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"Buongiorno potato bastard.." Romano said from the kitchen, finally Germany was back on schedule waking before his lover though in all honesty he was going to bed hours before the Italian was.

"Guten morgen Romano.." Germany was trying to pacify the active child, the babe had a habit of activity in the morning and at night just before bed. Romano was avoiding Spain apparently since he had remained over at Italy's house for two weeks.

"Eat something warm.." Romano spoke in a serious but knowledgeable tone, his demeanor was so much more different than his brother's, he slouched occasionally, he ate noisily, he was foul mouthed, and on top of all that he was terrible at cleaning.

"Alright.." He said as he got up to get himself some porridge.

"Dammit! You put that down!" Romano proceeded to smack his hand. "I'm already cooking something you'll enjoy potato bastard so be patient!" He looked ready to throw knives at the German.

Germany withdrew his hand rubbing it softly to soothe the pain the smack had caused. If Germany could of shrunk at this moment he would of… or at least found the ability to move, he unfortunately was frozen into place by the Italian's outburst.

"Hm.." Romano poked Germany's stomach gently. "Interesting… So it doesn't hurt?"

"Not until you jabbed me no.." Germany said rubbing the spot.

"Oh… yeah." Romano grumbled softly.

"Buongiorno!~" Italy said happily as he walking in looking at his brother and Germany. "Germany? How is the bambino?" He asked as he rubbed his lover's stomach.

Romano sighed softly now as he pretended to seem uninterested. He was now quietly frowning and stirring the contents of a pot slowly. He was listening to his brother and his lover talk about the baby happily.

"So Romano! You need to take me to town.." He spoke softly as he looked at his brother who sighed frowning. "Gratzie Romano!" The silent sigh was a yes without him actually uttering the word.

After breakfast Germany was laying on the couch in the living room as he rested. There was a warm breeze gently wafting through the villa as he felt the presence of his child. Over the last day he had already gotten used to the baby's active nature. He had already guessed that the child had Italy's amazing energy.

The German nation was beginning to notice his recent weight gain as he felt his cheeks warm, he was blushing. He sat up and looked around at the villa as he decided some fresh air would be nice. He stood outside looking at a nearby field packed to the brim with grapes. Italy was indeed a beautiful country…

Meanwhile in town the bothers were buying local produce at the market. Italy frowned as he was picking out wurst for his love. He had one basket as his brother carried another. The cashier who always waited on Italy or Romano looked surprised.

"Oh my you boys must be planning a party with all this food." He said happily as he looked at Italy.

"No we just have some company over so we wanted to make sure we had plenty." Italy spoke happily as he looked at the cashier. He smiled at the boys who were so very some in appearance but incredibly different at the same time.

After leaving the market Italy soon got distracted as he paused and ran into another shop quickly and returned holding a jar in his hand. The walls of the glass container were clear so it was easy to see what the contents consisted of. It was a golden color and very viscous something that Germany always asked the Italian to get for him when it was the proper season,. Honey was the German's weakness, well that along with wurst and potatoes.

Italy was walking along the road back home, Italy and Germany both owned vehicles though Italy rarely used his for short distances. Romano was lecturing him about babies and how hard they are to care for, and how tired and moody Germany would be later in the pregnancy. Italy actually seemed to be retaining all the information as he looked at him nodding occasionally. Then the thought settled into his mind as tears welled up from fear.

"Romano? What if I'm a bad father?" He asked looking worried.

Romano raised an eyebrow as he sighed a little annoyed now. "Don't worry Italians are naturals at loving, especially you fratello Germany and your baby are lucky."

"You really think so?" He asked as he paused looking as something in the distance.

"Yeah, whatcha looking at fratello?" Romano spoke as he looking in the same direction.

"That looks like Prussia…" Italy spoke softly as he began running towards his villa.

"Bruder?" Germany looked up covering his stomach with a blanket.

Prussia had kicked the door in as Gilbird chirped loudly and settled onto Germany's head meaning that Prussia was mad about something. He walked over to him and flopped down on the couch reeking of beer as Germany focused on not puking, his favorite drink was now his greatest enemy. Prussia grabbed onto his brother sobbing 'Mr. Awesome' knew Germany wouldn't tell anyone about this moment of weakness.

"West I'm going to be a vati." He said looking as Germany as his eyes widened at the comment.

"What Bruder?" He was in shock, he knew he'd be a great dad but who was it with?

"Poor Matty… I didn't mean for all this." He spoke curling up to Germany who sighed.

"Bruder your getting my shirt wet…." Germany spoke as Prussia released and watched him.

"NO Prussia Germany can not go drinking with you tonight!" Italy cried as he burst through the door. Of course the Germans just looked at him oddly. Prussia dried his face quickly and stood in the Italian's way.

"Italy me and my bruder need some alone time!" Prussia demanded as Italy stomped on his precious foot Prussia whimpered in response.

"I said no Prussia!" Italy yelled in retort as he frowned. "You can stay here but Germany is not leaving the villa…"

"But…" Prussia began to complain.

"No! Germany is staying home! Right Vee~?" Itay looked at Germany as he nodded looking scared.

"Fine.." Prussia said as Italy walked passed them and into the kitchen, Romano stood in the doorway trying to understand what just happened. Prussia sat beside his brother as Gilbird happily ruffled the younger brother's perfect hair.

"Nien Gilbird.." Germany said as he tried to get the bird out.. Instead the little bird fluttered down to Germany's belly settling down there, finally Prussia noticed.

"West.. Your fat." He complained at him, as Germany cried on the inside not wanting to tell him.

"I know bruder.. Italy's cooking is really good I must have been overeating.." He lied as he looked at him.

"West you're terrible at lying tell me the truth… Is it from the war debt?" He asked looking concerned.

"No bruder." Germany spoke sternly.

"Come on don't lie to your awesome bruder.. What are you hiding west?" Prussia said swatting Gilbird away and pulling off the blanket as Germany sighed heavily. "You know Russia is big right? It's nothing to hide I won't judge ya West.." Prussia said hugging him.

"No bruder I'm…" Germany tried to speak but Romano cut in.

"Tu sei stupido, he's pregnant." Romano said rather bluntly as he stood now in the kitchen migrating there during the two German's talk. Italy smiled at him as he hugged Romano dragging him back into the kitchen. "Fratello let go of me!" He cried struggling as Italy continued to smile.

"Sorry bruder I was meaning to tell you about the baby.." He spoke avoiding the Prussan's red eyed gaze.

"West! A baby? A nation having a baby is something to be proud of!" Prussia said jumping up excitedly. "This is totally awesome! I'm gonna be a super awesome uncle and spoil it!" He said as he hugged his bruder again and looked at Gilbird. "Gilbird remind me to go shopping!" He said as Gilbird chirped in reply.

"See ya later West gonna go brag on ya!" He yelled happily running off.

"Italia?" Germany walked into the kitchen watching the two brothers cook.

"Vee? Germany?" He looked up from cutting potatoes.

"Thank you Italia.." Germany spoke as his cheeks grew warm.

"Anything for you two." He said as he kissed Germany and gently rubbed his belly, in turn the baby kicked making both the nations chuckle. "The bambino is so strong already.." He spoke smiling as Germany looked at his lover.

"I believe the baby loves it's vati very much." He spoke softly as he pulled his smaller Italian into a hug.

"Si… I believe that the bambino loves us both very much." Italy corrected him gently after all Germany was the baby's mother…

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