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"West was fucking awesome for letting us all off easy from the last meeting." Prussia said as he kicked off his boots. He and Canada had finally made it back to Canada's rural retreat in the vast wilderness.

"Prussia…" Canada looked at him sighing. "Put your boots away."

Prussia grumbled. "That's no way to show your appreciation to the awesome new papa."

Canada sighed and smirked. "Gilbert.. You're the momma… And promise you'll try not to drink as much anymore eh?"

"Momma isn't very awesome!" He yelled throwing a pillow at Canada.

"Neither is you being an ass towards your brother at the meeting!" He said as he frowned.

"The awesome me is never an ass!" He said loudly as he grinned. "Plus you only topped that one time cause I was too drunk to realize what I agreed to!"

Canada just smiled as he sat beside his lover. He gazed at his white haired lover as he patted his hair. He was drawn into Prussia's crimson eyes, he claimed Prussia's mouth in a competitive kiss. Then hair started to get pulled and soft moans filled the room.

"Oh Canada you naughty little country!" Prussia said as he growled. "I may be Preggo but I am still the awesome boss in this house!"

"Sure, Sure, love." He spoke as he just smiled afterwards with a soft sigh. "You know I will need to tell my brother and England the news."

"But Canada if you tell them then West will find out and then I'm screwed. He wouldn't let me live it down he laugh at me and then I'll be miserable. I mean Mattie you've already taken my beer away don't take what's left of my manhood!"

"He won't… Germany is much more respectable than that. That honestly sounds a lot more like something Alfred would do." Canada spoke as he smiled at his pregnant lover.

Meanwhile in Germany the cottage that Italy and Germany were living in was being cleaned by the large German occupant as the smaller Italian continued cooking in the kitchen. Italy was becoming even more affectionate as of late which gave Germany some comfort since he always worried about upsetting his lover.

"Finally zat is finished." Germany spoke as he admired the final room being completely free of dust and cobwebs. Then a kick emitted within his bump making him chuckle. The little one seemed to be getting more active too.

"Germany~ Lunch is finished come and eat dear~" Italy called from downstairs of the two story cottage.

"Coming Italia." Germany spoke as he came down the stairs, even with his stomach he looked as if he could kick anyone's ass.

Italy seemed even more upbeat and happy than usual and with their current situation it was even more surprising. He and Germany had been so worried at first but now everything was slowly becoming more relaxed and natural between the soon to mutti and vati. Germany still wondered though why he was carrying a child, he couldn't think of any reason why he needed a representative for his land. Except maybe it was to help seal relations between countries.

"Italia why do you think we are having a baby?" Germany asked his Italian lover.

"It's what is supposed to happen I guess." He said as he smiled happily. "Plus you're becoming a very sweet mama!" He said as he rubbed Germany's belly gently.

"Italia…" He spoke as he sighed. "I'm worried I may not be the most affectionate mutti and that our child will suffer because of it."

"Germany it comes naturally, just like our love." Italy said as he kissed Germany's tummy making the large man smile. "I'm so jealous of England and America's twins. They're so adorable!~"

"Italia.. Your pasta is burning…" Germany spoke as he pointed making the Italian scramble off in a rush, he in turn chuckled lightheartedly, that was an easy way to get the affectionate Italian off him.

Germany smiled and wondered sometimes how he even let that little Italian worm his way into his heart but he was so happy he did. Though he was sure his words often confused or even hurt his little Italian he prayed that he always knew deep down he loved him. He watched as Italy tended to the pasta and prepared it as the German snuck up behind him and hugged him from behind. At first Italy was stunned but he chuckled looking up at him he was noticing Germany definitely had become more affectionate as of late, but hell why would the nation of lovers complain about that?

After a bit they both settled down to a peaceful dinner that is until there was a rather loud and obnoxious knocking at the door.

"Verdammt! Who ze hell is bozering us now!" Germany yelled as he got up throwing his lap towel on the table as Italy frowned sadly and sighed as he watched his lover answer the door. He opened it as he frowned with a look of pure annoyance.

"WEST!" A familiar white haired man cried as he jumped onto his brother. "Thank god your home!"

"Gilbert! Stop it your hurting me and the baby!" Germany barked as he tried to shove the man off him. "What ze hell are you doing here anyway?"

"Matty! I mean Canada kicked me out cause I the Awesome Prussia refused to tell you…." He mumbled off the rest of the sentence.

"Huh? Dammit bruder speak up." Germany frowned as he rubbed his stomach, great now I'll never keep anything down, he thought.

"Well the awesome me… Sorta kinda lied to you West." He said adverting his gaze, pregnant Germany had been really harsh with the recent mood swings.

"Veeee!" Italy darted off somewhere as a dark aura surrounded Germany. "About what bruder?"

"S-sorry! It's just I ! Please don't kill me!" He begged in a most un awesome fashion. "You would want to end your awesome little niece or nephews life would you?" He asked in a state of panic and fear.

"Ve?" Italy appeared out of a closet as he dusted himself off.

"Huh? Niece or nephew?" Germany paused in the momentary angry momma Germany mode to process the last few sentences. "East? Your PREGNANT?" He yelled as his eyes widened.

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