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A few weeks had passed since the couple had learned about Germany's pregnancy, England had called them a few days later and told them that the twins were healthy and America was fine. Amazingly Germany seemed a bit more calm after learning about the successful birth. The German nation had begun eating a bit more and to the couple's surprise Prussia hadn't visited abruptly throughout that time.

"I must of really pissed off East.." Germany thought as he frowned, the water he was drinking was sweating from the heat of the open villa. Then Germany sat down the book he was reading and gently pressed his hand to his stomach. It was so hard for him to accept, America had a reason to have a baby, so why did he need one?

"No fratello! You let go of me!" Germany removed his hand immediately when he heard a loud-mouthed Italian yelling outside.

"Mein Gott not Romano…" Germany sighed as he stood up and was going to try and make a swift exit, though it was to no avail. The door slammed open and a very pissed looking Romano stood in the doorway as well as Italy with the groceries from town.

"You potato sucking bastard!" He cried as he pointed his finger at him accusingly. "How dare you try to steal my fratello away! You trying to use him as your stay in home man wife!"

Germany sighed as Italy walked over to him. "Sorry Germany. Spain told him.."

"But we didn't tell Spain.." Germany said as he looked a little bewildered.

"America told just about every nation in Europe." Italy spoke as concern washed over him, they had completely blocked Romano out.

"Oh dear." Germany spoke as he looked at Italy. "Is that why my bruder hasn't came by?"

Italy shook his head. "No I've heard rumors that he's been claiming Canada's vital regions." He spoke happily before entering the kitchen to put away the recently acquired food. Romano however was still going at it until Italy reappeared, walked quickly by his lover and shoved a tomato in Romano's mouth.

"Now fratello eat a tomato and be happy.. Ve~" Italy spoke, was it possible that he had actually gotten annoyed, no that wasn't it. With a gentle turn toward Germany he understood, the look of concern on Italy's face was enough to explain why he had behaved so oddly.

Italy moved over to Germany. "Are you okay Germany?" Those words were so comforting to the larger nation as he nodded, Italy's concern instantly turned into a smile as he went off. "I'll be in the kitchen."

Romano was quietly eating the simple tomato pacifying the raging Italian, the brother to Italy was almost a perfect duplicate though his curl was towards the front of his head and faced to the right. Then a thought crossed his mind, twins he had noticed had so many similarities though their personalities were always different. He frowned deciding not to think about it anymore the horrors of Auschwitz creeping back into his mind from the dark depths of his memories.

"Italia…" Germany had walked into the kitchen. "I'll be in our room. I'm going to lie down."

"Alright Germany." He walked over and kissed him softly on the lips. "Ti amo, Germany." He spoke.

The Germany was never honestly a heavy sleeper, well not until he found himself needing to supply energy to two hearts and another life constantly growing within him. He could hear Italy's loudmouthed bruder talking with him, probably catching up they hadn't seen each other in months. Germany with a contented sigh allowed himself to drift off to sleep.

"This dream. I've had it before years ago, when Italia joined the allies."

"It's snowing…" The German reached out his hand to see the white flakes of frozen rain hit his palm and melt instantly. The landscape was grey with trees lining the distance, he looked around to see if there was anyone, then he looked down at his uniform the WWII uniform he wore with such pride back in the days of war. There was a road with tracks from heavy vehicles that appeared in front of him. And then as he took his first uncertain step he appeared outside a heavily barricaded facility with high fences and razor wire.

"What is this?"

The German asked himself as he approached the officers entryway. Then he saw their faces, captives of war forced into the vile camps, hundreds dying each day the site was mortifying. He closed his eyes wishing for this to disappear and thankfully I did. As he opened his eyes they fell upon his leader during that horrible war as he explained his plans to the personified nation, he had to serve his furher as long as the nation's people wished to. The German could only nod in agreement with the plans and go along with whatever his boss thought was fit. He never wanted to enact all that horrible torture onto those poor people. He closed his eyes once more.

He was in a small deserted German town after the war, it had been abandoned. The German's heart wept with sadness as he took in every inch of the ruin that laid ahead of him. His footsteps making a soft crunch in the thick snow. He paused when he heard a noise, it was softer than a wing beat of a bird, though somehow he could hear it. So familiar.. He knew this voice, and yet he didn't.. The began to run towards the direction of the sound. He was panting as worry covered his face he threw down his gun and took off his army satchel and kept running at full force. The snow thinned and the sun's rays covered a beautiful field of wheat as the German paused standing as his eyes fell into the auburn pools of his lover.

"Germany… The war is over…" Italy spoke in his dream holding his arms out open and wide. He was dressed in simple blue pants and a white shirt, Germany was dressed in matching attire only with Khaki pants and a blue shirt and messy hair that when down resembled his brother's. The German ran full force tackling the smaller nation to the ground as they both laughed happily. Germany held him tight and buried his face into Italy's neck.

"Don't ever leave me again Italia.." This was the memory of when they reunited after Italy joined the Allies. He didn't blame the small nation he was only looking out for the best interests of his people and nation. Italy hugged him back and began crying as he ran his finger's through his hair.

"I missed you so much Germany…" The smaller nation began to tear up as he kissed him passionately letting the fresh emotion stain his rosy cheeks as Germany looked up and gently wiped them away. Germany tried to hide his eyes as his own tears threatened to spill over, Italy took his chin and guided his lover's lips back to his own.

"I thought you weren't coming back Italia.." He spoke his eyes full of worry as he gently guided his lover's forehead to his own. They touched and they gazed into one another's soul knowing at that moment in that amazing wheat field in rural Germany, Italia was there for him, and he would always be there for Italia..

Germany was expecting to awaken at this moment, he usually did wake up and would walk around and find his lover and hug him from behind. And then gently kiss his cheek which would make him utter a soft Vee~ and then they would talk this was different, the dream continued.

Italy and Germany were in his villa in Rome they were laying in bed and Italy's beautiful caramel colored eyes were looking at something. Germany looked down from his lover to the object of his gaze, a taunt mound of flesh just below Germany's chest his stomach, his eyes widened, his stomach wasn't that big, not yet anyway. Italy was humming softly as he rubbed circles into the large bump as Germany watched feeling at peace. Then his brows furrowed and he felt something in his stomach.

"Vee~ The baby is kicking Germany!" Italy spoke as Germany smiled softly at Italy.

Germany awoke seconds later as his hands was laying over the slight bulge under his shirt when he noticed what had awoken him. The baby was kicking, moving, something! He got up almost instantly as he paused he had to gain his balance the move was so quick it made him dizzy. After he regained his composure he was running to Italia, he didn't know if he could even feel it move but he wanted to be there with Italy so he could share this moment.

Italy looked up as he heard Germany approaching. Germany immediately took his lover's hand and placed it on the bump. "Italia.. The baby is kicking."

"Vee!~" Italy gently laid his hands on Germany's stomach as if it were precious china. He looked at him as he smiled. "Such a strong baby!" He spoke happily as Romano watched the cute interaction, though he always wore a frown he smiled underneath, his fratello was going to be an amazing parent.

Germany could feel emotion welling up in his chest as he refused to allow it to spill over as he gritted his teeth. Italy sensed that the nation was straining as he took his hand and smiled, he placed it to his cheek as he smiled. "Ti amo, Germany.."

"Italia.." Germany spoke as he smiled hiding his eyes as fresh tears trailed down his face. Romano turned away feeling it was best not to show any interests in the German nation's newfound ability to cry.

"I am turning into a vussy, girl!" He yelled his tears drying up immediately as he frowned at his lover. Italy just smiled at the taller German as he wiped the tears away. "Germany~ You have cried before, it's okay to cry when your happy!~" Italy said as he looked at his lover smiling happily. Germany hugged him tight as he picked up the smaller Italian in the bear hug as Italy returned the gesture. Romano was frowning still as he looked back, he was happy seeing his fratello happy.

Germany released his lover from the hug as he sat him down gently. Italy smiled at him as Germany took a seat at their dining table as he talked to Romano about his garden and the recent occurrences in South Italy and in Spain. While the German talked to his lover's brother he was gently stroking his stomach wishing health and happiness for his and Italy's child.

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