This is a Italy X Germany mpreg story

OMG who saw UK x US coming?

Disclaimer: Hetalia concept and it's character's belong to Hidekaz Himaruya.

"Germany.. I have always wondered if the reason it always rains in England is because the nation always seems to be so down on himself." Italy said cutely as he smiled at the German nation in a noisy airport in the English speaking nation.

"If that's the case it makes since that Italy is always warm and sunny since it's your personality after all." Germany said as he tried to read the English, he could speak it well but sometimes reading it proved to be a bit more complicated. "While were in public lets try to use our human names alright?" He asked the Italian as he nodded in agreement they had been receiving a few odd looks.

Italy flagged down a cab successfully as he smiled Germany managed to carry their bags as Italy watched him get soaked and looked worried.. "I should of done that." He said looking at Germany who looked at him and thought though his frown remained.

After an hour or so and paying the cab driver the two nations were standing outside a regal looking Victorian house on the outskirts of London, England. The land surrounding was massive al least fifty acres amazing considering the dense population of the English country. Everything was neatly trimmed but something was amiss there was an American imported car sitting beside an older looking Jaguar Mark V painted jet black, definitely vintage especially compared to the red Hummer sitting beside it. Germany guessed that America was here from the looks of it as Italy had already wandered to the front door. Germany proceeded to take in more of the home, white with black shutters on every window, two stories with at least ten rooms. Wooden floors throughout the home most likely and with all the ornate detailing on every windowpane threshold and even the banister's this was a person with at least some taste.

Italy pushed the doorbell delicately as Germany appeared beside him with the same frown and Italy had his usual friendly almost adorably clueless smile.

"Dammit you git! I'll answer it!" a voice yelled as the two nations heard footsteps approach and then the door unlock. "What the bloody Hell you want?" He yelled at the two nations.

Italy had disappeared behind the German nation and was cowering from the Englishman's brutish and loud voice. The British nation, once a pirate now a gentleman was always rather up front and loud and he seemed almost eager for any kind of fight.

" Hello England.." Germany said frowning at him as he looked at the shorter blond.

"Oh bugger… Germany.. Italy.." England spoke as he tried to smile. "Come in, sorry 'bout that." He said as he helped carry in their bags into the foyer. "Make yourselves comfortable. Alfred is in the den to your left..." He said as he walked into the room to the right. It seemed like England knew that they would be coming but they never told him.

Italy looked at Germany and smiled taking his hand and intertwining his fingers with the others. They walked into the room to see the back of the American's head and he was sitting on a antique couch playing an X-box 360. The English nations used their human given names more casually America paused and looked behind him.

"Oh hi guys!" He said as he sat the controlled down and got up slowly. "England told me you'd drop by! Didn't know it would be so soon." Germany noticed when America's hand went to the small of his back and then Germany looked as it he had been hit by a bus. He had noticed that America had been missing at the recent meetings but this was the reason?

"What happened to you?" Germany asked.

"Huh what happened?" He thought a moment. "Ha.. Hahahahaha." He began to laugh. "Wow. You didn't know?" He asked happily.

"America… bed rest does not include getting up all the time. You would think being pregnant and on bed rest would be to your liking.." England said frowning."Aww what wonderful news! Congratulations you two! " Italy said happily."Yes congratulations." Germany said agreeing with his lover as he wore a slightly confused expression.

"Yeah, Iggy's pretty much on edge all the time since they're due any day now, but since I'm the hero I'm always ready!" America said happily as England sighed and directed him back to the couch.

"They?" Italy asked as he sat beside the American on the couch.

"Yup. Twins." America said.

Italy's face seemed to brighten even more. "Amazing!~"

"I had no idea male nations could get pregnant.." Germany spoke as he looked at America relaxing on the couch now as Italy was asking him a ton of questions.

England looked at the German. "Whenever there is a nation needs that a representative for a piece of land in it's nation then the respective nation can produce a child." He said as he looked at him taking a sip of tea and sitting in a nearby chair, Germany sat in a chair adjacent to the other nation.

"Why so many questions?" England asked as he chuckled, Italy was hugging America's stomach as he spoke Italian happily. America was laughing with a hint of confused look in his eyes.

"Hm? Oh. Prussia mentioned something about a story and that I should come and see you.." Germany said as he looked at the American.

"Oh my the bambino kicked!" Italy said as he moved away from America looking worried. "Did I hurt it? Oh goodness did I hurt you?" America laughed happily. "No! The baby thinks you're England." He said as he smiled. "One is always really eager to kick the other not so much."

"America and I were already together so we decided that it would be best to create the children between us… Though Actually it was America that needed the children." England explained.

"Yeah I've been having a bit of trouble keeping an eye on Hawaii and Alaska!" America said happily. "So in turn we decided that the best idea would be to have a child of our origin to watch over them." England explained as America massaged the side of his stomach.

Italy looked at the English speaking nation. "Two at once though?" He asked.

"That was merely an accident though it seems to have been to our advantage." England proceeded to explain. "Honestly when America asked me about the idea I said it was blasphemy and not to waste my time with such nonsense."

"I told Iggy he was an idiot!" America said happily. "And 'challenged' him to a 'fight' in bed."

"Then that hamburger devouring idiot began visiting the loo every morning on a regular basis." England said crossing his legs as he remembered. "Then he asked me for tea. Bloody hell that's when I became worried."

America laughed happily. "It's amazing how you live with someone for a few years and they know you inside and out!"

"I'll ignore the obvious perversion of that last statement you git." England said as he began to blush like mad.

_After hours of talking amongst one another Germany finally had worked up the nerves to ask England what he thought about the situation. He clenched his hands together as Italy noticed his strain. Germany's palms were sweating and he looked so very confused and worried.

"England how could you determine besides the sickness and the craving that America was pregnant?" He asked as Italy got up and moved over to him.

"Well.." England thought a moment. "Mainly the fairies told me but just to make sure I forced America to take a test." He said.

"Damn thing turned out to be positive too!" America cried. "I was humiliated."

"Aww shut it." He said smiling. "The little babes are healthy and strong. Mainly it seems that they have inherited their mum's strength." He said."Yeah! Dude! One night I rolled over and nuzzled into Iggy's back and the quiet one landed a huge kick and almost scared England out of bed." America said as he laughed. "Hey I'm felling a bit restless I'm gonna make dinner." He said as he got up slowly.

"Not too long!" England yelled.

"Yeah, yeah, got it Mr. mom." America yelled back at him.

"Uh.. Where was I? Oh yes." He looked at Germany. "Have you noticed any weight gain or taken a test lad?"

Italy looked at him. "We've noticed that Germany's pants were getting tighter. He had to order a few sizes larger. Oh also for almost two moths he threw up, and he lost his usual craving for beer!"

Germany's eyes widened as England smiled. "It seems you stating all those symptoms together has answered your own question."

"Italia…" Germany took his hand and held it.

"Huh? What Germany?" He looked at him a bit clueless.

"Italia.. I'm pregnant." Germany spoke as the smaller Italian man looked stunned and then smiled and began crying happily.

"Huh?" America asked as he looked into the room. "What did I miss?" England just sighed softly.

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