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"HELLO EVERYONE AND WELCOME TO ANOTHER WORLD CONFERENCE MEETING!~" America cried happily as he stood at one end of the table, a lot moreenergetic that a few weeks ago. His enormous stomach had all but disappeared and England was holding one of the reasons why. He was sleeping soundly in his fathers arms as he occasionally moved from a noise or sound and then settled again. Germany was observing the English gentleman, and then remembered America had twins, where was the other baby?

"America be careful with her.." England reminded him as he frowned.

"Okay England…" He said as he sat down holding his jacket in an odd manner. There she was, America was holding her in his jacket, the room was rather cold Germany guessed as he noticed the baby England was holding was wrapped in a blue blanket with bears on it.

"Felicitations pour vous deux!" France exclaimed as America blushed.

"Honestly France, dude it's not that big a deal." America said as he moved the little girl a bit, she was very vocal as small noises could be heard occasionally.

"No it iz just I am amazed zat zey are so beautiful non?" He said as he grinned at them.

" Have to be agreeing with France, it is surprising." Russia said as he smiled at them.

Finally what France had said reached the inner workings of England's mind as he growled. "What's that supposed to mean you frog?" He cried as he pointed an accusing finger at him.

"I was giving you a compliment you silly Anglais." France said as he sat.

England just grumbled and hummed gently to the boy in his arms. He was very motherly though it was expected of the nation who had a hand on several colonies in his existence. In fact England was so distracted by his new brood that he rarely said anything during the whole meeting. Germany however stood and began to explain the situation in Europe and how they should manage nuclear energy and the waste it causes.

"West…" Prussia was snickering. "Please just shut it and sit down! I can't take you seriously with you being all pregnant! My awesomeness can't stand it!"

"Verdammit Bruder shut up!" He yelled pointing a finger at him.

Canada was looking around as he remained unnoticed and sighed softly he was actually grateful for his invisibility at this point in the meetings. Alfred was rocking his daughter whispering cute little nothings to her as she giggled. France was flirting with an assistant, Russia was smiling at China as he remained a little standoffish, Sweden was glaring at Denmark, Poland was flirting with Lituania, Prussia was motioning inappropriate things to Canada, and last but not least Italy was drawing on Germany's agenda paper.

"You know…" Germany spoke. " I think we should adjourn the meeting early.. We all have matters we would rather turn our attention to and honestly the state of world affairs is somewhat steady.. Next meeting is in three months."

Surprised looks were shot from almost every nation as they looked at Germany. Germany looked exhausted and seemed to want some more sleep than to talk about nothing. He looked at Italy and smiled then he stood up and walked out.

"I like pregnant Germany!" America said happily as he cuddled his daughter who giggled in delight.

"Italy?" Germany spoke softly to him as he brushed his hair to the side.

"Hm? Is the baby okay?" He asked as he looked up at him.

"Fine, sleeping I think." He spoke.

"That's great.. I'm glad."

"You feeling okay?"

"Fine, tired.."

"Yeah traveling always has worn you out."


Germany and Italy had a small room in a train all to themselves. It insured that they weren't targeted or the baby and Germany weren't in danger. Germany was gazing out the window as he heaved a deep sigh. He was worried now about a lot of stuff. Children, especially newborns were expensive and his country wasn't exactly the richest, neither was Italy's but he assured himself they would manage. He loved the scenic train ride they always took on their way home from world conference meetings. The beautiful rural landscape made him smile and feel an inner peace not usually felt by the nation who constantly worried. The soft clangs of the train only added to the nostalgic feel as he remembered the years he spent with Prussia when he was growing up. He then began to rub his stomach as he thought more and more about those days of what he could assume was his youth.

"Germany?" Italy looked up at him then he noticed the soft smile and the soft gaze and knew this time wasn't best to mention that he was hungry.

It was several hours and dark by the time they arrived at Germany's home in Berlin. The taller nation stretched and yawned softly he slept as well on the ride. Italy smiled gently and looked around taking in the scenery. The home Germany owned in Berlin was on the outskirts of the huge city and it was best that they actually rest in the city that night and make their way home tomorrow.

"Germany lets rest here.. Vee.." He spoke as he looked around and smiled. "The city is beautiful.."

"Yes.. It's my favorite.." Germany said softly as he gazed at his smaller lover.

"Your city certainly has started to thrive in these last few decades." He said happily as he suddenly hid behind his lover avoiding a few large Germany females who terrified the poor Italian.

Germany just sighed and smiled at his smaller lover, the baby gave an excited kick of energy surprising it's mother for an instant as he sighed again.

They walked into a hotel though Germany seemed distracted by something as his flirtatious lover talked up the female clerk. He walked over to a window and looked out and for a moment the past was reflected in his eyes as he saw a war ravaged Berlin with people running through the streets in fear and the sound of gunfire filling the air.

Italy looked concerned and gently entwined his hand into Germany's as the larger nation blinked and blushed looking down.

"Italia?" He spoke.

"What were you looking at Germany?"

"Nothing, just thinking.." He spoke as he frowned. "Got our room key?"

"Si! Of course!" He said excitedly as he took his and attempted to carry Germany's bag as well as his. Germany smiled and attempted to help him.

Italy smacked his hand. "No! I am doing this for you!" He barked as he was only able to drag his and Germany's bag as Germany smiled and watched. He knew that if he attempted again he would in turn get smacked and even though Italy was frail and smaller than he his hand fucking hurt it was like a snake bite!

"Danke Italia.. Baby thanks you too.." He spoke as he smiled kissing him as a thank you.

Italy smiled overwhelmed with pride for completing the task. He looked at his German lover and then at the city from their large upscale room. The city was adored with soft shimmering lights as he smiled.

"Oh.. Italia calm your babe!" Germany complained as he laid back on the bed, Germany would never tell Italy that whenever he spoke loudly it stirred the baby, in fact Italy believed it moved and kicked when it missed it's papa.

"Oh naughty bambino! Giving Germany a hard time?" He asked giggling as he laid beside Germany pulling up the tighter shirt to reveal a growing mound of flesh growing larger day by day.

"Italia?" Germany looked at his lover and smiled softly.

"Sorry I'm not sure if you wanted the title of mama or papa, so I will call you Germany still." He spoke as he smiled kissing his German lover one more time before soft murmurs and humming lead the happy couple

into a restful sleep.

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