He was of desire and bloodlust.

A dark beauty indeed.

Of flesh and bone though, nonetheless.

A weak human with demonic desires.

A true tyrant.

On a mountain of corpses he shall stand.

To conquer the world and build his empire with the bodies of his enemies.

A true king.

He was not meant for a religious path.

And he was not destined for hell.

For the devil himself would quake in fear of this beautiful nightmare.

Beauty meant nothing to this young man.

Not even his.

Long dark hair and violet eyes framed with lashes that seemed to go on forever.

Golden eyes that reflected his light.

Demon eyes.

A smooth voice that purred in your ear.

Fighting his heart in an endless battle.

My sweet angel of death.

What have you become?

A tormented soul washed away in the shadows.

Your light is gone, and he left you without a goodbye.

He said he'd stay by your side until the end.

Do not torture yourself any longer.

Until he returns, I shall take his place.

Until he returns, his memory I'll erase.

And at last till he returns, for you it's not too lateā€¦