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Chapter 4: Realization

Germany was lying on his back as he stared at the unforgiving ceiling blank and white as the snow that covered the fields of his home in winter. His lover was sleeping on his arm as he snored softly, Germany sighed uneasy about all this news. He wondered how his love could of accepted this with such ease, a child, not just an ordinary child would enter their lives, and change them forever.

In the other room he could hear the muffled voices of America and England talking. They seemed to take the news well but England had a lot of experience raising colonies and nations for Germany this would be the first time something so young had entered his life. It would almost be like raising two kids since Italy was still sometimes very immature about things, his thinking was interrupted by Italy moving a bit as he looked at him.

"Germany.." He spoke softly in his sleep.

"Gute Nacht Italia." He spoke softly as he turned onto his side facing Italy and smiled. Germany and Italy's plane flight was cancelled due to a massive thunderstorm entering the surrounding area. The rain was pounding onto the widows with amazing force as England sat calmly in his chair and sipped his tea seemingly unaffected by the current weather conditions.

America was actually napping on the couch through all the massive noise outside, occasionally he would move some to get comfortable again. Every time America would move England would look up and watch him until he settled again. Germany observed every single action that occurred between the couple. He had noticed that America seemed constantly exhausted, well compared to his normal energy levels. England however seemed to be accustomed to this behavior as he noticed Germany staring at the American.

"Ah, the lad is always catching naps throughout the day." He said as he sat down his book looking at the German nation. "Even though we are immortal beings the children we carry are comparative to demigods." He spoke. "They only will exist as long as the land they represent does." He said as he looked at him. "Unlike you and I our land will always exist and so will we… But as time goes on the land that the little one's represent may be taken and fall into another nation's hands." He paused looking worried. "In that case the nation that takes the land will have the opportunity to kill them, and take their lives and land just like spoils of war."

Germany looked shocked and glanced around to see if Italy was near. "So you're saying the children… Can… die?"

"Exactly." England spoke as he looked at America. "I doubt our children run a risk of that happening to them but we will fight for them that is certain." He said as he smiled. "I owe America that much."

Germany looked down at the floor his mind was now filled with worry. He in the middle of the European nations had a lot to worry about. There was Russia, France, Spain, and maybe even Switzerland who would be more than a little pleased to cause even more harm to the still suffering nation. Taking his only child's life would be a definite blow to the nation.

"Don't worry so much." England spoke. "Remember.. We never took the war personally as nations it was the people's decision that forced you to fight against us…. Or so I want to believe." He spoke as he looked at America.

"I'm worried about Russia." He spoke.

England nodded. "That's understandable lad. He's practically at your doorstep." He looked at him and felt pity, Germany and Japan had the hardest time recovering from the war and all the other nations knew it, so in an act of kindness he stood setting down his saucer and teacup and walked over to the German. England held out his hand. "We will in any way, nation to nation try and help you and Italy raise your child."

Germany looked up at the man and then he looked down to the hand that was outstretched. "I'm sorry England I can't my boss would kill me."

"Then we will do it, human to human?" He asked as America began to wake up, stretching lazily apparently he was now to uncomfortable to sleep.

"Thank you for the offer and please don't be offended, but I can't accept." He spoke as England looked a little disappointed his over sized eyebrows only dramatizing the expression..

"The offer always stands." England said as America got up and walked over hugging the island nation as he always did and then he frowned. "England I'm hungry…."

"Perfecto!~" Italy said happily. "I just finished the pasta!"

"Good cause I'm starving." America said as he rubbed his stomach Germany almost paled at the though of him looking like America in a few months time. England chuckled at the German's face and followed America to the kitchen.

"This is amazing Italy but not as good as hamburgers." America said happily as he laughed.

"My British cuisine is far superior but this is at least more delectable than that French slop France tries to serve me."

"Buon appetito everyone!" Italy said happily as he served Germany his favorite meal. The smaller nation had gotten used to the German's taste for potatoes, so he cooked them for him almost everyday.

"Thank you Italia." Germany said happily as he began chopping his potatoes and then mashing them. Then he paused getting up.

Italy glanced up as he looked confused. "Something wrong Germany?"

"No." He said as he took half a bowl of pasta drenching it in marinara sauce and sat it down in front of him then in an act of pure absurdity he took and raked all the potatoes off the plate and into the pasta.

Italy was almost offended until he realized HIS Germany was eating his spaghetti with potatoes mixed in, he's never done that before. "Uh Germany are you feeling alright?"

England had dropped his fork and America was chuckling.

"Huh what?" He looked down at what he had almost eaten.

"Germany…" Italy looked confused. "I didn't think you liked my tomato marinara.."

"Italia.. No offense but I usually don't.." Germany said as he began to eat it without another word, apparently his stomach was more demanding than an explanation.

"Lets hope he doesn't crave England's cooking!" America said laughing happily.

"You ate my cooking without complaint! You even asked me to cook it for you, you git!" England fussed at him as America laughed happily.

"Love you too England." America said happily as he laid a hand on his stomach. "Wow Italy your cooking is fantastic the twins love it!" England pouted at the remark as Italy smiled.

"Gratzie America!" Italy said happily as he finished and watched Germany closely, finally his lover was eating well, he could forgive how strange the mix was. The Italian was just thankful his lover's appetite had returned.

"Italia that was wunderbar, Danke." He spoke, he always thanked him in that manner for food. Italy smiled and licked the corner of his lover's mouth were a small amount of sauce remained. Germany watched him as a small blush formed.

England blushed and America smirked. "You never lick my mouth England." He said seeming a bit disappointed behind a smile.

"You never do your own laundry America!" England retorted as America grabbed him by the waist. "Release me you git!" He cried as he looked at America who in turn pulled him into a kiss embarrassing the island nation further.

"Oh no… did I do something wrong?" Italy asked cutely as he saw the English speaking nations fighting.

"Oh Italia…" Germany sighed as he looked at him. "Kiss me?" Italy smiled and nodded happily as he kissed his German nation passionately.

After another day's stay the Italian and German were finally able to return home to Rome. Italy was eager to get back and prepare for the baby, though in all honesty the idea hadn't really settled in. Germany and Italy both agreed, no doctors no hospitals. Germany had attained a phobia of the places since the second world war and who could blame him? Italy wasn't really quite certain of the whole idea though he knew traditionally babies had been born at home, or so that's what Austria had taught him.


"Hm? What Italia?"

"What's this feeling.. My heart hurts sometimes especially now when I think about the baby and you carrying it. I've felt it since I realized were having a baby…"

"Oh.." He chuckled. "It's called worry. You'll get used to it."

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Gute Nacht Italia - Good Night Italy.

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