Author's Note: Wow. This should not have taken so long to finish up. Especially since it was already complete in my head. The actual writing it down took a while to get around to.

Some Abby & Connor (hopefully) adorableness…

Part 3: Mothering Instinct

"Just think about it Abbs. Warm, white beaches stretching as far as the eye can see. The vast blue expanse of an inland sea. A fresh, tropical breeze that flirts with your gown and teases locks of your hair becomingly about your face. The sun-

Abigail Maitland, soon to be Abigail Temple, snorted.

"Since when have you waxed so poetic?" she asked.

Connor smiled broadly. Since you said you loved me, Abby.

"Don't say it," she said, as if she could read the cheesy thought on his mind. She smiled nonetheless.

"Seriously, you have to admit it would be the best 'destination wedding' ever."

"We are not getting married in the Silurian, Connor."

He studied his future bride. It sounded like she had put her foot down. Yet her thoughtful look belied the stern statement. If she went for- ha! The lip bite. Abby hadn't dismissed the idea altogether. Then she made the mistake of glancing in his direction, their eyes meeting and she sighed, obviously knowing she was caught.

"It's too dangerous," she said. "What if the anomaly closes?"

Having the shared experience of being stuck millions of years in the past, they both shuddered. To be honest, however, Connor could not wholly regret it when the long, hard year had developed a bond between them that was virtually unknown in modern times.

"Then we'll just have to find another perfect, untouched prehistoric beach."

She glared.

"That's not what I meant and you know it."

He knew what she meant. Just, this was important to him for some reason. Okay, he knew the reason. He wanted Abby to have her special day, their day. For once, he wanted her to entirely free her feminine side. Granted, survivor and warrior was part of her identity and he loved her tough side every bit as much as the rest of her. But she deserved to be treated as a princess for a day. Hell, she deserved to be loved and pampered every single day of her life. And he would do his bloody best to make it so. But this, this just felt right.

The way she had looked so contented as they stood on that beach...

Okay, perhaps it was for selfish reasons. He wanted her to look that way when she married him.

It was obvious she remembered the serenity and beauty of that place, that stolen moment. Or else she never would've bothered to listen to so much of his speech. It was similar to the one he gave her when he convinced her to sneak with him through the anomaly like naughty teenagers through a bedroom window. Thankfully, Becker had been sent to help Emily and Matt with a creature incursion, and there was no one but their own consciences to object to their little investigative excursion. He had assured her then, that the adjustment to the handy Dating Calculator yielded conclusive results. The anomaly would stay open for another seven months. That still gave him about four more months to convince her.

"You don't trust my Dating Calculator?" he asked, trying to pinpoint the source of her uncertainty. It wasn't that they wouldn't be able to have the wedding party they wanted, due to the Official Secrets Act. Besides her brother Jack, who already well knew about anomalies, they neither had family. Those they wanted present at their wedding were their close friends, people who were practically family. And those friends were, well, also their coworkers. But he couldn't see how it was fear of the anomaly closing upon them, either. His device had been proven reliable dozens of times.

"Of course I trust your work," Abby said. "You'll never convince Lester, though, at any rate."

Connor suppressed the overwhelming urge to do a happy dance. She liked the idea. He knew it! She was going to be so damn beautiful on that beach, on that day, his wife!

She was smiling in that knowing way, as if she could read his mind, which she probably could. And while said smile was filled with amusement, it at least was not saturated with condescension or annoyance. She must truly love him, nerdtastic tendencies and all.

"Oh, I think underneath it all, Lester-"

"Oi, what're you doing here?" Abby asked. Connor furrowed his brow. Her gaze seemed to be fixed on a point somewhere behind him. He turned slowly around.


He looked down.

A small, green lizard approximately 20 centimetres in length, vaguely iguana-like. And adorning a rather smug expression for a reptile, the likes of which he had only ever seen on a certain anthropomorphized flying lizard. It blinked a black, beady eye.

"I've got him," Connor said, crouching down with his hands spread wide to corral the prehistoric lizard. It skittered one way only to be hindered by a hand, and then skittered futilely in another direction. This continued for several seconds before Connor jumped up with a loud exclamation.

"It bit me," he said, sucking on a finger. Abby raised an eyebrow at him.

"May I?" she asked before bending down and reaching out a hand to the lizard. She made a sort of clicking noise in the back of her throat and the belligerent creature hopped up into her arms without hesitation.

"I thought Emily was supposed to be taking care of you," she said to the lizard cradled in her arms. Connor moved warily closer for a better look.

"One of the Hylonomous specimens," he said. "Late Carboniferous." He winced. "Sharp teeth."

Abby sighed.

"Let me see."

Shifting the prehistoric lizard to cradle against her chest, she freed a hand to examine Connor's injury. She frowned as she saw the blood well from the small puncture and dragged him by the finger to the sink where she deftly cleansed the wound. Connor could only watch in admiration as she proceeded to dress the injury one-handed, in a manner far more competent than he could've managed with both hands. And all the while, the problematic reptile held firmly and tenderly in one arm. Had it fallen asleep? At the very least, it appeared to be extremely contented in Abby's embrace. Something Connor could not fault the little lizard for feeling.

"You'll be a great mother," he said. And that was all he said. He didn't stumble or try to take it back, or feel awkward in any way. Even a few months ago, it would've been an uncomfortable statement to make. Another case of his big, dumb mouth. But not now, now that they'd finally put all their cards on the table. They were getting married, going to spend the rest of their lives together. Someday, there would be children. And Abby was going to be so good at it. Possibly enough to make up for his faults and missteps.

He smiled at her and she beamed back at him.

Connor leaned in and kissed her gently on the lips. He couldn't believe his luck in finding a girl like Abby, let alone that she loved him even a fraction as much as he adored her. He reached his arms around her to pull her closer.

There was an odd squeak that briefly confused him.

"I don't think Harry is appreciating the hug," Abby said.

Oh, right. Stray prehistoric lizard. He stepped back.

"Harry the Hylonomous?" Connor asked. Abby shrugged. "We must be spending too much time together, because that sounds like something I'd choose."

Abby laughed. Harry squirmed a little, drawing her attention.

"We had better get you back to your friends before you cause more trouble," she told the lizard.

"Who knows what you've already stirred up."


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