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A week later.. Italy was moaning loudly Germany had his curl in his hand and was massaging it in between his fingers as he grinned, once sadistic to everyone now he was only sexually sadistic and using Italy's endogenous zone was a perfect way for him to get in immeasurable amount of pleasure from the younger nations almost pained moans. He stopped and allowed the nation to breathe as he gazed at him. The key to getting Italy aroused for sex was his delicate curl rub it long enough and little Italy would become a beast. Italy was panting with a flush across his cheeks as he gazed at the larger nation. They had been sitting upright on the bed and in a flash Italy had tackled the German into the bed.

"Take off your pants you bastard!" He cried as he sounded agitated, a lot like his brother.

Germany couldn't help but chuckle, hearing the smaller nation command him around made him amused, but he had to admit Italy… Was very aggressive in bed. He was frowning cutely as he appeared to have switched personalities with Romano. Germany removed his clothes except for hit shirt. Italy was already naked as he looked at him.

"Germany.. Your shirt too." Italy said as he looked offended. "I'm already naked that's not fair.."

"Italia.. I'd rather not." He said sternly as he crawled into their bed and Italy climbed overtop him.

"Vee.." Italy spoke annoyed. His need was so strong now he would just let it go. He had a small bottle in his hands a dark color with no labels. He smiled as he looked at the blond, able to communicate without words just feelings as Italy let the oily substance coat his fingers. Then he found the spot and gently slid in one finger into the German as he received a soft shudder from the other. Italy's hands were delicate and very commanding. After a few moments he managed to get in another finger And another shudder of pleasure was from the larger nation as Italy began to stretch his lover even farther. He was gently moving them with ease inside him as he saw the German's needy face slowly another one entered the German. Italy was smiling happily at this point. Germany however was already panting.

"Germany.." Italy said softly as he raised the other by slipping a pillow under the other male to make it more comfortable. "Easy now.." He spoke as he removed his fingers and lubed his member carefully and pushed the tip against Germany's eager entrance. He with one slow thrust he entered his lover with a moan. Italy rhythmically moved into his German and back as he began to pant. Germany was gripping the sheets as he gritted his teeth and looked at the smaller nation. He was craving that point were the pain would cease.. After a few moments the Italian increased his speed and was moaning with every other thrust. Germany had relaxed and was grunting softly and panting heavily his legs were wrapped around the smaller nation as Italy increased his speed. After a few moments of heavy thrusting and the beds pitiful creaks of strain Italy was becoming more vocal and they were covered in sweat and an occasional kiss kept them concentrated on one another. Germany was now thrusting onto Italy's tatical thrusts and their pleasure was increasing until a gasp from Italy signaled that he was close.

"G-Germany… I'm going to…" He spoke softly in between pants. "Do it Italia…" Germany said as he smiled Italy looked uncertain. "We can do it together.." He assured him.

Italy nodded and moaned softly and with the next thrust he gasped and released into his mate. Germany made a soft gasp as he came onto his love and himself making a mess. Italy pulled out and smiled as he licked up the sticky mess. Every lick was taken slowly over Germany's body as the Italian made soft noises.

Suddenly there were footsteps entering the house as they approached the room but the nations didn't hear the approaching intruder. The door slamming open as Germany was sprawled out on the bed and Italy was giving him a tongue bath.

"BRUDER!" Prussia said happily looking and smelling drunk. He paused a second before he smiled and went over and hugged naked Italy as he eeped from embarrassment "I love you so much!" He said happily."Germany! Help me!" He cried out to him reaching for him though Germany was stunned by being invaded on my his bruder.

"BRUDER GET OUT OF OUR ROOM!" He yelled as he got up snatching Italy back and shoving him out of their room. Italy sighed as he hugged him for a thank you as he and Germany went to shower.

"I guess we have some late company tonight. Vee ~" He smiled as he turned on the shower and was already in as he smiled enjoying the refreshing water. He blinked when he looked at Germany without his shirt on he noticed that his stomach was softer and rather pudgy.

"You look gorgeous." Germany said as he moved into the shower with him. "And you were amazing tonight." Italy turned towards him as he blushed wanting to feel Germany's belly. "It's so soft and squishy!~" He said happily as he poked it. "It's strange though cause you work out so much." He said as he looked at his lover. "I dunno why Italia." He said as he blushed softly looking away. "Please don't touch it. It's shameful."Italy smiled and nodded as he kissed his Germany and gently massaged his back in the shower. "You're brother needs to learn that entering someone else's home so drunk when their having sex… That isn't very polite." He said as he giggled softly.

After their shower they headed downstairs where Prussia was still drinking. He looked at him and smirked looking at West and then at Italy.

"You guys I would never have guessed… Italia wore the pants West." Prussia said as he took a large gulp of beer afterwards. "Also. Have you not drank any beer the last few weeks? I mean this is over two months old."

Germany thought about it for a moment. "I've been so ill bruder.. beer hasn't really interested me.""WHAT?" Italy and Prussia said simultaneously. Italy looked shocked to hear the news. Italy looked at Germany and after thinking about it, he hadn't been drinking the usual Germany amount.

"What is wrong with you West?" Prussia asked as he frowned. "Unless… you ordered new uniform pants last week why is that?" Prussia asked as he looked at him. No one knew how Prussia even after consuming so much alcohol was able to keep his mind on track and conscious..

"Simple really, my old pants no longer fit bruder so I ordered new pants?" Germany said as Prussia smirked.

"I thought it was just a story..." Prussia said as he looked at Germany and then he began laughing like mad.

"I got it West! I GOT IT! You've been knocked up by lover boy over here!" Prussia said as he waved his beer around.

"Bruder… I'm male." He said as he looked at him with a blank expression as Italy pondered on the idea.

"Germany it does make since." Italy spoke.

"Please don't tell me you agree with this drunk maniac!" He cried getting embarrassed and offended by the absurd idea.

"Hey! West watch it with your words I raised you better!" He said waving his beer at him.

Germany sighed as he looked at his lover who looked confused, worried and slightly distracted by the strange thought. Then he spoke. "Do nations have babies?"

Prussia chuckled at that. "You know I have someone who you can ask about that subject, since you two have patched things up with them you should be able to get along alright." "Who bruder?" Germany cried, was he getting distressed.. Did Germany get distressed? The only moments anyone could account it for was when Italy was in grave danger, like blowing himself up with a grenade.

Prussia sighed seeming uninterested.

"Tell me who mein gott!" He yelled lifting the elder nation up by his collar.

"Dammit let go of me you fucking emotional train wreck of a nation!" Prussia yelled as he forced Germany to release him. "You and your little fuck buddy pet go and have a long talk with Brittan and America! Maybe they can straighten your gay asses out a bit!" He yelled, mostly pissed over being manhandled by his younger brother.

"Ve?" Italy looked at Germany as Prussia walked out slightly drunk and angry. "We should go Germany. England has a lot of experience with odd things maybe he could cure you if it is an illness…"

"You're right Italia… I'm just scared to learn the truth, I fear my bruder may be right.." He said as he looked at his lover and they both for a moment shared the same expression of uncertainty. Then Italy smiled and spoke softly. "It that's true then Te amo my amazing Germany.."

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