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"Italia! Italia get up…" He groaned as he shook the smaller male sleeping like a rock. Germany felt the unevenness of a slow ache in his abdomen as he groaned again. He managed somehow to pull himself out of bed and get dressed in a loose shirt and pants.

"ITALIA!" He yelled making the smaller nation yip with surprise and fall out of bed.

"What's happening Germany?" He looked around to see if it was an attack or something but after the initial moment of shock he noticed his lover gripping a bedrail and hunched over like he was having a bad cramp. Then hit him.. The baby.

"Germany is the bambino okay?" He asked looking worried. Never once had they been to the doctor and of course the Italian had no concept of time so he couldn't figure that Germany was 38 weeks pregnant now.

"Ja, the baby just wants out.." He spoke as he panted softly, this pain was excruciating, he'd rather be shot than deal with this pain!

"Oh my god! Okay I'm getting the things can you get to the car?" He spoke hurriedly, he was already dressed and running about like mad.

"Ja, ja…" He spoke slowly making his way to their shared vehicle. He was having searing pain, and the poor baby had a makeshift exit made by England and his magic, and with every fiber of he being Germany prayed it would work properly.

The German and the Italian were almost a two hour drive from the nearest hospital and unfortunately for them their child wasn't going to wait any longer. Just fifteen minutes from the hospital Germany cried out in severe pain and clenched his stomach he curled around his stomach and looked at his Italian.

"The baby is coming.. Please Italy stop.." Italy looked over at him when he cried out as he pulled the car to side of the road and looked worried.

"Vee Germany we are almost there.." He spoke as he took off his seatbelt and crawled over to him.

Germany with his pain wracked body opened the door and got out. He was panting softly blood and natural fluids staining his pants. He laid down a near tree hidden from the roadway and anyone with curious eyes. He took a deep breath and gazed at Italy and gave a soft smile. This place to Germany somehow felt familiar it was his homeland of course, but something more intimate. He continued to ponder as he strained through a contraction. Then it hit him, half a century ago he laid here bleeding and beaten after an attack by British troops. He looked a bit dazed as Italy was removing his pants.

"Germany… Germany… Ludwig..?" Italy spoke pleading to him to respond and respond he did with a loud cry of pain. "Breathe Germany breathe.." He chirped in a scared tone.

Germany felt an uncertain wave of energy pulse through him and he bore down hard and felt something finally move. Italy began moving around a bit and took off his expensive coat and his shirt. Then Germany felt it again reminded of Alfred said. "Dude it's goanna tear everything to hell down there."

After the unfamiliar waves of pressure and mix of adrenaline ended he heard the Italian say something, but it was muddled and he couldn't quite hear what it was until he pushed once more the urge finally leaving him along with the child he harbored all this time. There was soft strong mewls of life filling the air as Italy looked at the tiny babe.

"Germany.." He spoke as he wiped the baby off with his shirt. He cleaned the baby's nose as best he could and made sure it's airway was clean. Then he tore his shirt and in a very un-Italy fashion tied off the cord and freed the child from it's "mother" with Germany's pocket knife.

The baby was still wailing loudly it's hands reaching into the air want to hold onto something and as Italy moved over to Germany the baby quieted and gripped onto his "mother's" shirt.

"Hello little one.." He spoke as he remained a bit stoic deciding not to cry so he wouldn't scare Italy. The baby was a little boy still bare now as Italy handed Germany his jacket and the German wrapped his newborn boy in it. He gently nuzzled his cheek and then suddenly a ahoge sprung out of his head curling like Italy's Out of his soft blond locks.

Italy cooed at him and smiled happily as they sat in the tall grasses around the tree. "Hola bambino.." The baby still had his eyes shut and whimpered softly.

"Lets get the baby to the hospital.." Germany said softly. As he got up weakly and walked back to the car unclothed and Italy insisted he put on his underwear.

After an hour or so they're son had been named and deemed healthy as they were preparing to take him home. Germany smiled glad to have his son out and in the world as he smiled. His son was softly squirming around and cooing as Italy drove them home.

After arriving home Italy dressed their son in a blue onesie and took him back to Germany as the German came in and laid on the couch. " He's so strong for a newborn." He spoke as Italy carried around the little one.

"And this is the kitchen it's where your madre makes pasta!" Italy spoke happily not hearing Germany. The little boy was giggling happily as he looked around then he suddenly paused and his stomach growled softly.

"Oh no bambino…" Italy looked worried as he thought for a moment. "Vati made milk for you!" Italy spoke as he ran into the living room handing the little boy to his vati. The little boy squirmed a bit after being laid on his chest. Germany awoke slowly as he gently petted his son's hear.

"Hello there Frederick… Hungry again?" He spoke as he smiled rubbing his back. The little boy was lifted into his father's strong arms and Germany weakly pulled his top off. His chest had softened also due to England's spell and provided little Frederick with at least a little bonding time. Germany only nursed little Frederick When Italy was around to help him secure what was remaining of his masculinity.

"He's a heavy eater Germany?" Italy spoke as he pressed himself close to his Germany.

"Yes he is Italy, he's a German after all..." He spoke as he smiled. He looked a little flushed as he watched his strong son.

"Vee.. Fredrick is soo cute." He spoke happily as he nuzzled against his German. As the little boy released. A huge mess around his mouth as he cooed reaching up to his mother his dull blue eyes sparkling happily. Italy took him and held him deciding to burp him as Germany got dressed.

Suddenly the door burst open as Germany sighed. "Bruder.. Knock first.."

"The Awesome me knock?" Prussia laughed loudly as he noticed the baby in the little Italian's arms. "What! West why didn't you tell me?" He yelled as he looked at the little boy.

"Oh ja… This is Fredrick Feliciano Beilschmidt." He spoke as he looked at his son as Italy coddled him happily.

"NOO! West why?" He cried as Fredrick laughed cutely.

"Why what?" Germany asked as he sighed confused.

"You took my Awesome baby name." He spoke as he looked devastated.

"Oh Gilbert it's okay.." Canada spoke as he patted Gilbert on the back.

Germany couldn't help but laugh softly at all the nonsense that was going on as his son continued to giggle happily. Gilbert was finally starting to show his pregnancy as well many of the nations taking bets on the gender, and many assuming it was going to be a girl, since Germany had a boy. Prussia picked up little Fritz as he loved to call him and held him close as Gilbird decided to land on his Fredrick's little tuft of hair and chirp loudly as Gilbert sat down.

Canada sighed and closed the door finally sitting and watching Prussia, smiling softly hoping he was just as good with their child as he was Germany and Italy's. Italy blushed and curled up to Germany softly laying his head on his arm. Germany smiled and pulled Italy close and kissed him. Finally their little Berlin was in the world and soon Canada would have a lovely little Vancouver or so Gilbert told him.

"Italy… Ich libe dich." Germany spoke to him as he smiled.

"Te amo, Germany… Te amo.." He spoke as he kissed him back.

Yay! The end little Fredrick is born!