This is a Italy X Germany mpreg story

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Disclaimer: Hetalia concept and it's character's belong to Hidekaz Himaruya.

A few weeks had passed and with it Germany was settling into the last trimester of his pregnancy and was feeling horrible. Italy had noticed this too as he occasionally checked on the soon to be mother. They were both a bit anxious but currently worry took dominance over any other thought. He was filling out paperwork and while he read. Also while he read he often sighed his hand rubbing circles into the mound of flesh containing their babe.

"Germany?" Italy walked in bringing him some tea. "Maybe you should see America and England again…"

"Hm why Italia?" He asked taking the warm cup into his hands as he smiled.

Italy was so thoughtful."Ve~ Well America just had a bambino and bambina and it would make since to ask him how he dealt with some of the pain." He seemed a bit got up and hugged his smaller Italian and gave him a short kiss.

"I believe you have a good idea there Italia.""Gratzie!" He spoke happily. "I'll pack your things and I can stay here and watch the home!~"

"You're not coming Italia?" He sounded disappointed.

"I can't Germany I'm not on vacation." He spoke happily as he rubbed Germany's stomach. "Plus you need to travel a bit before the bambino is born."Germany smiled softly and agreed with him ordering a ticket to England's home once again.

This time it seemed the country was in a better mood, the sun was out and the people were bustling. Germany had called beforehand and asked if it was okay for him to stay for a while. Moving within the crowds didn't prove to be to difficult. It was somewhat easy for the tall man to conceal his condition under a long coat and during the ride on a train and on a boat he always seemed to have a private place of some sort. When he arrived in England he located the nations beautiful house and stood in awe for a moment. He then walked up to the door of the English nations home and waited for an answer.

"Oh dude you're here!" America said happily holding a little girl in his arms.

"Oh America." He looked at him and then noticed the little girl cooing happily in his arms.

"This is Elizabeth." He said as she looked up at German and whimpered.

"Am I scaring her?" He asked as he gripped onto her mom's bomber jacket.

"No she's very shy to strangers, she did the same when Canada came to visit." He spoke as she began to coo again looking up to her mother for attention..

"America what does she represent?" Germany asked as he brought in his things.

"Oh She's Hawaii." He spoke happily as she giggled at her mother. "Yes you are you're my little tropical state." He spoke to her softly with a hint of baby talk in his voice. Germany was dumbfounded, was this really the America who was over excitable and came up with the most obscure ideas? He looked at how gentle he was with the tiny being and understood what Italy must have meant. It came naturally.

"Oh uh England went out to some publishing company today over one of his books." He spoke as little Hawaii remained attentive and noisy much like her mother.

"Uh America didn't you have two children?" Germany spoke as he looked around for America's son.

"Oh yeah little George, he's asleep. Little fella is so quiet too we end up keeping a baby monitor on his crib all the time so we can hear when he's up." America spoke as he sat little Elizabeth into a swing and then smirked."Let me get your bags and take them upstairs for you Momma."Germany blushed at the comment still refusing the nickname his German brother had forced onto him.

"I'm perfectly capable of handling them myself…" He spoke in a stern tone as America chuckled.

"Nah, let the hero do it." He said as he took them upstairs with took the moment of absence to investigate little Hawaii closer.

"You're so tiny."She looked up at him and cooed softly as he grabbed one of the digits on his hand. She was definitely curious, and strong. He looked down at her hand enveloping the finger in a death grip. She let out another soft coo."Wow.. So powerful." He spoke as she looked at the strange man with the strange accent.

"Ah so you two have already made friends!" America said happily as he carried down a little babe dressed in blue. "This is our little George, fresh from a nap. He inherited Iggy's eyebrows but they're blond so it's barely noticeable." He said as George seemed content to nap in his mother's arms. He looked at Germany and smiled. "Ready for your's?"

"I feel like we are as ready as we will ever be.." He spoke as he felt the little one stir.

Meanwhile in Italy….

"You stupid bastard you sent him to ENGLAND!" Romano was yelling as he stalked his brother. "You're so stupid your Potato bastard is about ready to drop that kid and you send him off?" Italy frowned.

"Fratello be quiet I'm trying to clean." He spoke as he smiled.

"Stupid bastard that's my niece or nephew too!" He yelled at him as he was helping clean.

"And it's my bambino." Italy spoke as he seemed to get ready to smack him.

"You're impossible!" Romano yelled as he sighed.

Italy was actually a nervous wreck as he continued to clean and keep the baby's room neat and tidy for Germany's return. He was worried too, what would happen if the baby was born early? What would happen if he wasn't there. He wanted him home now.

Prussia was smirking at his lover as he cooked quietly at the stove. "Oi Canada.. Our kid will be so awesome."He spoke as he looked at him with a lazy smirk.

Canada sighed as he looked a little annoyed but pleasant. "Eh.. I suppose." He spoke as he smiled. "Pancakes are done my lovely ivory German." He spoke with a certain air that would never offend.

"Stop sweet talking me, you're spoiling the awesome me, and our awesome brat." He spoke as he chuckled at his Canadian lover.

"Oh.. Well I was actually hoping to get you into bed tonight." He spoke acting disinterested now. "I find that soft baby bump of your's quite attractive. But… nah… I'm too bored now." He spoke as the Prussian's jaw went slack and he just stared at him.