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The early morning silence was broken by in insistent ringing from one young boy's bedroom. It was Max's 10th birthday and the alarm was set to remind him that it was the day he'd finally be able to start his pokemon journey.

"Ring, Ring, Ring rin…" a hand shot out and felt around for the off switch finally hitting it the alarm clock shutoff mid ring. Max groaned and clearly wanted to go back to sleep. But surprisingly he slowly sat up rubbing at his eyes clearly trying to wake up fully.

It was a valiant effort and left on his own he probably would have succeeded eventually. Fortunately or not, he soon got some assistance as a small pink cat like creature came trotting into the room. "Skitt" it called as it jumped onto the bed and then onto Max's lap. "Hello Skitty" max mumbled.

Skitty frowned at the boy who was still trying to get his eyes to open fully. He was meant to still be sleeping but after a moment of thought Skitty decided that it just made it more fun if he was already awake. She turned away and lifted her tail, which ended in a heavy arm like appendage, coiling it as she prepared to strike.

Max jerked slightly as he some how caught sight of what was about to happen. His mind began to make sense of the small glimpse he had seen and piece together what Skitty was planning. Panic filled his body as he desperately tried to make a noise of protest any noise of protest that might stop what he knew was about to come.

"Ahm awak" the words came out garbled and he tried again "I am awake," he proclaimed loudly. Seeming to ignore him Skitty gave a loud war cry and launched her double slap attack. Hitting Max repeatedly across the face before it ended. With a growl Max grabbed for the cat like pokemon but it jumped easily away and onto the floor.

Max who had lounged with his top half of his body at the Skitty who had been sitting on his lap banged his head rather forcibly against his kneecap. "Arrgh, Skitty I am going to get you" Max threatened. Skitty seemed to beam clearly pleased with a job well done. With a last call of "Skitty Skitt" she trotted happily out of the room and down the stairs.

Max still muttering threats against Skitty slowly began to change form his pajamas into his day clothes. By the time he had pulled on his shirt and grabbed his glasses from his bed stand he had calmed considerably. He remembered to grab his backpack, which was full of all the things he'd be taking with him on his journey and his Pokenav on his way out.

Max took the stairs at a run and jumped the last three; he stuck the landing and stretched happily. He smiled and closing his eyes in complete contentment much to the amusement of his mom who was fixing breakfast in the kitchen. "Yes I am finally going on my pokemon journey. I am so going to…" he trailed off as he suddenly caught sight of a certain cat pokemon napping on the couch. "Get You," roared Max, Skitty was instantly on guard and raced under the table where Max who was chasing after her soon joined her.

Skitty quickly scratched Max as he tried to grab her. The scratch caused Max to cry out and lurch up hitting his head against the bottom of the table. "Arrgh why you I'll get you for that." Max promised.

"What are you doing Max?" Caroline asked as she put a pan containing eggs and bacon on the table only for it to rock again as max bumped into it again. Mean while under the table Max and Skitty had their foreheads pressed together as they glared at each other.

"Skitty used double slap on me even though she knew I was already awake." Max accused still glaring at Skitty. A clearly pleased "Skitty" in response nearly had him foam at the mouth. I knew it why I ought to… yarrgh." Max screamed as Skitty clawed his face.

Caroline blinked "well it's good that you woke up so early but if you don't stop playing around you won't have time to eat before going to professor birch's lab." There was a small yelp and the table rocked again then Max's smiling head appeared out from under the table.

It was clear who the winner of the fight had been, as max had red claw marks all across his face. "Ah breakfast thanks mom" Max's eyes lit up on seeing the eggs, bacon, hash browns, and toast that sat on the table.

A short time later max sat up at the table and piled food on to his plate. Skitty jumped on to his lap and max absentmindedly handed her a piece of bacon apparently forgetting their fight.

Max heard the front door open and his father called "good morning max your up early, good morning dear." "Good morning" Max and Caroline replied smiling. "So Max I heard you decided not to pick a starter from professor birch's pokemon. You know even if you promised to come back for that Ralts you met traveling with ash. You can get a starter pokemon and still keep that promise right?" Norman said, "I am just saying it's not one or the other you know?"

Max frowned as he considered that "yeah I know it's just that a person's first pokemon is special, every one I know has formed a unique bond with their first pokemon. I know Ralts would want to be that pokemon. No, more than that I want Ralts to be that pokemon. If I got a starter from professor Birch's lab I wouldn't want to hurt it's feelings by not sharing that sort of special bond with it. But I already have such a strong bond with Ralts I don't want to lose it or even weaken it by getting a pokemon before I come back for Ralts. I don't know if I am making any sense but that's just the way I feel."

Norman smiled as he looked at Max and saw how strongly he felt on the matter. "I see" he said slowly "Well if that's the way you feel about it I won't try and change your mind."

Max blinked in surprise "you wont?" "Nah I think it's great that you feel so strongly about it. Listen you keep that bond with Ralts and as you continue your journey find other bonds that are just as strong. With them nothing will be able to beat you or your pokemon."

"But first" Caroline interrupted "finish eating your breakfast a new pokemon trainer has to start off on a full stomach." "I think all of us could do with starting off the day like that right max?" Norman asked. Startled out of his thoughts, on his upcoming pokemon journey, Max started to eat every thing he could get his hands on. He could think about making bonds with his future pokemon later. "Soory wat was that dad?" max asked with his mouth full. All the answer he got was the hearty laughs from Norman and Caroline so he shrugged and continued eating.

"Ah that was great thanks mom" max said patting his stomach, which had seemed to triple in size from all the food he'd eaten.

"Your welcome Max, I packed some food for you and your Pokemon since your be starting off so far away. I also put some money in your pack. But Max be careful unlike when you traveled with Ash and Brock. You don't have any one to make the food or to make sure you are bringing enough to last between towns. So you're going to have to do it yourself."

"I know mom, I'll figure something out." Max replied confidently

Caroline sighed knowing nothing she said would prepare Max for facing his journey completely alone. "Just make sure you don't run out of food or money in the middle of no where ok Max?"

Norman put his hand on his wife's shoulder "he'll be fine." He assured her. Caroline nodded "I guess your right, well it's about time for you to be going have fun on your journey."

"I will thanks mom." Just as Max was heading for the door Ring Ring Ring, Ring Ring Ring came from the phone. "Oh that'll be May she wanted to call and wish you luck on your journey too," Carline said.

Max ran to the phone and a second later May's face appeared on the view screen. Even though Max knew to expect it never ceased to amaze him how his sister never seemed to change physically or in mentality.

Ever since she and Torchick had finally bonded together she had remained the same height and exhibited the same personality traits as she had from that day on ward. This was one of the benefits of becoming a pokemon trainer.

People who bonded with a pokemon had their aging drastically slowed and for a while stopped all together. The down side to this was said person was also stuck mentally in the same state they were in at that time. The trainers tended to mature at the same rate that they aged not at all for a long time and only slowly after that.

"Good morning Max glad to see your not still sleeping in" May say cheerfully.

"Nah, your Skitty saw to that" Max said "even though I was already awake." Max continued with a grumble. With a happy "Skitty" the pokemon in question jumped on to Max's shoulder.

"Good job Skitty waking Max up on time." May said Skitty beamed. "But hey have you two been fighting again?" May asked glaring at the view screen where she thought she could see scratches on Max's face. "No no not at all." Max cried hastily glad for the natural healing Magic that all pokemon could to some extent direct or the scratches would still have been very evident.

"Skitty skit" the cat Pokemon agreed shaking her head slowly back and forth. Max sighed in relief glad he'd given Skitty an extra potion of bacon as a bribe. "Hmm you've been bribing her again haven't you" May asked with a knowing look on her face.

Max sweat dropped as unknown to him Skitty was nodding happily. "Uh, uh you see that thing is…." Max was sweating as he tried to think of something to change the subject. Lucky for him May took pity on him.

"Well it's getting late and I don't want to make you late for your meeting with professor Birch so I'll let you off the hook this time. I was just calling to wish you luck on your journey."

"Thanks, May and congratulation on wining the Johto Grand Festival" Max said "I watched it all on TV you were awesome"

"Thanks a lot Max there were some seriously tough opponents that's for sure, but I finally did win it."

"So what's next May? Are you going to compete in another grand festival?" Max asked curious.

"Probably but for the time being I thought it'd be fun to travel with an old friend. He says Professor Oak invited him and his mom to vacation in the Unova region. Apparently there's completely different Pokemon there that can't be found in any of the regions we're familiar with. Naturally he's very excited." May giggled

"So this old friend wouldn't happen to be ash would it?" Max smirked

And this time it was May's turn to look a little uncomfortable as she blushed "maybe" she replied. "Tell him I said hello and I can't wait to battle him like he promised." "I will bye Max" "bye May" Max said and hung up the phone.

"You ready max? Have everything you need?" Norman asked.

"Yeah mom made sure I packed everything in backpack." Max replied

"What about your Pokenav?" Norman quizzed

"Got it right here." Max replied holding the device up.

"And here are the supplies I told you I'd pack for you" Caroline said handing Max a couple of carefully wrapped packages. "One's for your first meal on the road and one's Pokemon food that professor Birch said Ralts find absolutely delightful."

"Thanks mom" Max said putting both packages into his backpack. "Alright lets head out." Norman ordered Max nodded and soon they were driving to Professor Birch's Lab in Norman's car.

Normally Norman felt that walking or riding a bicycle to the lab was the best way to start off a Pokemon journey. But since Max's first Pokemon was going to be Ralts on Azzabii Island. Professor Birch was going to have to fly there in a helicopter and Norman felt it was best. That he made sure Max made it quickly and safely to the air pad so as to not keep the Professor waiting very long.

Max spent most of the car ride looking out the window at all the Pokemon. It was strange how starting his own Pokemon journey caused Max to be excited at seeing even such common Pokemon as Taillow and Zigzagoon.

Before Max knew it that had arrived at Professor Birch's lab the grounds about it were packed with trainers some of them brand new. While others had some experience and had flocked to the lab to either get easy wins or to battle the other experienced trainers. Who were sure to come and see the new trainers off.

And Max was reminded that today was the monthly new trainer day. He was sure that his dad, mom, or Professor Birch and perhaps all three of them. Had mentioned it to him but he had considered it little more than an interesting trivia fact and promptly forgot it. Max was sure that when he'd been told about it he had no idea just how many trainers and town's people would come out for it.

While trainers were eligible and even encouraged to pick up their starter Pokemon on their tenth birthday. Some trainers preferred to have a set day where more then one trainer would start off at the same time. And more people could gather to see each trainer off. Thus the monthly new trainer day this had just so happened to be on his birthday this month.

Many of the trainers were already engaged in Pokemon battles and between the space needed for the battles and Max's own desire to stay and watch them. It was difficult to make any headway to the Lab. Max paused to watch one particular battle between two trainers and their Swellow and Linoone the evolved forms of the basic Pokemon he had been amazed by on the way here.

He was making note of how Swellow would obviously have the advantage in this battle to any one who might be listening. When he heard some one calling his name turning he saw Jack one of his best friends. Hurrying toward him and behind him a Torchick who was obviously winded and struggling to catch up.

Jack who had also recently had his tenth birthday was small for his age. Jack had been about the same height as Max when they were both seven. But while Max had grown about a foot since then Jack had only grown half of that. He had blonde hair, which was sleeked back with hair gel, and he always wore a pair of black sunglasses, which hid his blue eyes from sight. He had a slightly pointed noise and Max used to always joke that he looked like a rock star or movie actor.

"Hey jack how are you?" Max called waving "Is that your Torchick?"

"It sure is I just finished a Pokemon battle with Helena and her Mudkip. It kind of wore Torchick out." Jack said

"So who won? Naturally Mudkip would have the advantage but if there's one thing I learned traveling with ash it's that anything can happen."

"Of course I won" a new voice called as Helena approached from behind Jack. Helena at just under 5 feet came out in between Max's 5'01 and Jack's 4'07 in height. She had shoulder length brown hair, which curled naturally, and large brown eyes. And even when she gloated too much or was slightly insensitive there was something about her smile. That made it hard to stay mad at her for any length of time. This had come in handy when getting out of trouble in the past and Jack and Max both agreed that she was all right for a girl.

This didn't stop Jack from scowling at being reminded of his recent defeat. "Yeah well it was a close thing even with your type advantage you just kept using bad attacks. We almost won our first battle against a type disadvantage. Right Torchick?" Jack asked.

Torchick sounded its agreement

"Ha I'll have you know that status moves aren't bad attacks. You're just put out that you lost to a girl." Helena said with a smirk. Jack sputtered at a lost for words and Helena took the opportunity to leave with the last words said.

"So how does it feel to have your first Pokemon?" Max asked changing the subject.

Jack beamed "it's great" then seeming to remember something he frowned. "But listen I heard Professor Birch is all out of starter Pokemon."

"Really there's not one left?" Max exclaimed more out of surprise than any real concern, as it wouldn't have affected him either way. But it seemed Jack took his tone of voice the wrong way as he hasted to explain.

"Yeah apparently there's been more beginning Pokemon trainers than expected recently. I actually wasn't going to pick Torchick as my starter but I arrived late and it was the only one left." Jack said sheepishly "Thought I am really glad I got it now." Jack added quickly realizing that he saying he'd been forced to pick it hurt Torchick. "Any ways I grabbed the last starter Pokemon I am really sorry Max."

"Ah isn't that too bad the pathetic nerd doesn't even get a starter Pokemon. Poor sod spends his whole life reading about Pokemon, because Professor Birch can't be bothered to get a real Pokemon for such a hopeless case." A rude voice exclaimed followed soon after by Terry an obnoxious looking ten year old that seemed to have a permanent sneer. The new boy was tall for his age and skinny at 5'06 he towered over Jack and Max. He had short Green hair that lay flat on his head; he had green eyes and a slightly large nose.

He was followed by a fierce looking Treecko which was also tall for it's species if only slightly and had a look about it like it was always looking for a fight.

Max wondered if it was possible for the Treecko to have already adapted its attitude to match its trainers. Or if Terry had simply picked the Pokemon that most matched his attitude.

"Hey there's no call to act like that I ought to…" Jack started angrily.

"What are you going to do about it kid? Want to have a Pokemon battle?" Terry asked sneering.

"Actually" Max cut in before Jack could accept the battle. As Max could clearly see Torchick was exhausted and type advantage or not was in no condition to fight. "I never intended to get my starter Pokemon from Professor Birch so it doesn't matter. Jack your Torchick is in no condition to battle you better take it to the Pokemon center."

"A likely story or have you given up on going on a Pokemon journey? It's probably for the best, as I'd just crush you. Your not even worth battling it'd just be a waste of my time." Terry said the last bit to Jack "see you losers later."

Jack sighed "I sure would like to teach him a lesson where does he get off calling us kids he's the same age." Torchick nodded its agreement. But that battle with Helena really took it out of us. She just kept having Mudkip use growl cutting our attacks to nothing. Even so I thought we were about to win before she finally had Mudkip use water gun Torchick was way to tired at that point to dodge or fight back." Jack sighed again but perked up as he remembered something interesting.

"What about you?" Jack wanted too know "What did you mean about not intending to get a starter from Professor Birch? You aren't quitting on me are you?" Jack fired on question of after another.

"No I am not quitting I just already have my starter Pokemon waiting for me on Azzabii Island. From the time my sister and I were traveling with our friends Ash and Brock I promised I would come back for her when I stated my Pokemon journey." Max replied.

"Hmm so what sort of Pokemon is it? If it's a girl it sounds weak. Not like my Torchick I bet we would beat you easily in a Pokemon battle." Jack said confidently.

Torchick sweat dropped wondering if Jack knew she was a girl too.

"Ha as if my Ralts and I won't lose." Max exclaimed

"Hey Max" Norman called running through the crowd looking for Max "Professor Birch is ready to leave if you don't hurry your miss your flight."

"Oh thanks dad, got to go jack see you later." Max called

"Alright, bye Max we'll battle some time." Jack said

"So that's were you were talking with jack when Professor Birch has been waiting for you this whole time." Norman scolded Max as they hurried to Professor Birch's lab. "The helicopter is on the roof this way"

"Sorry dad I couldn't help but get distracted with all the new trainers meeting their first Pokemon today especially with Jack and Helena there." Max replied.

"I know lets just make up for lost time now." Norman replied as they entered Professor Birch's lab Norman made straight for the stairs as the helicopter was on the roof. The stairs were made of steel plating and a rail. That both prevented any one from falling off and when the stairs leveled off into one of the three floors, provided a convenient support for equipment to lean against.

While Max knew he was in a hurry he couldn't help but be distracted by all the computer monitors displaying various information about Pokemon. Norman had to drag him away from one particular screen that detailing the legendary Rayquaza's usual movement and habitat.

Finally they reached the rooftop helicopter pad to find that Professor Birch had already started the helicopter and was waving at Max to get aboard.

"Alright good luck and be careful," Norman said as he waved goodbye.

"Right thanks dad" Max called as he sprinted for the helicopter. He quickly climbed into the back seat and putting his backpack on the seat next to him.

"Seat belt on" Professor Birch ordered

Max clipped it on "seat belt on" he confirmed.

Birch nodded and replied, "Alright here we go." With a slight whine the helicopter rose into the air. Max looked out the window as it took off to see his dad waving to him and with a smile he waved back. Then the helicopter moved off till his dad was no longer visible and Max settled in for the trip ahead.

"So how does it feel starting your Journey in style?" Birch asked

"It's great but I really just can't wait to see Ralts again." Max replied

"You and Ralts must be very close to be going out of your way like you are to come back to it."

Max nodded and told Professor Birch all about how he heard the call for help. How team rocket had tried to catch Ralts and how he had promised to come back for her. Ending with "I am just glad you were able to give me a ride professor. I don't know how I would of made it all the way to Azzabii Island with out your help. At least not with out a Pokemon of my own."

"I can see how that would be a problem. But seeing as how I have been asked to provide some help to some of the people on an island near there. There was no reason why I couldn't drop you off at Azzabii first."

"Is it something really important professor?" Max asked excitedly.

"Hmm I can't really say but it could be very important and time sensitive. Though a few hours shouldn't make any difference at all." Professor Birch replied "speaking of which it'll be at least 6 hours before we arrive at Azzabii Island. Since I know you wanted to ask."

Max laughed, "Your right I was just about to ask that."

Six hours max thought in just that short amount of time he'd be reunited with Ralts and be able to really start their very own journey. He soon lost track of time as he envisioned all the many exciting adventures they would undoubtedly have together.

….. … …. ….

Azzabii Island was fairly large containing large wooded area as well as a few inland lakes and clearings. It was in one of these clearings that two of team rocket's agents stood at attention their uniforms neatly pressed and their undivided attention focused on a small laptop view screen where their leader Giovanni addressed them.

"For this operation each team has been assigned a single area. Each team is to take as many valuable Pokemon before the league responds. You area the entire Azzabii Island is a remote location." Giovanni paused staring sternly at the view screen. "There are many valuable Pokemon there it should take the league some time to respond."

"Understood sir" the younger of the two said with enthusiasm as she saluted smartly. She was freshly out of team rocket training and this was to be her first mission of any real importance to team rocket. Her head was already full of dreams of being promoted. "We won't let you down"

"Do not interrupt me," Giovanni growled causing the young agent to wilt, her senior part stepped a little closer and gave her a sympathetic look. He could appreciate her excitement having been a new agent once himself. He hoped she wouldn't let her first impression of the boss diminish it.

When it became clear that the new agent wouldn't be interrupting him again he merely finished with a short but ominously stern command, "I expect results don't fail me."

Realizing that this time the boss was finished speaking the senior agent nodded and gave a crisp "yes sir". For a moment longer the view screen showed the boss's stern expression then it simply turned black as the call ended.

The senior agent who was turning to give some words of encouragement to the new recruit was caught completely of guard to find her loudly proclaiming that she's steal every valuable Pokemon for the boss.

He chuckled "don't ever change Rachael" he said fondly.

"Yeah, yeah come on already there's valuable Pokemon out there just waiting to be stolen. Stop lollygagging around Ralph and lets hurry up and steal them already." With that said she immediately rushed off seemingly trying to look in every direction simultaneously.

Ralts ran as fast as her legs would take her. Then as that wasn't fast enough began to teleport from one spot to the next in her hurry to get to her destination. Trees and plants seemed to blur by as she appeared only to disappear a second later. If she'd been thinking clearly she would of known that she would have arrived at her destination much quicker. If she took the time too make a longer jump but her excitement at this possibly being the day made it difficult to think of anything but going still faster as neared the clearing. With one final teleport she appeared at the edge of the tree line on the other side of the clearing a couple man-made buildings sat. Ralts looked wildly back and forth hoping to spot the one human she most wanted to see. But while the Pokemon center was abnormally busy with trainers entering or leaving. He wasn't anywhere to be seen.

Well Ralts thought maybe he was waiting for her at the lake were she had fallen in on the day they met. Suddenly the sound of a pokeball opening and a Pokemon materializing drew Ralts attention to a newly arrived trainer.

"Cool a Ralts I am going to catch It.," the trainer announced as a Dustox appeared next to him.

Ralts sighed and gave the trainer and accompanying Pokemon an annoyed look. With one eye slightly small then normal and the other slightly bigger as if to say exactly who are you to be bothering me? He was about the age of new trainers and the most noticeable thing about him was his hair. It was a very bright pink and spiked up wards seeming to add a good 6 inches to his real height. His black eyes showed a strong will and he carried him self with an assurance or cockiness that was probably well founded.

She sighed again causing both the trainer and his Pokemon to sweat drop. Both wondering if this was a normal reaction for a Pokemon from this area to have when being confronted with a battle.

"I don't have time to play with you now" Ralts told the Dustox prompting him to give her an annoyed look of his own.

"I wasn't asking." He replied.

His trainer wasn't the one she was looking for but he clearly intended to try and capture her any ways this annoyed Ralts though she wasn't about to let him see that.

She smirked and shook her finger at him "sad boy, you're a hundred years too early to catch my notice."

Ralts noted that Dustox's response resembled nothing that could be called an intelligent thought indeed it was nothing more then an inarticulate howl of rage this pleased her.

Still while she was confident in her magical abilities she wasn't arrogant enough to think she was guaranteed to win. She wouldn't risk it not when that day was surely so close, Max would come back for her without fail. This trainer and his inarticulate flying bug wouldn't interfere with that. She focused her magic pulling more of it than she had for her short distance teleports and in a flash of white she was gone.

The young trainer seeing Ralts call on her power decided to go on the offensive and seeing that his Dustox seemed in the mood to hit something ordered a tackle attack.

Dustox flew in flapping his wings hard to pick up as much speed as possible. He picked up so much speed in fact that when Ralts just disappeared he couldn't quite stop in time and slammed face first into a tree. "Dustox ox" he said that hurt but he manage to recover quickly flapping to gain altitude and looking around for where Ralts had disappeared too but couldn't see her anywhere.

"What?" the trainer yelled "NO fair where 'd it go" he asked

"Honestly Kevin you should know better didn't you listen when that Nurse Joy was telling us about that Ralts?" A young girl asked walking up to join the young trainer and his Pokemon.

"Huh, what do you mean Cat?" Kevin asked tilting his head to look at her quizzically.

The girl sighed "Firstly the name's Caitlyn, and secondly Nurse Joy told us that Ralts is waiting for a special trainer what made you think it'd want to battle you?"

Kevin scowled and exclaimed hotly "I happen to be a really special trainer and that Ralts was obviously just waiting for me to capture it before you showed up."

"That wasn't the type of special I was talking about." Caitlyn said stressing the word that and resisting the urge to sigh again an urge that came all to often when it came to dealing with Kevin.

"What do you mean what other type is there?" Kevin asked.

"Lots" she replied, "While you went out to train I asked Nurse Joy to tell me the story behind that Ralts." Despite them selves Kevin and his Dustox couldn't help but be intrigued and moved closer. "Go on" Kevin said thinking about where Ralts might of gone and thinking that hearing Ralt's story might help him find out, "What is the story behind that Ralts."

Caitlyn beamed glad that Kevin was interested in her story and not suspecting that he was still thinking about finding Ralts.

"Well apparently that Ralts got real sick a couple years back. And to make things worse she fell into the lake on her way back to her family. It took all her energy just to climb out of the water. All she could do was call for help and hope that some one was near by that would listen.

Fortunately for her a group of Pokemon trainers were traveling by with a young kid named Max. Even though Max was too young to have a legal training license, and thus had no Pokemon of his own, he was the only one who could hear Ralt's call for help. And to the shock of his friends he immediately took off looking for the voice that needed help."

"Wait, what lake?" Kevin interrupted deciding that if Ralts were really waiting for this Max then the place they first met would be a good place to start looking for her.

Caitlyn Shrugged "It's not far from here I can show you if you want we can finish the story there. It'd be kind of fun seeing it"

"Yeah that would be great, thanks Cat."

"Sure no problem" Caitlyn said looking around for the area Nurse Joy had described when talking about the lake "it's this way".

Kevin grinned as Caitlyn led the way he knew she wouldn't approve of his desire to catch Ralts but until a Pokemon was caught in a pokeball they were fair game for any one and for all he knew Max wasn't even coming back.

Sneak peek of chapter two Max arrives on Azzabii Island and both Kevin and the insidious agents of team rocket set their sights on Ralts. Can Max and Ralts defeat both of these powerful enemies or will they fight each other? And what happens afterwards of Max and Ralts?