmund.." Italy spoke as he looked at his phone.

"Make potato bastardo walk his fatass home!" He yelled as a stack of cooking utensils fell on him.

"Fine fratello I'll go get him." Italy spoke as he sighed but inside he was worried and nervous.

Hours later Italy finally found Germany resting near the still immobile train. Apparently in the collision there was a piston that was damaged on impact and now the train was at a standstill. He smiled and stood when he saw his smaller lover approaching after getting out of the car.

"Guten tag." He spoke softly as he leaned over and hugged his Italian. He wasn't smiling per se but he was so very thankful to see him.

Instead of a usual greeting Italy made a surprised noise and blushed. "Oh Ludwig they fed you bad stuff they've made you gain more weight!" Italy spoke mortified that he could feel his lovers much more predominant bump.

Poor Germany just sighed as he smiled rubbing the top of Italy's head. "You know Italia, the baby had to gain weight somewhere." He spoke as he smiled whispering to him.

"Oh! Your right Germany!" He spoke happily as they walked to the car. The drive home was quiet Italy drove as Germany slept in in the passenger's seat. Italy often found himself glancing at his lover and sometimes at the bump that contained their unborn. When they arrived home, Prussia had left and Italy was helping his tired German inside. He found his way to the couch and sat down with a sigh glad to be home. Almost immediately his trio of dogs were all gathered around yipping, nudging, and wagging. Germany laughed happily and pet them gently.

"Hey there vati missed you too." He said as his golden retriever laid her muzzle on his belly. She gave a soft whine as he smiled at her. "I know girl the baby is fine." Out of all three of his dogs she had by far become the most protective of the soon to be babe.

"Germany I'll wash your things." Italy spoke softly as he giggled at the dogs.

"Ah Italy you don't have to I can." He said as he pushed himself up.

"It's okay Germany! I don't mind! I'll make you some dinner too." He said happily.

"Don't bother Italy I'm not hungry.. The little one is so big now I can barely eat anything." He spoke as he rubbed his back.

"Oh.." Italy looked worried. "Rest then!"

"I can't, I feel so restless.. I haven't slept the last few nights.." He said as he hugged his wife. He always considered Italy a wife, mostly because it would make Germany have a complex and Prussia wouldn't let him live it down. "Hmm.. I missed you." He spoke again softly. Italy smiled and veed softly. "I missed you too…" "Soon we will have a family… You excited?" He asked hopeful. "Very.." He said setting down the laundry, then he turned placing both of his hands on his lovers belly. "Don't hurt your vati too much little one." Germany was blushing softly as the baby kicked and Italy noticed something obviously different. "It's upside down!" He spoke as he rubbed the top of Germany's stomach feeling the baby's foot protruding out.

"The baby is really eager to meet it's mutti." Germany spoke as he smiled. "America said it turning around head first is normal."

"Oh! He spoke softly as he smiled. "I really want to meet it too! Hurry up baby!" He spoke happily as he continued on with the laundry.

Germany chuckled softly and smiled as he headed up to bed to try and rest. After a few hours Italy came up to join him and was pleasantly surprised to see his German sleeping in the bed. He gently crawled in and curled up to his lover and fell asleep. Later in the early hours of the morning Germany shot up in bed feeling a huge amount of pressure and pain in his already strained back, then it hit him. The baby is coming…

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